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Healthy Resources

Healthy Resources To Help You Live A Healthier Life

We only recommend products that we use that help us live healthier and happier lives. There is nothing exaugurated, just products that work for us and think you will like for your own healthy resource collection.


Where Do I Start And How Do I choose?

The Internet is a vast resource for finding anything and everything. If you're looking for information on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, you need only search for it. But beware: not all of the information found will be accurate or correct. To help you navigate through the web to find reliable and reputable sources, we've compiled a list of trusted products, services, and other goods that we use every day.


* Affiliate Disclaimer: This page contains some affiliate links. By using these links, you have no additional costs but I will be paid a commission or a discount on the service and, by doing so, you will support this site, its blog and the great work that is hidden behind every published article. Remember, I never suggest products or services that I haven't tried and that I don't consider valid. (Jimmy Clare) is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.*


Most Recommended Products

jimmy clare recommends beachbody on demand

Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody on Demand has helped me lose 30 pounds of pure fat and made me feel amazing. It gave me the confidence to do stuff that has put me outside my comfort zone.

Learn more about how Beachbody on Demand made my life better.


Get Beachbody on Demand


jimmy clare recommends shakeology


Shakeology is an amazing super food product that has all the vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats, proteins, fruits, and veggies mixed into one drink. It’s easy and simple and I personally like using it for lunch. Learn more about Shakeology in my Shakeology review.


Get Shakeology


jimmy clare recommends young living essential oils

Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit

Please note essential oils have not been proven to cure anything. I am just sharing my own experience that I have with them and how they have helped me. Your results may vary.


I use to be on medication to help me with my emotions. But that medication caused me to gain weight that I didn’t need. After losing all the weight that I gained because of that medication I wanted to find a solution to still help me manage my emotions.


That’s when I was introduced to Essential Oils. They help me reduce stress, and help me stay focused on work, and school. I also use them to help fight off allergies during allergy season. This kit is the most basic kit that you need to get started.


Buy Essential Oils



jimmy clare recommends nutrabio protein powder

Nutrabio Protein Powder

The reason why Nutrabio is my favorite protein powder is that it doesn’t have a super long list of ingredients with ingredients no one knows how to pronounce. Plus it doesn’t use that annoying word called “natural flavors” which no one really understands what it means.


It is also FDA-approved whatever that means. But the reason why I like it so much is that it mixes well in milk, water, and yogurt. My favorite flavor is chocolate. It’s just a nice clean protein powder that doesn’t taste like sawdust.


Buy Nutrabio


jimmy clare recommends quest protein bars

Quest Protein Bars

When I am hungry for a snack after karate, Beachbody on Demand workout, or before I go to bed, I like to have a healthy snack. I love having quest bars for a snack because they are sweet but they won’t make you hyper so you won’t sleep. One of my favorite flavors is Cookies and Cream.


Buy Quest Bars


Fitness Clothing

jimmy clare recommends brooks running shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

I don’t personally own the pair of shoes in the picture, but I still own multiple Brooks workout shoes. The reason why I like Brooks is that they make wide shoes for people with wide feet like mine. I find them comfortable to wear all day long and they have that awesome comfort for my long workouts.


Buy Brooks Running Shoes


Health & Wellness Products

Hydro Flask

When I used to use plastic, water bottles I never liked when my water got warm. I hate room temperature water and when I had to finish the rest of the water in a bottle so I didn’t waste it. I had to force myself to drink it.


With Hydro Flask my water is colder for longer without having to put ice cubes in. I go everywhere with my Hydro Flask.


Buy Hydroflask


Xiaomi Mi Band 4

This is by far the most accurate fitness tracker that I have ever seen. It’s called the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. This band has some pretty great features like long battery life, notifications, etc. It’s budget-friendly which is also nice and the company's app could be better looking but it does the trick. But overall how can someone complain about a highly featured fitness tracker for a reasonable price?


Compared to other fitness trackers it’s the most accurate because it won’t let anyone cheat on steps. Meaning someone can’t shake their tracker up and down and get steps. Read my Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review

Fun fact about that picture, it was taken on my dusty desk. You can’t fake dust.


Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Essential Oils

jimmy clare recommends young living essential oils feeling kit

If the basic kit doesn’t always work out for you with dealing with feelings. Then I suggest try the feelings kit. I used these oils for a whole month and my mood was more upbeat and positive. Basically, I was bouncing off the walls in a good mood I am glad no one was there to take a video of me haha.


But for it to work you use it in order on the different parts of the body. Check out this guide on how to use the feelings kit.


Buy Essential Oils Kit


jimmy clare recommends young living essential oils diffuser

Young Living Tear Drop Diffuser

It used to be hard for me to fall asleep right away. But one of my friends introduced me to essential oils and diffusers. At first, I thought it was a load of the garbage but then once I started to use it consistently it knocks me out instantly.


Buy Essential Oil Diffuser

Meal Delivery Services

jimmy clare recommends eat clean bro

Eat Clean Bro

I am not a big fan of cooking during the busy week at dinner time. Not because I am lazy but the time when dinner rolls around I am hungry and I just want to eat and get on with my life. I have found an amazing service called Eat Clean Bro.


One of the many things that I love about Eat Clean Bro is that they deliver prepared food right to your home. They are very affordable and they make healthy food that is so delicious.


Get Eat Clean Bro

Time Management Tools and Distraction Blockers

jimmy clare recommends cold turkey blocker

Cold Turkey Blocker

Do you find yourself getting distracted a lot by social media, news, etc? Well, you no longer have to worry about that anymore, thanks to Cold Turkey Blocker. In my Cold Turkey app review, I will talk about what it is, why I use it, and why everyone should use it.


Get Cold Turkey Blocker


jimmy clare recommends freedom blocker

Freedom Blocker

Freedom blocker is like Cold Turkey Blocker with different functionality like syncing across devices. I like to use both Cold Turkey Blocker and Freedom Blocker because I get the best from both worlds.


Get Freedom Blocker




jimmy clare recommends warby park eye glasses

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is my favorite online website to buy affordable eyeglasses online. They have reasonable price glasses, unlike your local optician who charges an insane amount of money for a pair of glasses.


The best part about Warby Parker is that they allow you to try on five free pairs of glasses at home free. If you are having doubts check out my Warby Parker Review.


Buy Warby Parker Glasses