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Feb. 17, 2023

The Best Of CrazyFitnessGuy 2022

The Best Of CrazyFitnessGuy 2022

Are you looking forward to the best of CrazyFitnessGuy 2022? Well, you’re in luck! It’s time to get excited as CrazyFitnessGuy is preparing for another fantastic year full of amazing articles, podcasts, live streams, and so much more.  Let's take a recap of our accomplishments last year.  


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the greatest of crazyfitnessguy 2022





what was crazyfitnessguy goals in 2022

What were CrazyFitnessGuy's Accomplishments in 2022?

Some of CrazyFitnessGuy's goals and rewards were:


what were jimmy clare goals in 2022

What were Jimmy Clare's Accomplishments in 2022?

I have accomplished quite a few goals last year which included:

  • Being a part of a co-authored booked
  • I got to speak at my local rotary club I did not know that existed
  • My profile also got accepted on the All American Entertainment Speakers
  • I read 18 books
  • I was also featured on 40 podcasts last year which is a total of 144
  • I have completed 24 business projects 
  • I got to be a guest on the Avatar Braving The Elements Podcast.  I got to meet Janet Varney who voiced Korra on Legend of Korra & I got to meet Dante Basco who voiced Prince Zuko in Avatar The Last Airbender

2022 Was Not All Glamourous 

Even though I have achieved quite a bit in 2022 I came up short of all of my goals.  Let me explain.  

CrazyFitnessGuy Website Traffic was Down

If you look at the blog page starting from July - November there is a big time gap.  During those months I was feeling depressed because my website traffic plummeted and it has been down ever since.

I honestly felt like giving up and throwing everything away.  Everything I did was just a waste of time because I had nothing to show for it. The only way I got myself out of the funk was by reading the book Discover Your Joy and focusing on my podcast which continues to grow every day.

Our Newsletter Subscribers Went Down

Last year CrazyFitnessGuy monthly newsletter lost 5 subscribers which added on to the frustration and sadness.  

Our Web App Lost Downloads

CrazyFitnessGuy web app was down for a little bit of time last summer due to switching website hosting providers.  During that time we lost all of our app downloads even though I was fixing it.  

That hurt a lot because the web app is lightweight so it would not take up a lot of space on one's phone.  It's upsetting that people wouldn't give me a chance to fix stuff.  I am the only person running everything at CrazyFitnessGuy.  I do my best at everything that I can do.

Lost Some Twitter Followers

CrazyFitnessGuy Twitter account lost over 100 followers which were concerning for me.  I was wondering if people started hating my brand for something or did not like I schedule out my social media tweets etc.

Just an FYI I do not have a marketing department.  Again only one person and perhaps I should not be anxious all the time.  But it is upsetting to me when I see the progress I made start going downhill for the worse.  

I Did Not Meet My Reading Goal in 2022

I make a reading goal every year so I keep reading.  I fell short of 2 books last year.  I only read 18 books my goal was 20.

My Guest Appearances Slowed Down

In 2022, my podcast guest appearances slowed down because I was focused on my business goals and other projects.  My goal was to get on 200 total podcasts.  Instead, I only made it to 144. 


what is crazyfitnessguy and jimmy clare goals for 2023

What are the Goals for CrazyFitnessGuy and Jimmy Clare for 2023?

2023 has started off as a good year so far for me and Crazy Fitness Guy.  Let me tell you what our goals are so far this year.

Jimmy's 2023 Goals

  • I want to read 20 books and I have reached that goal in 2021
  • I would like to have a stronger core 
  • and the other two I can not talk about because it is a secret project I am working on

CrazyFitnessGuy's 2023 Goals

  • Get 10 app downloads
  • Unlock podcast sponsors from our hosting company
  • Get 5 premium podcast subscribers
  • Get back into the Medium partner program - (completed)
  • Increase store sales by 5
  • Get 5 subscribers to the Triple Crazy
  • Increase YouTube subscribers by another 20
  • Increase our private Facebook group by another 5 members
  • Increase our premium podcast Facebook group members to 5
  • Increase YouTube watch time hours to 35+
  • Increase affiliate sales by 5
  • Get published by another 5 publications
  • Get another 50 visitors/readers to the website
  • Get 5 in-person speaking events 
  • Get another 40+ podcast guest appearances 

2023 Is A New Beginning 

Call me nieve I don't care but I have a really good feeling about 2023.  I always remind myself as an entrepreneur/small business owner, running a business is like a rollercoaster.  It goes up and down through loopy loops.  It does not just stay down, eventually, it has to go back up eventually.

Since my traffic has been down for at least two years in a row I am betting that the third time is the charm.  I don't mind when traffic fluctuates etc, but when you lose about 90% of readers and traffic it just sucks.   Sorry to be so blunt but that is the truth.

I think 2023 will be a great year for everyone and I hope that for everyone as well.  CrazyFitnessGuy is not just about me.  It's for everyone in and around the community with extra challenges.  Let's make 2023 a great year, shall we?!?


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