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Jan. 27, 2023

The Best Of CrazyFitnessGuy 2022

The Best Of CrazyFitnessGuy 2022

The Best of CrazyFitnessGuy 2022: An Epic Year in Review - Take a look back at all the amazing accomplishments last year. Get ready to be inspired and motivated!

The Best of CrazyFitnessGuy 2022: An Epic Year in Review - Take a look back at all the amazing accomplishments last year. Get ready to be inspired and motivated!



Key Take-Aways From The Episode


  1. what were crazyfitnessguy accomplishments?
  2. What were Jimmy Clare accomplishments?
  3. What is our goals for 2023?



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Jimmy Clare


00:35 What's up?

00:54 We're back, well, I'm back for another brand new episode of Crazy Fitness Guy Healthy Living

01:01 Podcast slash weekly motivation with Crazy Fitness Guy.

01:05 So before we dive into this episode, actually, I'll hold that off for one second.

01:14 Yeah, so to kick off this episode of this first episode of the live stream and podcast

01:22 for 2023, we're going to recap 2022 how some of our, well, mine and Crazy Fitness

01:35 Guy's greatest, a couple of accomplishments

01:39 Well, that's the whole, jist of this episode today, just to kick off the new year in a

01:45 motivated mood, et cetera, and we're going to keep this around 30, 40, 30-ish minutes

01:56 or 40-ish minutes or 30, whichever comes first.

02:03 So sit back, relax, and let's get motivated.

02:08 I mean, I'm already motivated.

02:10 All right, I started at 15, before we continue, I spent this week at 15 business tasks and

02:24 I'm down to 10.

02:27 I want to see if I can get down to nine before I go to karate tonight.

02:32 Maybe eight, I'm lucky.

02:33 Probably nine though.

02:36 Let's be realistic.

02:38 So and I just started back to this, my work year this past Monday and I started with 400

02:49 plus emails.

02:50 Yay.

02:51 And it's my first time ever not looking at my emails in two weeks.

02:58 That's impressive for me, to be honest, because in recent times I've sometimes taken a sneak

03:06 peek, but this time I actually made it possible that I didn't do it, which is awesome.

03:15 It felt good too.

03:16 Because when I came back, I was like delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete,

03:21 delete.

03:22 It was so much fun just deleting it all.

03:23 It was like garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage.

03:27 Oh, look garbage.

03:29 Okay, I'm sorry.

03:30 I got off a little topic, but it's Friday, it's three o'clock.

03:35 That's my first read back and just go with it.

03:38 It's who I am.

03:39 It's my personality.

03:40 So without further ado, just to kick it off and let's go to, sorry, okay, that's not working.

03:58 Oh, it is working.

04:01 My bad.

04:02 So if you want to follow me on social media, you can follow me at Jim McClure Speaker on

04:08 Facebook and Instagram and Jim McClure Speak on Twitter and 100 plus other platforms.

04:17 you can follow Crazy Fitness Guy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at Crazy Fitness Guy.

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04:38 So go check us out on Blast Radio and everywhere else that I just mentioned.

04:45 And once this podcast goes live, you can listen to it on Apple, Google, and Spotify and 100

04:53 plus other platforms, which would be probably legal to name all of them.

04:58 Or maybe not.

04:59 I'd love to make a joke.

05:01 Because since there are so many gosh darn laws around the internet, regarding the internet,

05:08 just regarding everything else, might as well.

05:15 So and if you want to help support us, consider subscribing to the premium podcast to get

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05:28 And don't wait because guess what?

05:30 The new premium podcast is coming out next Monday.

05:35 And in the past, it was I tried to get it out four days before the free podcast comes

05:46 out.

05:47 But now because it's the new year, I am doing it.

05:53 Oh, wait.

05:54 I think this deserves a special, just special reaction.

05:58 Are you ready?

06:01 Are you ready?

06:06 We're gonna do what I'm gonna do.

06:11 Starting next Monday when I publish the episode, it's gonna be a week the premium podcast is

06:18 gonna be out a week before the free podcast.

06:23 And the free podcast will be out the last week of January.

06:28 So you're welcome premium podcast subscribers, you'll get everything ahead of time before

06:35 the free podcast.

06:36 So you can enjoy everything that the free users will eventually get, but at a later

06:44 date.

06:45 So you got a whole week to listen to it.

06:49 And yeah, it's gonna be fun.

06:52 So go check that out.

06:57 And yeah, and also, I want to draw one other attention, one other small detail to you before

07:09 we dive into today's episode or show, whichever you prefer.

07:14 Let's go with that.

07:17 Before we jump in, I also want to point out that if you do see the link and bio page on

07:23 social media, there is a broken plan for the premium podcast, but I will be fixing that

07:34 this afternoon today, right after this.

