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July 28, 2022

The Surprising Truth About Essential Oils: How They Changed My Life With Scott Manduck

The Surprising Truth About Essential Oils: How They Changed My Life With Scott Manduck

If you're like most people, you think of essential oils as a way to make your home smell nice. But did you know that they can also be used to improve your health? In this interview, Scott will share the surprising truth about essential oils and how they changed his life. Listen now to learn more!



Key Take-Aways From The Episode

  1. What are essential oils?
  2. How essential oils helped with Scott's wife?
  3. What are the benefits of essential oils?



About The Guest


Scott Life is a School, and his family has become an advocate for self-directed health care & prevention for people around the world. Our family has gone through major health challenges over the past 10+ years and has truly opened our eyes to more of a holistic approach to how to reduce inflammation through diet, doTERRA essential oils 



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Jimmy Clare


Jimmy Clare: Welcome to another episode of Crazy Fitness Guys Healthy Living podcast. I got my friend Scott, who's going to be talking about some, essential oils today, and one of my favorites personally, and he, has a unique story to tell us. 


Scott Manduck: We talk it's a little bit more than essential oils. It's natural wellness journey that we've been on the past eleven years and how this even came to be, really, because a lot of people don't even know essential oils even exist.  


So that's one, two is not all essential. oils are created equally. And we came up across this, that has really, truly helped my wife specifically and our family more ways than you can ever imagine.  


And I firmly believe that these essential oils and what we're doing on a day-to-day basis is truly what has kept my wife alive. It's been an emotional journey, that's for sure. And I liked, have fun and all that sort of stuff. But all seriously, this is something that we need to think about.  


We need to talk about natural wellness and stop and think about all the medications that we're taking on a day-to-day basis to mask all these ailments that we're dealing with, especially with the world that we're in right now, is the emotional and mental and physical trauma that people are dealing with on top of what they're doing before 2020 even came to be. It's just phenomenal.  


It blows my mind in. And that's where it really began for me. Literally eleven years ago.  


I ran my own business for the past 18 years now in printing and marketing and staff. And I have my own building, I have staff, overseas. And this is where none of that really matters when you don't have your health and your loved ones are dealing with health issues.  


And this is where that Pivot really took us. It has been a phenomenal Pivot because I've learned so much over the past eleven years of this journey. And it really started even before essential oils, man.  


It really started with, seeing all these different practitioners where you go from blood work to blood work, to MRIs, to cascans, to neurologists, to, chiropractors massage therapists, to acupuncture to Chinese doctors, and then different varieties of different chiropractors.  


And then you're seeing different dentists because we know our teeth have a lot to do with our body. And it's tiring, it takes a lot on a person's body. 


Jimmy Clare: Right, I can agree with that because, I have one too many doctors myself. I have one for my ears. For ears, nose and throat. nothing wrong with my throat, but just my ears. 


Jimmy Clare: I Had a bad ear when I was, born. I eventually, became deaf in my right ear which is really fun. And basically all I could pronounce people's names was Bah because I couldn't hear anything else. And luckily for me, I was smart enough to point out everything that I wanted or needed.  


But yes, it really did stink. And I had that doctor. I see a dentist. I see a Orthdantist I had braces. I think, it was sometime in middle school and high school, I think. 


Scott Manduck: Matt Damon. Smile, buddy. 


Jimmy Clare: Yeah, I hope so. 


Jimmy Clare: Then I also got, what other doctors do I see? It's not even four. The list just goes on and on. I cut back on some of my doctors over the years, but still a handful. 


Scott Manduck: Absolutely. And I'm not saying that we don't need our doctors. What I'm saying is we need to pay attention, be mindful of who we're seeing, what are we seeing them for, and are they truly talking and trying to figure out what your ailments are and to try to get you back to a place, without feeding medication as much as possible.  


Because we get to this in society all the time, and it's happened with us in our family a lot, is they don't know exactly what they're dealing with, which is normal. That's why doctors are so amazing, is they really try to figure out what that is.  


But through that journey, it's prescriptions nonstop on top of each other in our body that really set my wife's health in a spiral down. And that's what we started really learning is over so many years of this happening is she was dealing with a lot of inflammation.  


