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Sept. 10, 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Back To School Products That Every Health Nut Needs

The Ultimate Guide To Back To School Products That Every Health Nut Needs

It's that dreadful time of year again when every student is thinking about going back to school. Today I am going to talk about the back to school supplies that every health nut needs. Every time when I start seeing those back-to-school commercials I know that summer is wrapping up.


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Back To School Products That Every Health Nut Needs


What Are Back To School Supplies?

What Are Back To School Supplies?

Back-to-school supplies are a list of supplies that students, teachers, and parents need to get ready for the new school year.

The Most Needed Back To School Supplies

School can be a very stressful place just like any job.  But it doesn't have to be hard if you have the right tools and resources.  Here are some tools that you need to consider for the new school year:

Freedom Blocker

How many times have you found yourself scrolling endlessly on social media and lose track of time?  I know that I have on numerous occasions.  With Freedom Blocker, stop the news feed in its tracks by setting a limit on social media.  Once the time is up you will be blocked from using it until the next day.  

Freedom Blocker is great for anyone who does not have self-control when it comes to monitoring their social media limits.  Trust me I do not have self-control either and that's why I use Freedom Blocker.


Buy Freedom Blocker



I use to jump from one cloud storage tool to another.  Then one browser window to another.  I forget where I saved important articles and documents that I have written.  Notion is such a lifesaver because now I have all of my bookmarks, saved recipes, important branding pictures, and a list of ideas all in one place.


I have saved a lot of time and frustration when looking for important stuff that I have saved.  If you haven't heard of Notion then you need to check it out.  


Get Notion


Stack Browser 

Let's be honest web browsers are not meant to be productive, they are meant to be useful and informing.  However, Stack Browser is different.  It allows you to save all of your most-used websites in one place without having to type into Google the name of the tool that you are looking for.


Those cat and dog videos can wait until the end of the workday.  I love being to access all of the websites and web apps that I use every day with just one click of a button.  


Get Stack Browser


Cold Turkey Blocker

Cold Turkey Blocker is like Freedom Blocker but with one major difference.  Cold Turkey Blocker is only made for Macs and Windows computers whereas Freedom Blocker is made for Macs, Windows, iOS, and Android. 

Cold Turkey Blocker has other amazing features but the supported operating systems are just the most noticeable difference.  


I use both Cold Turkey Blocker and Freedom Blocker together in case one does not block a website but the other one will.  It does not hurt to have many tools in the arsenal when it comes to productivity.  


Get Cold Turkey Blocker


Back To School Supplies For College

Back To School Supplies For College

Even college students need to prepare for every semester.  For example what books do they need, pencils, pens, notebooks, etc.  But they overlook the most important part of the list.  They need supplies for their own health and that's what I am going to go over next.


Fun fact: I used to have my friend help me edit all of my blog posts before I publish them.  That was until I heard about Grammarly.  Editing papers, blog posts, and other varying school assignments can be very time-consuming.  But Grammarly will help you with spell check, grammatical errors in sentences and so much more. 


I currently use the free version of Grammarly which is all I need.  I am not saying Grammarly is 100% correct of the time when it comes to editing but I say it's around 97% accurate.  So when it comes to school projects and assignments make sure you have another person proofread it to make sure.


Buy Grammarly


Hydro Flask

I love my Hydro Flask because it keeps my water colder for a long period of time.  Having a water bottle next to me helps me drink more water throughout the day.  I like being able to fill up my water bottle throughout the day and being able to carry it with me wherever I go.


Buy HydroFlask


Xiaomi Mi Band 4

If you like tracking your steps like I do and are looking for accuracy then look no further.  The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the most accurate fitness tracker that I have ever own.  Remember when the pedometers came out and kids and adults used to shake them just to get the step count up?


Well, I tried that with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, and guess what?  It wouldn't let me cheat to get steps.  My old Garmin device counted steps when I was riding in a car.  Still can't do that with Xiaomi Mi Band 4.  I wear it every day because its stylish and it notifies me of new notifications on my phone.  


Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4



I keep track of what I eat every single day just to make sure I am getting enough calories to help me maintain my current weight.  So far I have logged my food for over 500+ days and haven't missed a day yet. 


People say tracking food is hard but it's simple with MyFitnessPal because it has a built-in barcode scanner so you can get accurate calories.  


