How To Reduce TechnoStress

Do you suffer from Technostress at home or at work? Stress no more because I am going to teach you how to reduce technostress in this ultimate guide.

Technostress Symptoms

According to Wikipedia technostress symptoms can include:

* Anxiety

* Irritability

* Headaches

* Backaches

* Eyestrain

* Neck pain

* Stiff shoulder

* Joint pains

* Mental fatigue

* Depression

* Nightmares

* Panic

* Resistance

* Feeling of helplessness

Technostress Definition

According to Oxford Dictionaries Technostress is stress or psychosomatic illness caused by working with computer technology on a daily basis.

Treatments For Technostress

How to fight Technostress

Today I am going to teach you on how to fight Technostress once and for all. Let's be honest technology and stress do not make a great combination.

I Suffer From Technostress On A Daily Basis

Living a life as a blogger I am constantly working on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email. Eventually, after a while, I started to wonder if there is a way I could manage my time better, work smarter and not harder. After thinking about it for a while I figured out how to reduce technostress.

What Are Some Technostress Management Tips And Tricks?

The first thing that I needed to do was organize my emails into a folder like a system automatically. By doing this it will help me check my emails more easily by putting all the emails from the same sender in one place. With this method, I am going to teach you I have reached inbox zero.

What It Is Inbox Zero?

Inbox zero is when there are no emails in your email inbox. This can be done by setting up email filters in your email provider. Today I am going to be using Gmail to show you how to set up filters.

gmail settings icon

1. Go to settings cog icon in the upper right corner in the Gmail screen and click settings.

gmail filters and blocked addresses

2. Once in settings click on filters and blocked addresses

3. Click on create a new filter

4. Fill in the sender address in the from field then Click on create filter

gmail check box form

5. Check only these boxes: skip the inbox, apply a label or create a label, never send it to spam, and also apply filter to matching conversations

6. Watch it magically add your email to the label that you have created

By no means, this is a fast and easy method to reduce the clutter of your inbox, but eventually, your inbox will get down to zero. Any new mail that comes from a different email address will go into your inbox but instead of having thousands of new emails, you may only get a few new ones that you will have to apply filters to.

Another Way I Made Technology Work For Me And Not Against Me

There was a time in my life where I could remember all my important password information. Like the ones that log me into all of my social media accounts that I manage. Well, no more stress in having to remember that for yourself anymore.

Reduce Your Extreme Stress With A Password Manager

The very first time I started blogging I started acquiring multiple accounts out of nowhere. It was ridiculous I was like how am I going to remember all these passwords. At the very beginning I had like 60 passwords and now it has either doubled or tripled.

Thanks to Lastpass I no longer have to remember my passwords. Now I am not going to get in too much overview of Lastpass password manager, but the best part is that their phone app is free. It saves my Facebook Twitter and news sites all in one place.

After using a password manager you will never want to go back to having to remember all your passwords. I know quite a few people who don't use one in my family, and I just shake my head when I hear them complaining that they have to reset their passwords when they forget them,

Some Other Methods To Change The Impact Of Technostress

Don't you hate all those newsletters that you get when you purchase something online and the stores keep sending you all those emails full promotion garbage? I know that I do, but I don't have a boatload of time to unsubscribe one by one.

Again you will thank me eventually because I found a tool that I have been using more than a year now. It's called This is by far the easiest way to unsubscribe from all those junk emails that you no longer want. Swipe left to unsubscribe, swipe up to roll up, and swipe right to keep. It can't get any easier than that.

Use Microsoft To Do List To Get Rid Of Unnecessary Stress

screenshot of microsoft todo list app icon

screenshot of microsoft todo list app icon

It was not until the ending of last year I started using Microsoft To Do List app. I personally use this app to keep track of what I need to do for homework, chores, website maintenance, updates for my app, etc. What I like about using this tool is that it syncs on all of my devices.

It can also send copies of your To Do list to other people. So if you were working with a classmate or a co-worker you can help reduce technostress among your work environment. Plus it will help communication, education, and study. Technology stress doesn't need to exist anymore.

Other Places You May Find Stress Among

Stress is not just related to emails, employees, remembering passwords, etc. Stress can also be found in your bookmark bar and bookmark folders. I found a useful tool that I still use to manage my bookmarks and notes for school.

Organize Your Notes And Bookmarks With Zoho Notebook

picture of zoho app icon

picture of zoho app icon

When I started college I wanted a digital notebook so that I won't lose my notes. I tried so many different note taking apps like Evernote and Onenote but they didn't give me unlimited space. Plus I thought it was kind of jerky that I had to pay for space to take notes.

So I found this notebook app called Zoho Notebook and they offer unlimited note-taking space for free. At least that I can tell. It's not like I can find a usage bar that shows a limit so one could assume that they offer unlimited space for free.

It syncs across all my devices including my computer, phone, and tablet. After using this tool for some now I had a pretty smart idea. One afternoon I took all of my bookmarks and organized them into notebooks with different categories.

I know someone will probably come up with the argument and say they can organize their bookmarks in the bookmark bar or menu so what's the difference. Well, the difference is that within Zoho there is a setting called smart note which combines similar note cards together. They have one for links, videos, and recipes.

Use A Productivity Journal To Hep With Related Stress

As I mentioned in a previous post I started journaling to help relieve stress. However, journaling is not just for stress relief. It could help with mental health, job satisfaction, gratitude, and positive thoughts, etc. The best journaling app that I came across is Penzu.