She was dealing with leaky gut and with inflammation, we found a cool book by Dr. Amy Myers. It's called the Autoimmune solutions. And I'm not saying that she has an autoimmune disease or anything like that, but the big part about this book was how you deal with inflammation, with the foods that you eat and the liquids that you put into your mouth.  


Because we know that food is medicine, and we know that there's a lot of foods out there that do not serve our bodies well. And once we started getting to a lot of this inflammation in her body, where she had migraines, she had eye pressure, she had neck tension, headaches, migraines, and swelling.  


This in her neck, she had joint pain. She had when you sleep on your arm, and then your arm comes out of it for about 6,8,10 seconds, and it's all tingly, but it's, like, super painful. That was my wife's entire body for years, right? 


 So going through different nutritionists and all these different things, no one could figure out what the heck was going on our body. So, once we're able to reduce the inflammation in her body through food, that, there really reduced that tingling in her body by about 90%.  


But why did it take seven years for us to do our own research to get to this? And that's why I like to talk about it as self directed healthcare, because it was truly self directed by us saying enough is enough. And it took, a neurologist to say, well, this all has to be in your mind. You need to go see a psychiatrist.  


It's like, no, this is not in my mind. For me not to be able to walk up a flight of stairs like a normal human being, that's a problem. There's something else going on. So that was kind of the trigger for us to say, okay, we're on our own here. We need to start digging into some research on our own. So, we turn to Doctor Google and Doctor Facebook, and she just jumped in, right?  


And we found that it really did help her quite a bit with that. So inflammation is definitely a real thing that we need to be conscious of. And if you are dealing with chronic pain, chronic illness, chronic whatever it may be, do some research on inflammation.  


Because we know that 80% of ailments in North America alone are from inflammation in our body. So, if we can reduce that naturally, that's naturally going to give us a longer lifespan, a little bit more of a jolly life. 


Jimmy Clare: So how does inflammation, how does it occur in the body? 


Scott Manduck: It's with inflammation food. So give me an example, one that I'm not a big fan of tomatoes anyways, but that's just me. But my wife used to love tomatoes. She's half German, right? So, tomatoes are one of those foods that are high on the inflammation list when it comes from just vegetables, right?  


So, there's fat, there's legumes, there's kale. There is a lot of different nuts like almonds and stuff like that. These are high inflammation, high oxalate foods, which if you're dealing with some of these issues, it's just going to Google type in high information foods.  


Look at it, right? I'm not saying that I'm a doctor and I'm going to cure you. What I'm saying is be curious, right? Self educate is get in there on yourself and go, okay, what am I feeling?  


And then she gets to a point where she's eating some foods where the nutrition says, oh, you need to go vegan or you need to go vegetarian, or you need to do this. The problem is doing those things for her almost killed her, right?  


So, when she was eating food, she felt like she was drunk. Like literally, she had like ten beers. That's a problem that her body is just not dealing with those foods properly. So then we start going through all those different hoops and we started figuring out that she had a root, two root canal done about six years ago. And this brought us down our next rabbit hole.  


And it was inflammation, also bacteria base that had to do with bacteria in our, body. And we didn't know where all this stuff was coming from. So we started turning to she kept on back to the dentist. And we found this documentary in Doctor Facebook.  


And it's called the root cause. That's the name of the documentary. It used to be on Netflix, and it got pulled from Netflix. A little bit of, I don't want to say conspiracy theory, but the dental association was not too happy with it, let's put it that way.  


But look into this sort of stuff. It's kind of leading edge, but it's kind of down the middle of western medicine, holistic medicine. But that was probably the biggest rabbit hole that we went down that gave her the most amount of benefit. And when you have a root canal.  


They don't tell you much about this sort of stuff. When they remove the tooth and the actual nerve, they put a screw and we know this part, but what we don't know in a lot of those cases is that they leave a small little gap at the end of that screw, which is a small area that's in your jaw that's warm and moist all the time, and it's a green ground for bacteria.  


We didn't know this for five and a half years, so we had this special scan done that actually looks for bacteria in your mouth and know, behold exactly where those two root canals were just filled with bacteria.  


