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Aug. 20, 2020

Want An Easy Fix For How To Manage Stress With Technology? Read This!

Want An Easy Fix For How To Manage Stress With Technology? Read This!

Technology is not for everyone but for some it’s a lifesaver. While for others it’s considered a nightmare. Today I am going to talk about how to manage stress with technology. Please note if you are happy with just writing down stuff on paper then by all means continue doing what’s working for you.


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How To Manage Stress With Technology

What Causes Stress?

I could give you a very long answer with a list of what causes stress and what stresses me out. But that probably won’t help you out because different things and events can stress anyone out. So to make a long story short anything and everything can cause stress.


How Does Technology Help Me With Managing Stress?

Technology helps me manage stress by keeping me organized for school, my website, emails, and financial records. Like I said before some people hate technology but I love it when it works. I couldn’t do what I do without technology.

How Does Technology Decrease Work Stress

Unfortunately, stress can be everywhere no matter where you go. Even in work stress can be there lurking around you. But did you know technology can help decrease stress at work? Technology can help by:

  • Keeping you more organized with a digital notebook and to-do list

  • Syncing your calendar events across devices

  • Keeping the most important things at your fingertips

Later in the article, I will talk about the tools that I currently use to help me manage everyday stress. If you are anything like me then these tools will be a game-changer for you.

10 Ways To Relieve Stress With Technology

These are some of the best ways to use technology to relieve stress.

  1. Keep track of expenses

  2. Play video games to escape reality

  3. Talk to friends and family via social media/Skype or Zoom

  4. Listen to music/podcast

  5. Read or listen to an audiobook on your kindle or phone

  6. Workout on Beachbody on Demand

  7. Watch Netflix/Hulu/Youtube videos

  8. Organize your computer with all in one app like Notion

  9. Write in a digital online journal to vent

  10. Keep a digital to-do list

How Does Technology Decrease Stress?

Technology can decrease stress by:

  • Keeping you up to date with events happening on your calendar

  • Having a digital to-do list that recurs task automatically for you so you don’t have to rewrite the list the next day

  • Organizing emails so you can find stuff quicker in your inbox

  • Technology can also help you keep a digital notebook or a journal to write down your thoughts and feelings so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

  • Another way technology can help you reduce stress is by giving you online workout programs especially in these uncertain times during the pandemic.

The Best Mobile Apps To Help Manage Stress And Anxiety

Mint Budget App

I don’t know about you but managing your finances is hard for me. But not with the Mint Budget app because it gives you an overview with all of your attached bank accounts in one place. Say goodbye to having to log into multiple different accounts.

Plus kiss those late bill payments goodbye because the Mint app can remind you when your bill is due. Do you want to know what I find funny? The bank wants you to put your money in their bank and if you miss a bill payment they ding you a fee. Seems logical… not. Shouldn’t the biller charge you extra for late payment and not the bank?

The only thing I find annoying about the Mint app is that they do tend to change the interface of the mobile app from time to time. Some of those times make it look very ugly and unusable. Which can cause some stress if you use it a lot like me?

Blue Mail

Blue Mail is an all-in-one email app that makes managing all of your email accounts in one place easy. I have so many different email accounts it’s not even funny. That’s what happens when you run your own business.


However, I do have to warn you that their windows 10 app is pretty slow so if you are anything like me. You might want to stay away from it and you are better off at sticking to the windows 10 mail app.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do

Just between you and me, it makes me nuts that my mom sits down every morning and writes down her never-ending to-do list. A lot of them just move from one list to another. She cuts them and tapes them to another list.


I am not criticizing my mom at all or at least I am not trying to. But what I like about the Microsoft To-Do list app is that I can move my tasks from one list to another easily. I can also set up recurring tasks once and forget it. Then when the time comes to deal with that task it reminds me.

My mom doesn’t really like technology and I do get that at times. But perhaps the reason why she always stresses is that she has one big to-do list on paper that never ends, but splitting it up into a Microsoft to-do list might help because you can manually add the most important tasks to the today tab.


notion app


I don’t currently have a review about Notion yet but it will be published soon. Notion is an all-in-one app that lets you keep all of your important stuff at your fingertips. You could put your calendar, bookmarks, or anything that your heart desires in there.


However, I wouldn’t put your finance stuff in the app because they don’t have encryption in the app. So basically you would be at risk of people looking at personal information if someone hacked your account. I currently keep everything I bookmark from the web in Notion so I can go back to reread an article or just use it as a bookmarking sync service.


Google Calendar

google calendar

I know people that have mixed feelings about Google because of privacy concerns. But their calendar app is a must-have for me. I love being able to just see all of my events in one place without having to carry a regular calendar with me.

I am more prepared that way for my next public speaking or podcast event. Just knowing that everything syncs make it a lifesaver.

Zoho Notebook

zoho notebook

Are you tired of running out of space in just a regular spiral notebook? Think about how many trees someone had to chop down just to make that notebook. Zoho Notebook is hands down the best notebook app that syncs across devices.

You will get unlimited notes/notebooks in the app. You can even record notes for free using their built-in recording feature. Plus the best part about it is it’s free. For a while, I was using it as a bookmarking tool but then I decided to take some marketing courses. So then I decided to use it for all of my class notes.


Cold Turkey

Perhaps you might remember not long ago I have written a review about Cold Turkey. This app is always in my virtual tool-belt because social media can get very distracting for me. Cold Turkey lets me set a daily duration of any time I choose.

Seven days a week I only allow 60 minutes of social media per day. That way I don’t spend all day on it.



Have you heard about block scheduling? Well if you haven’t it’s where you schedule a certain amount of time for a particular task. Once you have reached that certain amount of time on that task you are done with that task for that day.


Let me tell you TimeTune has simplified my Google Calendar. I use to put all of my blogging, podcasting, and marketing schedules all in one app. Maybe for some people, it’s not a problem but for me, my brain was overwhelmed I couldn’t figure out when I had a free moment.


Using the word clustered to describe this type of mess is an understatement. TimeTune connects to my Google Calendar so it can sync my events on my calendar to the app. Then I plan my other stuff around the events like podcasting, blogging, marketing, relaxing time, and working out.



I want to leave you with something to think about. After reading this article do you think technology increases or decreases stress? Let me know in the comments below.


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