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Jan. 27, 2022

Stress Management Techniques for Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Stress Management Techniques for Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Stress is a common problem for adults on the autism spectrum. Many of the techniques for managing stress are the same as for other adults, but there are a few specific things to keep in mind when dealing with stress on the autism spectrum. One important thing to remember is that individuals on the autism spectrum often have a different way of seeing and understanding their environment. This can lead to increased stress when trying to navigate normal social interactions.


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Stress Management Techniques for Adults on the Autism Spectrum

how do adults with autism manage stress

How Do Adults With Autism Handle Stress?

As we all know, everyone handles stress differently than others.  Some can handle stress better than others.  Sometimes I do not handle stress in a good way.  I am going to tell you what good days and bad days look like for me and how I handle stress on those days.

I am going to be honest; I do not handle stress well when I am having an off day.  When everything goes according to plan, I just sail through the day with a peaceful mind.  On an off day people should just stay away from me.  


the best way to handle stress for autistic adults

The Good Ways To Handle Stress

  • I love to listen to music in the background when I am marketing or getting ready for karate class

  • I like to read a book during a 15-minute break

  • I use a Pomodoro timer to get things done in a timely matter

  • I use a digital to-do list that is well organized and categorized

  • I ask for help when I need help with something

  • I talk to friends or family members 


Check out these 10 tips to manage stress according to WebMD


the unhealthy ways to handle stress for autistic adults

The Bad Ways To Handle Stress

  • When I have an off day I complain about the tasks that I have to do 

  • I repeat negative things repeatedly

  • I procrastinate a lot 

  • My brain makes everything seem harder than it really needs to be

  • I lose patience with everything and everybody around me

  • I just want to be left alone 

  • I do not want any advice 

  • Everything just makes me angry 


what triggers anxiety in autistic adults

What Causes Anxiety In Autistic Adults?

Everyone can experience anxiety for many reasons like not getting enough sleep, stress by their new job, not understanding social cues, feeling lonely or depressed, nervous about going to the doctors, going for surgery, having a fight with a loved one.  

I still experience anxiety from time to time even today.  Here are some things that causes me anxiety in my late 20s.  

  • Homework in college

  • Group projects

  • What do people think of me?

  • What do people think of CrazyFitnessGuy?

  • What do people think of CrazyFitnessGuy podcast?


how to lessen anxiety in autistic adults

How To Reduce Anxiety In Autistic Adults?

Over the years of feeling stressed and anxiety I finally had to think about how can I reduce this stress?  Here are some ways to reduce anxiety in Autistic adults:

  • Listen to music

  • Play some video games

  • Workout

  • Watch your favorite show - (Avatar The Last Airbender)

  • Talk to your friends and family members

  • Write in a journal

  • Draw

  • Do some arts and crafts

  • Drink plenty of water using a drink water reminder app across your devices

  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood


How to help Autism people manage stress and anxiety? - VeryWellHealth


how do autistic people manage anxiety

How Do Autistic People Cope With Anxiety?

People on the Autism Spectrum can cope with anxiety when:

  • We stick to our routines

  • When we are around familiar people and we know who they are

  • When we are in a safe and caring environment 

  • When things go right according to the plan


how do you comfort an autistic adult

How Do You Calm An Autistic Person Down?

People who are on the Autism Spectrum are all different so each person will calm down differently.  Here are some things that you can try.

  • Take them to a familiar place that they like

  • Let them listen to their favorite band or song

  • Let them play their favorite video game

  • Give them their favorite book to read

  • Give them space

  • Listen to them in their time of need

  • Let them watch their favorite movie or tv show

  • Give them some arts and crafts materials

  • Play a board game with them

  • When they are ready to help them break up bigger projects in smaller chunks

  • Help them manage their time better by using block scheduling

  • Consider using the Pomodoro timer method (20 minutes of work and a 15-minute break)

  • Set up a digital to-do list or a paper to-do list putting prioritizing the importance of each task

  • Minimize the clutter around their workspace 

  • Help them focus on one thing at a time (multitasking is not productive)



do people with Autism suffer from high anxiety

Do People With Autism Have High Anxiety?

People with Autism can suffer from social anxiety when meeting new people, going to doctor appointments, a change in schedule and routine, and trying something new for the first time.  According to Healthline anxiety is common in Autistic people.


what helps adults with autism manage anxiety in a healthy way

What Helps Anxiety In Adults With Autism?

Having a set schedule and structure helps people with Autism to prevent anxiety.  Without structure, our minds and thoughts are all over the place and it becomes chaos.  



In conclusion, stress management is important for adults on the autism spectrum. Everyone experiences stress, but those with autism have a hard time recognizing stress because it doesn't show up as easily to them. In order to manage stress, one should find a balance between work and leisure time, create a schedule that works best for you, and utilize your strengths using hobbies or interests.


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