And then we were doing our research, said, oh, you need to find a new holistic dentist. I'm like, what the heck is it a holistic dentist? That's the thing. Okay. That's exactly what I said. Come on. She's like, okay, go to Google. Holistic dentist near me. Click. It's like, Holy crap, there are 47 different ones near me.  


Are you kidding me? So we just started climbing them, and we had those two teeth holistically removed. And the funny part is that when she had those two teeth removed, literally, that night was the first time in years.  


No neck pain, eye pressure was gone, migraines were gone, headache was gone. The tingling was like, 99% gone. Just by removing, those two teeth. Right? In that documentary, this is the part that blew my mind. And this is the research that they did.  


This is them doing the research, not me, is that women that have breast cancer 70% to 75% of women that have breast cancer have removed canal on the same side. Think about that number. Like Jimmy. That's insane. 


Jimmy Clare: Yeah, it is. Why? I wish I didn't pull that, because I would have watched it. 


Scott Manduck: It's on YouTube right now. It's on YouTube right now. I think it's $5. So they had that many views that they ended up charging for it. Put it that way. Right. So, for $5, it's a great watch.  


It's very educational on how much your teeth really do affect your body in going through this. And all those different practitioners that we are seeing, they always said to my wife, well, your liver is not functioning properly.  


It's not working properly. They kept on going, on. And there's a Chinese, wheel that they have. It's a diagram on what teeth are connected to what organs. Lo and behold, those two exact two teeth are the two teeth that are connected to our liver today.  


Her liver is starting to work properly. Why is that? Right. That's how twisted and amazing and crazy and how our body is designed to heal itself. We just need to give, it the right tools.  


And this is where we are introduced to essential oils at that, moment in time. And we started using oils for oil pulling and stuff like that. I was not a big fan at the beginning of it, that is for sure. I was very skeptical.  


I'm like, get this booboo crap out of here. What the heck's an oil going to do? And that is typically in the industry, probably 80% to 90% of the people, which is okay until you have a moment where it's like, what?  


And how it's helped you and where it's relieved and helped support those ailments. It's like no other. It really chops up to where pure therapeutic create essential oils.  


How they are distilled, how they're made, and how you use them truly does matter. And we had this moment, which I remember, like, it was literally last night, and this was a few years back. It was late at night.  


It was around 11: 30 at night. And I was watching a movie, and my wife was in the bath where she typically has an absence salt bath at night. Dealt with some of the detoxing. And my two kids are asleep, and I hear someone crying. I'm like, what the heck?  


This is weird. So I run up the stairs and I check on my son. Ryan okay. No, he's asleep. Check out my daughter Caitlin. No, she's asleep. I go into our bedroom now and behold my wife's on, basically in fetal position, the end of our bed, bawling, in tears, in pain.  


And I'm like, what in the heck is going on? And at that moment, I'm like, I'm going to call the ambulance. And she's like, no, just give me a second. I'm thinking to myself, well, every second matters here. This is what we kind of like, we've been told and feet over our head so many times.  


I'm like, no, I'm just going to call the ambulance. And by the time they get here, if everything's okay, then we'll just send them away. Just give me a second, okay? And beside our bedside, we have some carrier oil and some essential oils there. And being a typical male, we know this. We typically don't listen a lot to our wives.  


There's like a small percentage. Like, if they say something, you remember ten to 20% of it, if that right. And I'm lucky that I remembered the carrier oil with the oil because it was really early on in my ages time with essential oils. So anyways, I grabbed the carrier oil and I squeezed into my hand and went all over me, all over the floor.  


And I grabbed the lemongrass. I grabbed the lavender. I was rubbing on her belly and on her back. I'm like, so am I calling the ambulance or what's going on? And she's like, just give me a second. It took about 45 seconds or a minute, and then she sat up. And I'm like, what the heck? I'm like, are you okay?  


And she's like, I think so. And I'm a little bit of a jokester right and I go, so did you too? And she's like, no. Why would you say that? I go, I don't know, maybe it's gas pains. What the heck, man? Don't forget what I mean.  


And it was one of those things. And then I stepped back. I'm like, wait a second, did the oils actually do something? I was just sitting there, and it was literally like it felt like it was hour, but it was only like another minute or so.  


