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Aug. 13, 2018

What You Should Know About What My Dog Taught Me About Life

What You Should Know About What My Dog Taught Me About Life

The Passing Of One Of My Dogs

If you follow me on Facebook, and Twitter you might have seen that my dog Kasey was put down because she had a cancerous lump on her neck.  There was nothing we could do anything about it.  That's why I did not write a post on Friday because that's when we had to part ways with her and I have been upset since then. 


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I will always cherish the moment that I had with her.  Today I want to talk to you about what my dog taught me about life.

What My Dog Taught Me About Life

My dog Kasey taught me a lot about life.  Yes, I know dogs can't speak, but they can be our teachers.  Kasey and Molly who is my other dog who is still with us is my life coach.  They taught me quite a bit even though they can't talk and I am going to try to share their life lessons with you without getting emotional.

Greet Everyone You See

What I am going to miss the most about my dog Kasey is that she always greeted me when I came downstairs in the morning.  It didn't matter if I was tired, sad, mad, grumpy, or happy.  She still greeted me.  Her tail was basically a fly swatter in the morning because it was wagging crazy. 


She has taught me to greet people in the morning.  To be honest, even though I am more of a morning person I can still be quite in the morning and not greet people in the morning.  However, I am trying my best to greet my parents in the morning by saying good morning to them instead of just keeping quiet.

Make Time For Fun

One of the things that my dogs loved to do is to play fetch.  My old dog Kerri who is in heaven with Kasey never played fetch very well.  She usually went to chase the ball but never brought it back.  However, Kasey and Molly both played fetch very well.  Another thing that my dog taught me about life is to have fun. 


There are some nights when I am with my team till 12 am working on my website.  So I barely get any time for fun, however, I am going to make more time for it.  Even if it's an hour a day.  Every time I went to grab a tennis ball to play with both of my dogs they jumped for joy.


Learn How To Forgive

Another life lesson that my dog taught me about life is to forgive others.  There were a lot of bullies and other people in my life that hurt my feelings.  It took me a long time to forgive them.  Forgiving them doesn't mean I have to be friends with them it just means It makes me feel like a better person if I forgive people. 


Whenever I had to raise my voice at my dogs both of them forgave me.  Now don't get me wrong I only yelled at them once in a blue moon because they did something wrong.

Go With The Flow

Another great life lesson what my dog taught me about life is to go with the flow.  As you can see in these last few posts my life has not been going with the flow very easily.


I have told you I don't do well with going with the flow sort of speak.  I let my emotions get in the way and I need to do try harder with going with the flow.  My dogs know when there a time for having fun, napping, greeting, forgiving.

The Biggest Life Lesson What My Dog Taught Me About Life

To sum up all these little life lessons in one giant big life lesson what my dog taught me about life is to practice time management.  Dogs are great time management animals because they know when to have fun, they instantly forgive you, they know when to eat, they know when to greet. 


In the next few days, I am going to be writing about time management so keep a look out for that post.

My Dogs Are Awesome Teachers

My dogs are awesome teachers and life coaches.  They have taught me the meaning of life that I will never forget.

What Have You Learned From your Dog?

I have a question for everyone, what have you learned from your dog?  Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this post please consider sharing it on social media.  It would mean a lot to me.


Rest In Peace Kasey

Rest in peace Kasey.  You have been a great member of our family and you will be missed.  It feels like only yesterday that I was picking you up from the breeder who lived in the mountains.  You were only a puppy when I brought you back to my house.  I will miss playing fetch with you, I will miss your greetings when I come downstairs in the morning.  Watching you the last few days were really hard for me because I didn't realize how much discomfort you were really in. 


It was hard to tell because you always had such a great smile on your face even when you were having a hard time breathing.  I am sorry that you had to suffer that way.  When the vet gave you the first shot of medication for you to relax you were back to your normal self.  The happy dog that I brought home years ago with your sister Molly. 


When you finally left this world and body, you left smiling.  You left it the way you came into this world.  Rest in peace Kasey and please teach Kerri how to play fetch the correct way.  One day we greet each other again just like the old times, ...sniffle.


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