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Podcast Comparison Chart

Can't decide which podcast plan is right for you?  Use our podcast comparison chart which will break down the difference between all of them.  Whichever you choose you don't lose!


Free Crazy Extremly Crazy
Has Ads No Ads

No Ads

No access to early episodes Access to shows early Access to shows early
No shout outs on the show Shout outs on the show shout outs on the show
Everything is edited 

everything is un edited 

everything is unedited 

Access to the full episode library archive 


Access to the whole episode archive library


You will be helping us support our mission


Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to upcoming episodes



Access to our exclusive member's Facebook community 




Access to our exclusive chat channels in Facebook group



Bonus ask me about anything episodes (as long as there are questions)




Suggest topics for the show