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Jimmy Clare

My name is Jimmy Clare and I am a motivational speaker, Autism advocate, author, and founder of CrazyFitnessGuy. I have been featured on 100+ podcasts, Australia TV, New York City Times Sqaure, and the Autism Parenting Magazine.


I love sharing my story about how I became a motivational speaker. No matter what I am working on or where I am working at, I am always ready to share my story with the world.

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What Are The Topics That I Speak On?


jimmy clare likes to speak about autism


There are too many people out there famous and non-famous people talking about curing Autism. Some people have been researching and discussing Autism since 1943. Yes, we have come a long way. But there are still a lot of things yet that we don’t know. An example of that is how to cure Autism? Perhaps we are throwing money at something that doesn’t really need to be cured?



jimmy clare likes to speak about fitness


There are so many fitness programs out there with the different required equipment. Working out should be fun not a chore. However, if you decide to work out make it fun. Dance, go for a walk, workout on Beachbody on Demand, sign-up for karate classes, jump rope, join a yoga studio and start going to yoga classes. Just do something that keeps you active and moving because sitting for a long time is bad for you.



jimmy clare likes to speak about healthy living

Healthy Living

I believe that everyone has a unique approach to healthy living and fitness. There is no one size that fits all. Everyone needs to find a workout program and nutrition program that works for them and their bodies. My version of healthy living may be different than yours. Remember to go at your pace and focus on your progress and no one else’s. It’s not a race it’s a lifestyle change.



jimmy clare likes to speak about nutrition


What should I eat to lose weight? If you Google that question you will get so many results of what you should include in your diet to lose weight. Not everything is going to work for everyone that’s why there are so many diets out there.



jimmy clare likes to speak about lifestyle


Everyone has a unique approach when they are ready to make a lifestyle change. Just because that person did not start their lifestyle a particular way does not mean that it is the wrong way. Everyone starts their transformations at different points in their life.


jimmy clare likes to speak about managing-stress


When it comes to managing stress, some people rely on medications from their doctors, while others like to take the holistic approach and find alternatives like me. I am not a hippy, but I am scared when I see all of those side effects on TV that say this one pill can cause so many different problems. I believe there is always some alternative to try out.


jimmy clare likes to speak about self-care


There is no right way or wrong way when it comes to practicing self-care. For some video games, reading books, watching TV and movies is a form of self-care for that individual. You just got to find something that you like to do so you are not always working. Take a break and relax.



First You Need To Know One Thing: I Talk A Lot!!! Why?

As a speaker, we tend to talk a lot. But the reason I speak a lot is that I love what I do and there need to be more voices in the Autistic community. I want to be part of the next generation of Autism advocates that help people on the spectrum to get more opportunities that are not yet available to them.


I am No Ordinary Speaker

I used to be bullied for being Autistic and overweight. But today, I have overcome many obstacles. My autism and fitness have become my strengths. And this combination gives me a different perspective and a unique voice on those subjects.


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My Speaking Requirements

Bullying - I will not speak at any events or podcasts that accept bullying

Autism - I have Autism and I am different. If you can’t handle that then I feel sorry for you and your brand.

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