And I signed up. I'm like, maybe the oils did something. It's just like, what oils did you use? And then we started talking about it. And my wife is also sent text. A little bit of background on science and biology is kind of her thing, which was not my thing at the time. And I'm like, so how does that work?  


I put oils on you. A minute or so later we're having a conversation like, what the heck? And it was one of those AHA moments, man. Like, I was a little bit emotional at that time and it was like, I need to make some shifts here. 


 And changes in my mindset on how holistic medicine can help support our bodies and what we do here in our household, for our family and for our kids. Like, we have a cold.  


OK, we're going to go get some antibiotics. OK, you know what? I'm feeling a little foolish. I have a headache. I'm going to grab some Tiny and Advil and just keep on popping the ibuprofen. That was our thing. I'm like, so if that stopped us from going from emerge, what else can I do?  


Can it help truly support our body system? Can it do it? And so I went on a little bit of a rampage researching like a madman. And I found that essential oils within 20 seconds reach your brain. Within approximately two minutes, it's in your blood. Within 20 minutes, approximately, it's in every cell in your body. I was like, are you kidding me?  


So, you saying that essential oils can actually truly get into the cells of our body? Now I'm thinking, wait a second. Most medications we take are water based. And if we know that our cells are oil based, how can medication get into the cells to help beat up some of the viruses and something that they were dealing with? 


I was like, come on, it can't be true. So the more research I did, it is true. I was like, what? Okay. I'm like, so if aromatherapy, which is what we have here, is a thing, what I breathe in matters. What I put on my skin matters, and what I take internally matters.  


That means all the toxins and chemicals that we use to clean is actually truly chemicals and toxins in our body that it needs to detox.  


It's like, what? It's like, come on. So I grabbed my two kids, they grabbed my wife and grabbed every cleaning solution we had in the house. Shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, toothpaste, floors, tiles, the fridge, the stove, the wind decks, the ferries, the little candles you put in the walls.  


We took all that, put it on the table. I'm like, so you're telling me that all of this is 100% chemical and this is building up in my system and over time I could develop different Ailments from this stuff? Why weren't we taught this? Why don't we talk about this? You know enough that chemicals are bad for us? 


Jimmy Clare: I think I know the reason, right? They make money. 


Scott Manduck: Absolutely. But it's cheap and it's efficient. It's cheap, it's efficient and it's a money thing, right? Most people do, they read the front of the bottle. They go natural, clean, organic, or fresh, whatever. 


Jimmy Clare: It's just natural. 


Scott Manduck: Yeah, but even then you turn around and says fragrance and then all the different chemical constituents in them. It's like, what the heck? 


Jimmy Clare: None of those things are natural. 


Scott Manduck: And that's the thing when we start going down this, our body naturally wants natural things. I keep on saying this to the audience and to the podcast and to my family. It's like, if our body keeps on wanting natural things, why are we feeding all these chemicals day in and day out?  


And we wonder why we're bodies are not repairing; they're not healing themselves. And we're feeling like garbage. I'm knocking myself in the head like I'm such an idiot. This is still in front of us, but none of us pay attention to it. It's like going through the drive through McDonald's three times a day. We do it because it's convenient and easy, right? If that was there was eating me. 


Jimmy Clare: You are kind of tricked because how many commercials people see on TV, you see all these commercials, where this is a natural product, and they always say, hey, look at that person's smile. Look, that thing can make that person's teeth white and everything. And you want that.  


But they trick you in these schemes on like how long is a regular commercial? Like what? 15, 20 seconds? And they kind of manipulate you into thinking, hey, here's this, amazing, product. and if you order now, you can get one and get one half off. Or here's a free one for you. 

Scott Manduck: Yeah, absolutely. the first 5 seconds is pitching what I can do for you. And then the last three quarters of it is all the side effects of what that is. 


Jimmy Clare: Think about heart attack. 


Scott Manduck: It's just mind blowing. But we fall for it all the time. So I have chronic migraines. This is going to fix your migraines. But you can get all these leaky guts, cancer, all these, other issues. But you don't worry about that because it's fixing your migrant. It's like, hello people. Wake the heck up, man.  


