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CrazyFitnessGuy® Healthy Living Podcast - Million Dollar Speaking Strategy With Tucker Bearden &...

It’s a 2-day virtual intensive that Marshal will be streaming from my cabin in Whitefish, MT... Breaking down the Million Dollar Speaker Secrets that has generated more than $124MM for his clients since 2018... by leveraging public speaking & hosting events.

Marshal will be deep-diving into the frameworks, formulas, and strategies that have taken him more than a decade to perfect, and the same exact ones he will be giving you over this 2 day virtual intensive.

Key Take-Aways From The Episode

Who is the Million Dollar Speaking Strategy For?
What will people get out of attending Million Dollar Speaking Strategy?
Who is Marshal Gillen

About The Guest

Ive spent the last 5 years helping “regular everyday people” become the greatest version of themselves by overcoming imposter syndrome, breaking through their biggest limitations, and create an unstoppable mindset of success.


I went from 5x college dropout, drug addict, alcoholic, divorced, homeless, and attempted suicide...

To multiple six figure earning, award winning, Guinness world record holding, transformational storytelling and global inspiration.

After a lifetime of being bullied... I tried to commit suicide at 23.

When I woke up in the ER... I was so ashamed, and so embarrassed, that I never ever told anyone.

Then four years later, I lost my very best friend to suicide.

I always wondered if me sharing my story with him could have saved his life?

Now I’m on a mission to save a billion lives who save a billion lives with the power of vulnerability and storytelling.

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