Buy Myfitnesspal


Back To School Supplies Must Haves

If you don't want to get the supplies that I have mentioned so far in this article then wait until you see the next few items on the list.

Beachbody on Demand

Before Beachbody on Demand was a thing I used to buy Beachbody DVDs like P90X so I can work out in my own home.  Before I started to do that I also went to a gym.  Now that Beachbody on Demand exists I haven't been in a gym for at least 4 years now.  


Gym memberships are expensive, sometimes they are not clean as they can be, and some people can hog the machines for a long time.  With Beachbody on Demand, you will get access to hundreds of workout programs, nutrition videos, and coaches for no extra cost.


Beachbody on Demand only costs $100 per year which is still a big pretty penny.  But compare that to a gym membership it's actually cheaper and affordable.  


Get Beachbody on Demand



Who here hates making lunch during the middle of the day and making a big mess?  If you are like me I hate cooking lunch and making sandwiches.  Lunchmeat is filled with so many preservatives and other nasty stuff that I don't want to eat it anymore.


Shakeology helps me make a quick smoothie without making a huge mess.  I admit Shakeology is quite expensive but consider why it is.  There are no chemicals and other preservatives in the bag.  Shakeology helps me get the nutrients that I am missing.  It is fast and easy to make and leaves behind no mess.


Buy Shakeology



When starting a workout program on Beachbody on Demand you need to make sure you have the right equipment or you will keep putting it off.  Trust me I have done that before with a few of my work tasks for CrazyFitnessGuy.  It's always a good idea to have a good set of dumbbells.


If you do not have a lot of room in your house, apartment, or condo then you need to get an adjustable dumbbell set with different weight settings on it.  That way you don't need to clutter up your house with extra dumbbells.


Buy Dumbbells


Resistance Bands

When I first started to use resistance bands for working out is that they do not let me cheat when it comes to form.  Back when I was going to the gym I see people swinging back and forth with the dumbbells trying to lift heavier weights.  


I always thought to myself that's how they are going to hurt themselves.  But with resistance bands, there is no swinging allowed. To keep the bands in place you step on the bands and depending on how difficult you want it you spread your feet wider.


That way the muscle group that you want to work on is doing all the work.  Get ready for muscles to burn because your muscles will start crying "make it stop we can't take it anymore."   


Buy Resistance Bands


Back To School Supplies You Need


Did you know Achievement pays you to log your food and take surveys?  Every time you log your food in MyFitnessPal they reward you with points.  Once you reach 10k points to get 10 dollars.  It's not going to make you rich but 10 dollars can go a long way these days.


Get Achievement



I don't know about you but I love listening to music during the day. It helps me to stay focused and upbeat while I am working on challenging tasks.  Every day is a good day when there is music to listen to.


I am so grateful for my Spotify subscription that I got a few years ago for a present.  Music helps me to relax and helps me avoid being in a cranky mood.  Every time I listen to music on Spotify I feel like I am at my own private concert.  


I remember meeting someone who said to me that they didn't like music.  I asked them how did they not listen to music on a daily basis?  He just said he is not a fan of music and I was thinking to myself I can't picture my life without music that would be totally boring.


Buy Spotify Premium

Kindle Paperwhite

I used to have the Kindle Oasis but I recently had to say goodbye to it this year.  I traded it in for the recent Kindle Paperwhite that is now waterproof.  What I really like about reading on the Kindle Paperwhite is that it has a light and dark mode.  The dark mode is so nice for reading at night.


Reading helps me take my mind off work and helps me unwind at night before I go to bed.  Plus I am on a mission to read 25 books before the end of the year.  So far I have only read 7 books but there is still time to catch up.  


Instead of watching TV and listening to the boring news get a Kindle Paperwhite and get lost in a good book.  Say goodbye to bulky books and sore shoulders while caring for heavy books.  


Buy Kindle Paperwhite


It is important to have the right supplies for back to school to start the semester and or school year off right.  If you notice anything that is missing from this let me know in the comments below and I will add to it.  Speaking of back to school I am mentally preparing myself for this semester in college coming up.


I have 2 weeks until I am back online in college for another semester.  So I am taking my last two weeks off before school starts again.  Next week a new podcast is coming out so stay tuned bye for now.


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