And that was one of those moments where that all clicked in for me. And since then, it was kind of like, we're in. We're getting rid of everything on that table was recycled that day, and we have not looked back. We basically make our own cleaning solutions. Vinegar and water and essential oils, which are antibacterial.  


You're going to have to do better jobs. Yeah, there's times, man. It's better for us, it's better for the environment, and it's way cheaper. Why wouldn't I do it? To me, it just makes sense. It’s just people don't know how to clean naturally.  


So, to create these little DIYs, it's super important for people to do that. And aromatherapy just that part of it alone, people dealing with emotional and mental trauma issues, we know aromatherapy can help support your mood.  


It affects us on the cellular level, what you smell in. So, if you're smelling citrus, like wild orange or lemon or green mandarin or grapefruit or mixtures of these, we know that when it hits your frontal lobe, it's actually going to help lift your mood at the chemical level in your body.  


We know this from a science. So instead of using fabrize or candles that are all fragrance, which is all chemicals, which is tricking you that you're smelling lavender or say, to help you sleep or help support your sleep, it's not lavender.  


It's all chemical. And you're actually bringing in chemical, and you're tricking your mind, but you're getting all those chemicals in your body now. Detox right? So that's the difference in what's out there. And then you look at the different essential oils that are on the marketplace.  


95% of them are adulterated. What does that mean? They have chemicals, they have pesticides, they have fillers in them. So they can actually sell a ball of peppermint for like $5. Like peppermint essential oil, a pure therapeutic grade essential oil.  


One drops equivalent of 2017. Their peppermint. There's not even a comparison because only maybe one drop in that entire bottle could be pure peppermint. That's the problem. That's the problem in the industry that people don't realize going to buy them from Walgreens or Walmart or the health store.  


And it says right on the bottle, do not take peppermint internally for aromatic use only. Think about that. Peppermint essential oil you can take internally as long as it's the right brand of essential oil.  


And that is the difference between therapeutic oils and medicinal oils to help support your body versus all the fragrance, crappy stuff out there that people think that they're being healthy with and they're not.  


They're adding more toxins into their body. And I'm so passionate about that because if I use those oils at my wife, at her worst possible time, that could have produced a lot of unwanted issues and could have set her off in a way that would not be good. And that's, why using. 


Scott Manduck: Pure potent therapeutic oils is so, so important, and that's why we advocate so hard and so importantly to educate people. We lead with education.  


And if you don't lead with education when you're trying to help yourself and help your body and help your friends and family, it's not going to go well, because you're going to be taking more toxins and chemicals into your body that need to detox if your body is already in fight or flight mode. It's going to be hard, man. It's going to be hard. 


Jimmy Clare: Speaking of AHa moments, I actually had an AHA moment with the essential oils too. I get really bad allergies, mostly during in the summer months. But then there's times where during the winter months where I kind, of have allergies, depending on how bad it, is. And I'm allergic to pollen.  


And so it really mother Nature, hates me. Maybe, it's the other way around where I hate Mother Nature, period, because I live in the nice cold, weather of Pennsylvania during the, winter months. okay, I lied. I really hate Mother Nature.  


But my high moment was, I tried every single allergy medication, on the shelf, and even the strong algae medications behind the shelf and the pharmacist. And I went through Zyrtec, Claritin, the strong kinds of the other ones. Allegra D is probably a lot more than that, but I tried them.  


And guess what? there's a few summers where some of them work. Like, I might take them, starting before the summer, so I can just build up. And sometimes they work. Well, it wasn't this year, but last year I found out none of them worked.  


They didn't work at all in that year. It didn't work in the fall. My eyes were all puffy and red. People thought I had like, pink eye and everything else. And it's like, well, you have germs. I was like, what?  


Do I look that bad? And yeah, you look like crap. And I'm really, so glad that people really think I look like crap. I appreciate it. So I did some research, like Scott, and I, found an essential oil, recipe for allergies. I forgot the recipe off, the top of my head. I saved it somewhere. 


Scott Manduck: Those three combined. You put one drop in a veggie. Capsule that will help support seasonal threats. 


Jimmy Clare: Well, this one is a roller. 


Scott Manduck: You put those three in a rollerball, same thing. 


