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March 5, 2020

The Dummies' Guide to Why is the Cereal Industry Unhealthy?

The Dummies' Guide to Why is the Cereal Industry Unhealthy?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day right, so why eat something that is unhealthy for your body?  As a society, we eat too much-processed cereals and foods and today I am going to talk about why is the cereal industry is unhealthy.  We need to fuel our body not load it with a bunch of junk. In my opinion, the cereal industry is very untrustworthy.


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Why is the Cereal Industry Unhealthy

Why I No Longer Trust The Cereal Industry?

I no longer trust the cereal industry for a few reasons.  Have you ever looked at the food label on a cereal box before?  Some of the ingredients that you may find on there are quite disturbing.  For instance, there are some cereals that have 12 grams of sugar per serving, and then on top of that, they add another 25 added grams of sugar.

Even Shakeology has sugar in their mix but at least it’s only 7 grams and no added sugar.  If you look closer at the ingredients some cereals have ingredients that no one can pronounce or even heard of.  The other day I looked at this box of cereal in my cabinet from Trader Joe's. It was their high-fiber cereal it had this one ingredient that went like this.  Sugar cane juice crystals, seem healthy am I right?


This cereal also includes another gross ingredient called caramel color.  Why does that need to be added to the cereal? All the ingredients on these cereal boxes make me feel like I am eating poison of some sort.  


Finally on to the last thing I want to mention on the food label on these manipulated cereal boxes.  Have you ever noticed how they say it includes vitamins and minerals? Well, the next time you are in a store just look at that section.  Notice how some of the vitamins and minerals don’t include a number next to them? That means there is not even a significant source.


Before we go any further in this post I just want to make it clear that not all cereal brands add all these unnecessary ingredients.  For example, Puffed Rice doesn’t have any preservatives or added sugars that’s why it tastes like nothing or like a cardboard box.  


The Dangers Of Cereal

The Dangers Of Cereal

There are a few dangers when it comes to eating cereal.  I am not saying it’s going to make you sick or you are going to die from eating it.  But there are things you should consider before buying a box of cereal.


  1. Look at the sugar content to see how much total sugar is in each serving

  2. Make sure you look at the fat content because not all fat is a healthy fat

  3. Look at the list of ingredients, if there is an ingredient that you can’t pronounce you should probably avoid it

  4. Look at the vitamin and mineral content.  Ask yourself if this is really enough to benefit from it?

  5. Look at the calorie count 

  6. Double and triple-check the food label to make sure everything is okay

  7. Set standards with cereal and make sure you get the nutrients that your body needs and deserves 


Find out these other truths about breakfast cereals


Can Cereal Make You Fat

Can Cereal Make You Fat? 

I am no nutritionist but I know this if you have too much of one food group it’s not good for you.  That includes cereal as well if you have cereal for all three meals, especially high sugar cereal your body will turn that sugar into fat.  


With that being said cereal could make you become fat depending on what type of cereal you buy. 

What Needs To Change In The Cereal Industry?

I would like to see some things change in the cereal industry.  These changes include:

  • Cut back on the added sugars

  • More vitamins and minerals

  • Fewer preservatives 

  • Healthier options

  • Only use natural sugars like honey


In my opinion, if Beachbody can make Shakeology taste great with only 7 grams of sugar then, why can’t the cereal company make healthier cereal without all the added sugar? So do you think breakfast cereals are healthy or unhealthy?


What Should You Eat Instead Of Cereal

  • Egg whites with Ezekiel break

  • Eggs with oatmeal

  • Protein Waffles

  • Try some Fixate recipes from Beachbody on Demand it's only $100 per year



Cereal can be healthy depending on what kind you purchase but in the long run, you should probably stay away from it because, in my opinion, it’s a manipulated food that can hurt your health.


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