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March 25, 2021

7 Things You Need to Know About My Warby Parker Review

7 Things You Need to Know About My Warby Parker Review

When you think of glasses one might think of the optician who sells glasses. However, opticians' glasses are extremely expensive and way overpriced. Today I am going to share with you my Warby Parker review and why I recommend them to everyone.


In this Warby Parker glasses review, I will talk about the cost, why this brand is special, and why they are my favorite.


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Warby Parker Review

What Is Warby Parker?

Warby Parker is a glasses shop that sells glasses and gives eye exams. They have affordable glasses that are amazingly crafted and very stylish.

They sell eyeglasses, sunglasses, blue light lenses, progressive lenses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, and prescription eyeglasses.


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How Much Does A New Pair Of Glasses Cost?

Optician Glasses and lenses can cost anywhere from $100 dollars up to $900 and maybe even more.

Furthermore, regular glasses from your local optician might cover scratched lenses but they might only be covered once or twice for just a year.

Warby Parker will replace your lenses at any point during the year.

How Much Do Warby Parker Glasses Really Cost?

  • Glasses start at $95 for single vision

  • Progressive lenses cost $295

  • Prescription costs $95

  • Readers cost $95


  • Blue light filtering add-on cost $50

  • Transition lenses add-on cost $100

What Is Special About Warby Parker?

As far as I know, Warby Parker is the only company that has a home try-on program. When you choose their home try-on program you can select up to 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home.

That way you don't have to bring your friends and family members with you to the store to watch you try every frame on. But I can guarantee that they will be asking you where you got your glasses.

You can then tell them you got a pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses.

Will Warby Parker Fix Your Glasses?

Yes, they will fix your glasses for a whole year. That was what I was told the last time I contacted Warby Parker when I needed new glasses that work with hearing aids.

Where Is Warby Parker Located?

Warby Parker has many locations that you can find on Warby Parker's website. They have so many different physical store locations that you should not have a problem finding them near you.

Are Warby Parker Lenses Glass Or Plastic?

Each pair of glasses are made from polycarbonate which is a mixture of plastic and glass. It's a lot lighter than glass and plastic. At least they found a way to make each lens lightweight.

What Is The Total Cost Of Warby Parker Glasses?

If you select the single vision at $95 + you wanted the light-responsive lenses $100 the total would equal $195.

It all depends on what type of lenses you need and the addons that you pick. if you decided you want all of the addons that would be $245 if you just picked the single vision.

For the progressive that would cost you $445 with all the add-ons. At least they made it easy to understand the prices, unlike some opticians where there is only a price tag and that's it.

Do Warby Parker Glasses Scratch Easily?

The only way that I have seen them scratch is when sometimes I am re-adjusting them on my nose. But that's when my fingernails are pointy. But other than that they really don't scratch at all unless you are trying to scratch them.

 Can I bring A Prescription To Warby Parker

Can I bring A Prescription To Warby Parker?

That's what I did I brought a prescription from my eye doctor and bought a new pair of glasses online from Warby Parker. No more dealing with the optician.

Do Warby Parker Glasses Come With A Case?

I believe all of their glasses come with a very nice case. I only have two pairs of glasses from Warby Parker. The reason why I have two pairs is that the other ones do not fit with my hearing aids. But the two that I got came with cases.

How Long Does Warby Parker Glasses Take?

Warby Parker usually says it takes 7 to 10 business days to receive your glasses. But my current pair that I just got two weeks ago came within 6 days. But who knows how long it will take with this whole pandemic?

 What Makes Warby Parker Different?

Warby Parker is a different company when it comes to glasses. They help you find the best pair of frames that best fit your face shape. Warby Parker offers different lens types, and they offer eye exams at their store locations.


Try A Pair Of Warby Parker Glasses


How Does Warby Parker Work?

If you need new glasses or you are ready to buy eyewear glasses online then you need to know how to get started with Warby Parker.

  1. Go to Warby Parker website

  2. Click on shop men or women

  3. Click on a pair of glasses

  4. Click either select lenses and purchase or try at home for free button

  5. If you selected try at home for free button you can continue browsing to fill up your try at home box

  6. If you clicked on the select lenses and purchase you will be taken to another page to select your width

  7. After you finish that step you can select your prescription type which includes: single-vision, progressives, non-prescription, and readers

  8. The next step is to choose your lens. Your choices are: classic, blue light blocking lenses, and light-responsive

  9. The next page will ask you to pick out the lens material. The choices are polycarbonate or 1.67 high-index

  10. The next screen will allow you to review your glasses

  11. If you are all set select add to cart

  12. Then add in your payment information

  13. Then click purchase

How Helpful And Friendly Is Warby Parker Support?

When I was looking for new glasses because my old ones do not work with my hearing aids so I contacted Warby Parker.

I told them that I really liked my old glasses but they just don't fit well with the hearing aids and I need something that has thinner arms that sit around the ears.

They found 5 pairs of glasses that could work. The best part is that they let anyone try them on at home for free. I currently use the Brady ones now which I really like.

So they are very helpful in finding specific glasses to meet your needs.

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Is Warby Parker Overpriced?

Let's compare optician glasses and Warby Parker to determine this.

Warby Parker

  • Glasses start at $95

  • Friendly and helpful support

  • Let's you try 5 on at home for free

  • Stylish glasses

  • Affordable prices

  • Multiple different lenses option

  • Replaces lenses that are scratched whenever for a whole year


  • Glasses start over $100 and go up from there

  • Addons are way overpriced

  • Some of the glasses can be stylish but others can be plain boring

  • The optician might pressure you into buying the first pair that you try on

  • Some 3rd party glasses in the optician store might only cover replacement lenses once or twice for 1 year

  • Once you buy a pair of glasses from the optician and receive the bill, you might want to put them into a display case or a bank vault

The Winner Is: Warby Parker


Do Warby Parker Sell Sunglasses?

Yes, Warby Parker does sell sunglasses but I never used them or even had pair. I always got the light transition lenses for that reason. I didn't want to have to carry multiple glasses around. That's just another thing I have to make sure I don't lose or break.


Are Warby Parker Sunglasses Worth It

Are Warby Parker Sunglasses Worth It?

In my opinion, that depends on your personal preference. I currently have the transition lenses because I did not want to have to change between two different pairs of glasses.

Furthermore, because I got the transition lens it helped me save money because I did not have to buy two pairs of glasses. In all honesty, I don't think the sunglasses are worth it because the transition lens works just as well.

How Much Are Warby Parker Glasses With Prescription Lenses?

Warby Parker's eyewear with a prescription lens costs $95 for a single vision. If you need progressives that would cost $295.

How Long Do You Have To Return Warby Parker Glasses?

For the at-home try-on program you will get 5 days to try them on. After those 5 days, you will have to return them. If you do not like your glasses after purchasing them you can either exchange them or return them for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Is Warby Parker Legit?

Warby Parker is a legit company that makes amazing glasses for an affordable price. Stop paying for overpriced glasses and get a pair of some of the best glasses that I ever had. Their quality of lenses is all around amazing and I love wearing my glasses every day.


Try A Pair Of Warby Parker Glasses



Warby Parker is the best pair of glasses that I have ever owned. I highly recommend you check them out if you need some glasses without spending a fortune.

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