Jimmy Clare: I think it might have been peppermint. I, could be wrong. I had to look after this, but I'm not really sure. Like I said, I said, I don't remember where I put it. I should put all my stuff on one place.  


This past summer, I've been using it on and off and sometimes during the fall. Right now, until the leaves fall off this tree, I've been using it and my eyes never got puffy. I still sneeze occasionally, but that could be from the dust inside my house.  


It's not dusty, but anyway, it could be from the dust. Could be just still some allergies. But, it's not like, oh, I'm rubbing my eyes and my eyes are tearing. It was so bad last year. I was like, people just like, comment, holy crap, jimmy, are you sick?  


And you don't look so good. And he's like, thank you. I appreciate your kind words to me. But, yeah, these essential oils has, helped me with sleeping, very well, because I have all these ideas racing, in my head at night. I use lavender every single night, or cedar wood. But I find these essential oils to be useful.  


And it's funny. Some of my family members like to joke, around with me about them. It's like, oh, there's for girls. They don't work. witchcraft. 


Scott Manduck: I get the same thing. A lot of women use them, right? And when they see guys do it, it's kind of like it kind of gives you that look. It's like, hey, man. It's helped me, literally, and my family be not sick for four and a half years.  


We haven't had any cold spoons or anything, for four and a half years. You can call me whatever the heck you want. I'm not getting sick. How are you doing? 


Jimmy Clare: It also helped me get rid of pimples on my, face that my brother would like to point out to me. Jimmy, you have a rash on your face. And I was like, thank you. Now he's asking me for tips. And I was like, your face looks much better than mine. And it's like, clearer. 


Scott Manduck: We have an oil for that. 


Jimmy Clare: Yeah. Now everybody wants my opinion. I'm not expert. 


Scott Manduck: We have a team with doing all this and helping our whole family through this. It's been one of those things now where we've helped ourselves to a certain point and got into a livable life.  


That where before she could barely walk up the stairs. So now we're doing bike rides and baby tin and hiking and stuff like this, where now we turn it into we need to educate more people on this. 


 And we now have a team literally worldwide that help advocates and help others with self directed health care and using essential oils safely, effectively, and coming up with different blends for different things and how to use them in a diffuser just to help support their bodies and, their kids.  


They're safe for kids. And it's just helping them through these things. We've got an international team for it. So it's great. 


Jimmy Clare: So I have a question for you. In your opinion, I know you're not an expert, neither am I. But what do you think of. 


Jimmy Clare: The reason why people are not really into essential oils is because, it's not FDA approved? 


Scott Manduck: that's a great question. I think it's a twofold question. One is one is there's a lot of people that believe that if it's not on the FDA, that you shouldn't be using it? That's one. Two is those people are not dealing with ailments, that are outside of Western manners, can control.  


And they haven't had the experience or the belief with somebody in their circle that has helped them. That's from my personal experience doing this for the last few years, in that space. 


I think the second one, which is even more important, which is even bigger, I think, than that, because I don't think that's a large number of people, I think it's the lack of education.  


A lot of people don't even know essential oils exist. And when people think of essential oils, like, oh, that smells pretty, that's all it is. Like, oh, that one smells like lavender, it's so beautiful. Yeah. But you don't understand what lavender can truly do for you.  


And that's where the lack of education of what oils, essential oils in different blends, different single oils, can do to help support your body and different ailments. And it's much bigger than what people think.  


Our company is three and a half billion dollars in company right now. We have over a billion customers. so it's not a small company. It's not a small thing.  


More people are catching onto it because they're trying to understand that holistic medicine, it's a much better way of living in life because you're preventing ailments from happening.  


So it gets you out of the place where you could potentially going to the clinic, to the hospital for all these small little ailments and letting our Western medicine frontline workers do what they do best on the people that truly do need those surgeries, or those you've gotten a car accident or your arms hanging off or whatever it may be.  


That is truly what we need to get back to where Western medicine and holistic is an integrated medicine to let them do what they do best and let holistic medicine what they do best. And once we get to that point, it's going to be pretty amazing.  


And there's a stat out there right now that only 2% of the United States use essential oils. 2%. That's a small number and it's already a three point something billion dollar company. Right. 


Jimmy Clare: there's people missing a lot. 


