'CrazyFitnessGuy.com' is a website that promotes and explores healthy living through the perspective of an autistic college student

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Check out the new posts from the blog. I like to cover a wide variety of topics that include fitness, self-help, nutrition, managing stress, lifestyle, and autism. I update the blog on a weekly basis so make sure you check back often for new posts.


Welcome To CrazyFitnessGuy

Hi, my name is Jimmy Clare A.K.A CrazyFitnessGuy (Crazy Fitness Guy).

I am here to give you a unique perspective on healthy living through my eyes

as an autistic college student. Check out my story below.

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CrazyFitnessGuy is proud to be a partner of the 'Chronic Illness Bloggers Network' and I look forward to collaborating with them and spreading awareness about chronic Illnesses.

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