Like I said earlier in this post I am not going to get into too much detail of this app, but what I like about it is that it has a free version. Plus they let you have unlimited journal entries at no extra cost which is always a plus in my book.

Don't Forget The Essential Oils That Could Also Help Reduce Stress

There are a few essential oils that may help with reducing stress, technostress or both. I personally like to use the essential oils in rollers so that I can take them on the go with me. One of the rollers that I made myself contains:

10 drops of stress away essential oil

fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil

I use this roller when I wake up in the morning before my workout, after my workout and before I go to bed. Sometimes it doesn't always work for me but I still like using it to help keep me more mellow when I am working.

More Ways To Help Reduce Any Kind Of Stress

Sometimes when I really feel overwhelmed by a school project, homework, work, technology or just life, in general, I like to watch Youtube videos. Now I know we are talking about technostress and you are probably wondering did he just say watch YouTube videos?

Now don't get me wrong I am not saying to get lost in an educational video or a boring video about stress. My favorite go-to video to watch on YouTube is Robin Williams golf routine. Warning: this video has a lot of bad language in it so parents please do not let your kids listen to it until you think they are ready.

This video makes me laugh so hard that it makes me cry full of laughter. I actually wrote an essay in college about this video and my professor actually played it in class. Not many teachers would but he was a cool professor. I got an A+++ on that paper and the whole class was laughing hysterically.

The first time I heard about the video I was on the golf course with my Dad and his physical therapist. That night when I got back from golf I decided to listen to it and I think I must have played it at least over 100 times. It still hasn't gotten old to me.

Practicing Art May Help Reduce Stress

According to Huffpost research shows that coloring is not just for kids, it can also help reduce stress in adults as well. They also say that coloring practice helps generate wellness, quietness, and stimulates the brain areas that are related to motor skills. It also helps with creativity.

If you are not a fan of coloring then perhaps you are more of an arts and crafts kind of person like me. Back in school when I was younger I always loved practicing my artistic skills. In middle school, there was an art class and a sewing class. I signed up for both electives during that year because I always wanted to try sewing,

In my sewing class, I created a french fry pillow which turned out pretty cool. In high school, I signed up for every single kind of art class they offered it didn't matter if it was ceramics or a different kind of class like photograph class I still signed up.

In one of my art classes in high school, I created a small model of a school and put bars and fences around it to make it look like a prison. Some teachers did not like that I did that and they thought it would have annoyed the principal, but since I knew the principal for like 6 years she actually really liked it. I even won an award in the art show at school.

Exercise Is A Great Stress Reliever

Exercise helps with stress which is one of the many reasons why I workout 6 to 9 times a week. Research also shows that as well. The Anxiety And Depression Association Of America said that exercise can help with improving physical condition, mental fitness, and it can reduce stress.

Karate is also another form of exercise but just doing regular weight lifting exercises don't help in relieving stress than maybe it's time to join a karate class. No matter what type of mood I am in going up to karate class at night I always leave the door in better spirits.

I don't know if it's because I kicked the bag super hard or I focus hard on my technique, perhaps it just all the stress washing away from me.

Relieve Stress By Squeezing A Stress Ball Or Alien

Sometimes when nothing else works you just have to do something simple like squeezing a stress ball. In my situation I have a stress relieving alien, I don't remember who gave it to me or where I got it from but sometimes when all else fails I squeeze it like there no tomorrow.

Listen To Music Or A Podcast

I personally love the song Hard Times by AC/DC if I didn't know any better it's like they were writing a song about my life. Just listen to the catchy lyrics.

Hard Times AC/DC 2014 album Rock or Bust. Entertainment video only. All rights to original owners of content.

My favorite podcaster is Lewis Howes who is the creator of School Of Greatness. One of the favorite things about listening to his podcast is that he is always pumped up and feeling happy about life. Plus I really like some of the guests that he has on his show like the Olympian Apollo Ohno and many others.

At the end of each episode, Lewis Howes closes his show with "now go out there and do something great." It's just an overall feel-good kind of podcast that one day I would like to be on. I truly believe that Lewis Howes inspired me to create CrazyFitnessGuy after failing 8 other times at blogging.

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If All Else Fails Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts

I love using the cloud to store my blog posts, photos, etc. Manage multiple cloud storage accounts when you need extra space on your phone, computer, and tablet. I manage about 4 different cloud storage accounts so far and soon to be more. I currently use these cloud storage services:

Google Drive - Free 15GB of storage

Mega - Free 50GB of storage

Dropbox - Free 2GB of lousy storage

Onedrive - Free 5GB of so so storage

Of course there are others but these are the ones that I currently use at the moment. By organizing your computer, phone, and tablet you may be able to fight technostress once and for all.

The Feeling Of Overcoming Technostress

Once you start getting the hang of overcoming technostress you will understand the feeling of overcoming technostress. It feels like this:

Maybe You Have Technostress And You Don't Know...Answer This Technostress Questionnaire

Perhaps you may be suffering technostress and you don't even know, ask yourself these technostress questionnaire questions.

1. Is your email inbox out of control and they overwhelm you?

2. Are your bookmarks disorganized and you need to implement a better organization method?

3. Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, shoulder pain, joint pain, or neck pain?

4. Do you hate doing stuff on the computer every day?

5. Do you have nightmares regarding technology?


As you can see there are a lot of ways to reduce technostress so no need to suffer any longer. If one solution does not work for you then go on and try the others. If worse comes to worst you can always try a therapist which often times help. They always seem like they know what they are doing and what they want out of life.

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