Scott Manduck: Absolutely. And this is, why I get, so excited. I'm so excited that you and I are talking on the podcast today. Because we want to help more people understand of the possible life that they could be living. And the abundance that they can have from using essential oils and proper supplementation. Proper enzymes. Proper probiotics that are not filled with pesticides and fillers and synthetics and all this sort of stuff.  


Where people are buying all their supplements from Costco because they can get a bottle that is this big for $9. Well, think about that, people. What you're getting is, yes, it does say multivitamin on there. Yes, it does.  


You're right. That can be fed with wood chips, literally. Right. How's that vitamin tasting? 


Jimmy Clare: Is it truly tasty? 


Scott Manduck: But are you getting the benefits of that multivitamin? And are you actually helping your body or are you actually now adding more toxins for your body to detox? And it becomes that conversation quite frequently.  


And then once they try something that's different, that goes, wow, I have so much more energy. I must understand why I was taking a multivitamin of these other supplements for the last 15 years.  


And they don't realize the difference until they go, I'm sleeping better, I'm having a lucid sleep. I have so much energy. I don't feel foggy in the morning when I wake up. It's a real life thing once you see the other side of it. Right. And that's what we do. 


Jimmy Clare: Well, yeah. It's funny about what you just said about the supplements. 


Jimmy Clare: Before I moved, into media studies, in my college, in my major, I was in the personal training major. and I had to take a nutrition course, basic nutrition. But my teacher, she had this person in our class volunteer to put one of her supplements, into I forgot what she was using.  


I think, it was like vinegar or something or dissolving solution. So she put it in this cup, filled it up, so she put it in the back of the room until the end of class to see if it dissolved. Right. Well, after I think it was an hour long class, and after an hour, guess what, you know where that supplement ended up? Didn't move an inch, didn't dissolve, didn't do anything. 


Scott Manduck: That's happening in your stomach. 


Jimmy Clare: Yeah. It's not dissolving in your stomach, it's. 


Scott Manduck: It’s going… 


Jimmy Clare: To sit in your stomach. And it's like, I feel full. Yeah, that's probably why you feel full. 


Scott Manduck: Exactly. And it comes out like full at the other end. But that's the majority of supplements that are out there. And that's why we talk about absorption rate and all this sort of fun stuff.  


And it's kind of cool. It's phenomenal when you get the true benefits of the supplements and the enzymes and getting the benefits of natural Mother Nature gets. And that's what it's all about. 


Jimmy Clare: Well, here's another fun fact. Anybody can literally create their own protein, powder. I learned this awesome. I think it was also my nutrition course, too. We watched a, video where anybody could easily create a protein powder.  


All you have to do is come up with a label, stick it on the bottle, hey, look, it's protein powder. 


Scott Manduck: And that happens more often than not, right? 

Jimmy Clare: Yeah. Where can people learn, more about these essential oils? I, know there's a lot of Google searches, but I know you have Google and you have Facebook, but how do you know which one is the best essential oils versus, the impostors? 


Scott Manduck: exactly. So what we know in the industry is that 95% of essential oils in the market are adulterated. So that means if you're going to Walmart, you're going to Walgreens, you're going to the health store.  


Just turn the bottles around and they'll tell you right on the back of the bottles if you can take and I use the baseboard, like peppermint and lemon and stuff like that.  


If you can take them internally or not. If they say no right off the hop, that's a huge red flag. Don't even think about going there and don't even use those.  


You can reach out to me. I can give, you a bunch of information, a bunch of studies. you just reach out to me. [email protected], I can definitely help you out there. Or just, [email protected], I can help guide you, direct you, and we can even do like, a wellness consult.  


I know it's kind of we're having a podcast now, but we can have like a mini 15 to 20 minutes phone call, review some things. And I can give you some ideas for you to research.  


And I can send you some videos of something that have different products that we've used with a whole bunch of other customers around the world and see what you think.  


We've already done a lot of that research and we can give you some more research and then you kind of decide on what you want to do and what you want to start with. We know that it works. My wife is living proof of it. She wouldn't be, here today. 


Jimmy Clare: I read in somewhere, I think, last year that some Doctor Pimple, Popper. I, forgot her name, but she kind of told one person who is influencer, some kind, of other person who was like an essential oil fanatic.  


