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March 10, 2021

14 No-Fuss Mothers Day Gifts for Moms that Workout

14 No-Fuss Mothers Day Gifts for Moms that Workout

Mothers day is approaching fast and today I want to talk about Mothers day gifts for moms that workout. Some of these items on my list are products that I use while others I do not. I hope you find something special for your mom in this Mother's Day gift guide.


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mothers day gifts for moms that workout


Fitness Gifts For Mom

1. Beachbody on Demand

beachbody on demand

My mom is very busy throughout the year and she doesn't have time to go to a gym. She is too busy keeping the house organized, food shopping, cleaning, and helping me with some stuff as well. Everyone gets busy and that's why I recommend a Beachbody on Demand subscription.


Why I recommend Beachbody on Demand is because you can work out in your own home, it's only 100 dollars per year. Oh and I forgot it's cheaper than any other gym, and all of the programs come with nutrition plans. Don't forget to check out my Beachbody on Demand review if you want to know more information.


Did you know Beachbody on Demand also provide an intense workout and they also offer yoga class? I have accomplished many of my fitness goals with their tough workout programs. Having Beachbody on Demand makes the perfect wellness gift.


Get Beachbody on Demand

2. HydroFlask

pink hydroflask

Before the coronavirus became a thing I took my Hydro Flask everywhere. It kept my water cold for long periods of time. Hydro Flask can also keep your drinks warm for a long time as well. They are not cheap but they are not extremely expensive either. I know one thing though that I hate drinking warm water. Without Hydro Flask I don't think I can drink much water because the water always turns warm eventually.


Buy Hydroflask


3. Brooks Running Shoes

brooks multi color running shoes for women

I don't know about you but my feet are wide like bricks. The only shoe that fit me while I got older were Brooks running shoes. They are wide enough to fit my feet and they are comfortable to workout in. I wear mine every day. If you are serious about working out then you need a pair of sturdy shoes like Brooks.


Brooks happens to be my favorite running shoe because they always have my shoe size. Furthermore, they really have comfortable sneakers that can be worn for working out.


Finding the perfect fitness gift for your mother does not need to be hard. Your mom will thank you for buying her some new shoes. She will probably feel like a new mom wearing them every day.


Buy Brooks Running Shoes


4. Dumbbells

black and red adjustable dumbbell set

I can't tell you how much I love lifting weights. It just makes you feel good and stronger. If you get a Beachbody on Demand membership you will need some light to heavy dumbbells. In my opinion, once I started seeing muscle I really didn't feel like eating unhealthy foods anymore because of the way I feel.


Buy Dumbbells


5. Resistance Bands

multi color reistance bands

Another great gift idea to get your fit mom this Mother's day is some resistance bands. When I am at my shore house during the summer months I love using my bands because it is easy to bring back and forth.


Dumbbells can be expensive but you can also get well-defined muscles with resistance band workouts. Some people say they get better-developed muscles using bands because you can't cheat or have sloppy techniques like some do with dumbbells.


Buy Resistance Bands


6. Shakeology

green berry shakeology package

The most important part of your overall health is not just about working out. Nutrition plays a huge part when it comes to having an active lifestyle. So why fuel your body with junk like cereal, soda, junk food, etc? Shakeology has made it easier for me to make a healthy lunch at a reasonable price. If you like to learn more about Shakeology then check out my Shakeology review.


Shakeology is also a great idea for any busy mom who does not have enough time to make a healthy lunch or breakfast. Help your lovely mom live a healthy lifestyle with this thoughtful gift.


Buy Shakeology


7. Yoga Mat

gray and balck yoga mat

I use to hate practicing yoga until I started to feel all loose in places I thought were not even possible. Now that I have experienced the feeling of being loose I don't want to lose it. So I make sure at least once a week I am doing yoga to stretch out the sore muscles that I got during the week. But before you start yoga you need a yoga mat so you don't slip and slide.


Buy Yoga Mat


8. Foam Roller

green and blue foam roller

Foam rolling is like a deep massage that feels so good. The best part about foam rolling it's cheaper than a regular massage and you can use it in your own house. On Sundays, I like to foam roll just to get any loose kinks that yoga has missed. This is the type of foam roller that I use and recommend.


Foaming rolling helps with relieving sore muscles and it's the perfect gift for any fitness lover who loves working out.



Buy Foam Roller


9. Xioami Mi 4 Fitness Tracker

xiaomi mi band 4


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the most accurate fitness tracker that I have ever used before. Years ago when they came out with the pedometers people use to shake them just to get steps. Well with this band it is not possible. If you wave your hand or swing your arms back and forth it's not going to count.


Another thing I love about this band is that I can get notifications from my phone like incoming calls, texts, app notifications, etc. It also lasts 2 to 3 weeks on a single charge. My favorite part about this fitness tracker it costs a lot less than a Fitbit and a Garmin.


This band also has a heart rate monitor as well. Next time when she does a cardio workout show her how to use this lovely function.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4


10. A Little Bit Of Swag

Another Mother's day gift idea that your mom would love is a personalized gift from our swag shop. Your fitness loving mom might like some CrazyFitnessGuy swag shop.


11. Spotify

I bet every mama out there likes to listen to music while they exercise or work during the day. A Spotify gift certificate is the perfect mother's day gift. Whether your mom is at a gym or at home she can start breaking out in dance at any time.


Buy Spotify Premium


12. Slow Cooker

I know my mother is not a terrible cook but I am not a big fan of the slow cooker. But perhaps some people's mothers may like it, especially after they finish a late exercise in the afternoon.


The only good thing about a slow cooker is that it can cook without you being in the room. Which is nice but the food always comes out dry and sometimes tasteless.


Buy Slow Cooker


13. Medical ID Necklace

In my opinion, I think everyone who has a medical condition of some sort should have a medical id bracelet or necklace. Your mother will thank you for getting her a medical id necklace because now she will know that EMTs can call her emergency contact or doctor in case something happens.


I bought my medical id bracelet at Lauren Hope which is filled with bracelets and necklaces in many different styles. It’s affordable and their support is amazing!


Buy Medical ID Necklace


14. Gym Bag

Is your mom using a shopping bag or a paper bag when she goes to the gym? If so please do her a favor and get her a gym bag. Your mother will be thankful that she has a bag that does not break easily.


Buy Gym Bag


Make sure you get your mother something nice and treat her to a nice dinner, lunch, or brunch. Let me give you a little piece of advice, do not I repeat do not forget to make reservations until the last minute.


We did that one year and you know what happened? We took our mother to Wendy's to celebrate Mother's Day. Big mistake ever because now we bring it up every year around Mother's Day. At the time I don't think she found it funny until years later.


But I still advise you to not make that mistake as we did though. Make sure you get your active mom who works her butt off all day something nice and not a night out at Wendy's!

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