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July 29, 2021

Master The Art Of How To Reduce Technostress With These Simple Tips

Master The Art Of How To Reduce Technostress With These Simple Tips

There is so much technology in today's society that it can be stressful that times. In this article, I am going to cover how to reduce technostress, what it is and how to keep it at bay. Try not to get stressed out while reading this article.


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how to reduce technostress



 what is technostress

What Is Technostress?

Technostress happens when we have too much screen time on a daily basis.  Think about it technology can cause many stressful situations before it helps us solve them.

What Is The Definition Of Technostress?

Since I can't find an official definition of technostress from a trusted source I am going to provide my own definition.  My definition of technostress is when we spend time scrolling endlessly on our news feeds on our cell phones, computers, and tablets.  However, technostress can also kick in when we get lost in Google searches all day looking for a helpful answer.


What Does Technostress Mean?

Technostress means you are feeling stressed out because you are using a new piece of technology and it's not working like it's supposed to.  However, that's all the beginning of technostress.  It can also mean that you spend time on news feeds and it’s making you experience negative thoughts.  


what causes technostress

What Causes Technostress?

There are so many things that can cause technostress it's not even funny.  Here are some of the stressful situations that can cause technostress.

  • Long work hours

  • Consistently checking social media

  • Poor time management

  • The never-ending news feeds

  • Always connected to our cell phones

  • Too much eye strain

  • Negative thoughts and feelings


What Are The Symptoms Of Technostress?

When you experience technostress it can be pretty obvious to some people like me.  Over the years I have experienced technostress on many different occasions.  Here are some of the symptoms that I experienced:

  • Negative thoughts toward technology

  • Too many long work hours in one day

  • Poor time management skills

  • Having too much screen time during the day

  • Eye strain became painful

  • Spending time fixated on the number of social media followers that I had

  • Scrolling constantly through the news feeds on all of my social media channels


how to manage technostress

How To Manage Technostress?

Technostress can come and go as it pleases whenever and wherever you are.  But one of the things that have helped me manage technostress is:

  1. Spending time cleaning up my emails and unsubscribing from newsletters that I no longer read

  2. Practice better time management skills

  3. Limit the negative thoughts by writing them down in a journal

  4. I created a phone-free zone while I am reading my book

  5. Kept my work hours to a reasonable amount of time


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how to avoid technostress

How To Avoid Technostress?

When I am in stressful situations I always need a coping mechanism to help deal with it.  Here are some of my mechanisms to reduce stress to avoid technostress:

  • Notion helps keeps all of my important digital documents organized like my bookmarks, blog posts, recipes, etc.

  • Stack Browser helps me keep the most important web pages and web apps that I use every day close by

  • Grammarly using Grammarly helps me reduce stress when it comes to writing and editing blog posts

  • Freedom Blocker this tool helps me spend time away from work after hours, social media news feeds, shopping websites, and emails

  • Cold Turkey Blocker this blocker tool helps me set timer limits on any website


how to combat technostress


How To Combat Technostress?

There are a lot of ways to fight technostress so it does not control your life.  Here are some tips and tricks to kick technostress to the curb:

  1. Set a daily screen time limit

  2. Setup a social support group or join one

  3. Create a phone-free zone

  4. Become a time management expert


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what are some examples of technostress

 What Are Some Examples Of Technostress?

Technostress can be caused by anything with endless possibilities.  Here are some of my examples of technostress that sometimes manages to get in my way:

Keyword Research if you are a writer/blogger like I am, then you know what keyword research is.  But for those who do not know what keywords are, I will tell you.  Keywords tell the search engines what the article is about and where to place it.

Algorithm Updates the search engines are always updating their algorithms to help users to find relevant content.  Updates to the algorithms can make or break website traffic and revenue.

Writing new content writers can sometimes suffer from writer's block especially when they are coming up with new content ideas.  I am always worried I will get stuck and I don't know how I would get out of it if it ever happens.

Being active on social media I have to admit that I have way too many social media profiles for myself and CrazyFitnessGuy.  Some days I can be active quite a bit as myself, but there are some days where I just rely on a queue of posts that automatically posts to my feeds.

Stress caused by emails When my emails are out of control I become a total wreck.  I get a lot of invites to podcasts that I can't always find the right invite link.  That's why I hate emails because there is no organization to them and even if you set up filters they are not 100% effective.  


What Are The Treatments For Technostress

What Are The Treatments For Technostress?

According to Kings University exercise is a good way to help treat technostress.  However, here are some more solutions that may work for you:

  • Going outside to get some fresh air to take a break from looking at technology

  • Read a book

  • Organize stuff around your house

  • Reduce stress by listening to music

  • Write down what you need help with when it comes to working with technology and then ask someone for help

  • Learn how to use each program that you are working with inside and out

  • Use a couple of all-in-one tools like Notion and Stack Browser

  • Declutter your inbox

  • Use a dedicated newsletter service like Stoop inbox

  • Break up your screen time by setting up a timer so you can reduce eye strain

  • Talk to your social support team

  • Be open-minded to try other coping mechanisms that other people suggest to you


Preventing Technostress Through Positive Technology Usage

I have always said technology can be stupid and sometimes it can have a mind of its own.  We got to remember that there are some positives that come from technology like:

  1. Video games

  2. TV and movies

  3. Music

  4. Laptops and desktops

  5. Cell phones

  6. The internet

  7. Digital cameras

  8. Kindles

  9. Tablets

  10. Fitness trackers

The list just goes on and on.  Technology is not all bad but sometimes it can be run by a bad company (Facebook).  When that technostress starts kicking in take a step back and create a phone-free zone or a computer-free zone whichever works for you.

When I work with technology every day I like to make sure my digital space is organized.  That means emails are under control, keeping my all-in-one tools updated with the most important stuff, and managing my time well.  If any of these become out of control the technostress starts kicking in.



That's how to manage and reduce technostress.  Don't let technostress control or rule your life because technology is always improving so you always need to adapt.  I hope these coping mechanisms help you fight technostress. 


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