And she's like, you're getting people false information and she wasn't telling. She's an expert. And I kind of get tired of people kind of just bashing other people just for what they do if they want to try do at your own risk, man.  


Scott are not experts, but we found something that works for us. And it's like, if it wasn't for essential oils, I probably would probably still be on a mood medication for my autism. And does it control my mood? That fluctuates? Sometimes. not every single day. But you can't always be happy, unless if you're on the medicine or you're smoking weed. 


Jimmy Clare: Hey, I see pretty colors. 


Scott Manduck: Yeah. But what we can tell you, though, we're not scientists, we're not doctors. But what I can tell you is that we have the purest oils in the world. What I can tell you is that we have thousands of testimonials of how oils have affected and changed people's lives for the better that maybe means something to you.  


How many testimonials do you get when you walk into the doctor's office you have a pole, and they give you a different flavor of antibiotics? Did they give you a big, long list of testimonials and of oh, yes, it helps with this, but here are the ten side effects that you just got from taking that antibiotic.  


No, they don't tell you that stuff. Right. That's the interesting part about this, is doing your research, people. I want you to be curious. I want you to do your education. And that's called that's self empowerment. And that's what we want for you.  


And what we do is we help direct you with that and help guide you with different oils that can help support your body. And you can do your own research, too. That's the best part. You can't get better than that. 


Jimmy Clare: My doctor, what I really like about him is that, he never said, like, oh, essentials oreos are stupid. He might not use himself, but this person has pretty much my whole entire life growing up in Pennsylvania, and he probably have heard bits and pieces of conversation over the years.  


I was taking this medication. I was taking this and taking that. I have a whole long list of medical history that was just messed up. I found something that just works for me. Unfortunately, I still use some annoying chemical products, but, at the moment, I'm hoping to eventually get rid of them. But I've been struggling with, some financial stuff. 


Scott Manduck: Right. We'll get you through that. Use your oils to clean it's going to save you a bunch of money and get rid of those chemicals, right? Yeah. We need a few drops. 


Jimmy Clare: Scott, you definitely have to give me some of these recipes after this. 


Scott Manduck: It's mind blowing. We use literally, I think, four oils to clean our entire house. Entire house. Literally, like, no joke. 


Jimmy Clare: Is that even possible? 


Scott Manduck: We've been doing it for years, my friend. Literally. Yeah. 


Jimmy Clare: Why didn't we meet earlier? 


Scott Manduck: I hear that a lot lately. It's so awesome that we can actually transform that. And my skin is like a billion times better than what it's ever been. And being a bald guy, you can see all the different blubbers that I used to have way back in the day.  


And I had black marks on the top of my head. All of them are gone. People think I have baby hands and I even mess around with some construction and stuff like that. And I beat the crap out of my hands. My hands are like babies.  


It's just so smooth. And it's just one of those jokes. Everyone makes jokes now. It's like, hey man, it's the oil, the supplements. It's no chemicals in the house. It all helps. 


Jimmy Clare: So before we wrap up, where can people follow you and find you and learn more about these amazing essential oils? 


Scott Manduck: The best place to reach me is probably on Facebook, which is just Scott manduck. If you want to go to the website, it's Scott if you want to get in touch with me and book a wellness consult, you can actually put that right on the website as well. And you go to the calendar and book a quick 15 to 20 minutes wellness consultant, at [email protected], as well. 


I'm here to help. I'm here to guide people. This is what I've been doing now for a full time, for a long, long time. So let's see what we can do to help more people get that ripple effect. 


Jimmy Clare: Would you be willing to come back for part two of this? 


Scott Manduck: let's do it. If I'm still here, buddy, I'm in. 


Jimmy Clare: We're both going to be here. What are you talking about? 


Scott Manduck: True story. 


Jimmy Clare: Oh, no, he's making jokes. What the heck? 


Scott Manduck: I really appreciate it. 

Scott Manduck

Life is a School, and my self and my family have become an advocate for self-directed health care & prevention for people around the world. Our family has gone through major health challenges over the past 10+ years and has truly opened our eyes to more of a holistic approach to how to reduce inflammation through diet, doTERRA essential oils