07:38 So you can call me to that because I will do it.

07:42 I've already got five things off my business task list to do today.

07:51 Sorry.

07:52 I'm a little lost for words.

07:54 So let's dive into today's episode, shall we?

07:58 So in 2022, and I'm going off at no notes whatsoever because let's just say I made

08:08 a few mistakes with goals last year.

08:15 A lot of them were a little too, I mean, a little way out of reach, a little bit not

08:23 practical.

08:25 And I admit that.

08:26 So and let's just say I did not do a good job of tracking some stuff.

08:37 I mean, the website numbers, etc., whatever.

08:43 I'm not going to bore you into the details.

08:46 So in 2022, I was featured in 18 total publications, of various different sizes, some bigger than

09:03 others, but it's still great to be featured in multiple different publications, digital

09:12 or not so digital.

09:15 I mean, like paper wise, like magazines, etc.

09:21 So that was great.

09:25 Crazy Fitness Guy also, I don't know if I shared with anyone this, and if I did, you're

09:33 going to hear it again.

09:36 And Crazy Fitness Guy was honored among the 101 best fitness startup companies in Pennsylvania.

09:50 That was last year in February, if I'm not mistaken.

09:58 And so that's also up on the website.

10:01 It's under the awards page, which is also new, which was one of my tasks this week

10:07 to do.

10:09 And so Crazy Fitness Guy got that award, which was cool.

10:15 And I'm actually, Crazy Fitness Guy Healthy Living podcast has reached 1600 total downloads,

10:28 which is awesome, especially because I jumped two different hosting providers.

10:35 One due to personal reasons and two, the analytics was a little unhelpful, just a little.

10:49 What's an estimate of the number of subscribers?

10:53 How helpful is that?

10:56 It's not.

10:57 It's garbage.

10:58 So but and then so but just a little bit.

11:08 But because I jumped those two from those two platforms, the analytics don't come with

11:15 you.

11:16 So I had to get so I lost everything.

11:20 I mean, I would say lost everything, but I started back at zero.

11:25 So to be back at 1600 total downloads is amazing to me, especially because it took me I was

11:37 I started this podcast back in April 12, 2020.

11:45 So that means I was on that platform for two years.

11:57 Yeah, two years.

11:59 And it took me to get two years to get to 2000 total downloads.

12:07 Now I and it's only taken me only 10 months to get to 1600.

12:22 So a lot less sweet.

12:26 And I and the reason I paused was just that I was trying to match up the timeframe, etc.

12:32 I can think super fast.

12:37 I'm not the fastest thinker in the world.

12:40 Doesn't mean I'm not smart.

12:41 It just takes me a minute to figure stuff out, especially because I got a lot of thoughts

12:47 going on in this brain, which drives me sometimes crazy.

12:52 Hence the name crazy fitness guy.

12:54 And I'm wearing my swag crazy fitness guy sweatshirt, which you can also get in the

12:59 crazy swag shop.

13:01 And yes, I just did it from home.

13:04 Sorry.

13:05 But sorry, but not sorry.

13:08 So the next accomplishment that I well, this is a personal accomplishment.

13:18 I read 18 books.

13:20 And the wait, let me

13:28 sorry, I forgot.

13:30 I read I'm gonna go with the number 17 or 18 books from last year.

13:37 And I screwed I messed that up a little bit.

13:43 I was on the path to getting to 20 books, a little bit over 20 books last year, read.

13:53 However, it did not turn out so well because towards the end of the year, can you guess

14:00 what happened?

14:07 I got caught up in the last minute, the last few tasks of the year.

14:14 And when I took when I went on break on the 16th of December, I actually went I did a

14:25 few extra days of work to finish weren't full days, but just finishing up a few extra

14:32 projects that were and I set up a limit.

14:39 I had a rule for myself that whatever was started last year.

14:47 And I stopped and I came back to that's what I had to finish up for 2022.

14:54 And I had only two tasks left.

14:58 And I was not going to wait until the beginning of 2023.

15:01 Because I did not want to go into 2023 with two crappy tasks from 2022.

15:15 One of them was the rebranding, which wasn't too crappy, but it was just a lot of

15:21 platforms.

15:24 And then but the other one was just so tedious.

15:28 I didn't want to do I didn't want to wait for 2023 to do it because then I'll just put

15:34 it off again and again and again because it's not wasn't a fun task at all.

15:41 To be honest, I forget what the task was.

15:44 It was that tedious.

15:45 It was not that memorable.

15:49 And perhaps I maybe wanted to get make sure I didn't memorize it because I didn't because

15:54 I know I don't I don't want to do it again.

15:58 So way so that's how I ended my year, which I'll say eight of my book reading time, which

16:08 I could have probably still could have squeezed in.

16:11 But I was too focused on the tasks.

16:15 But this year, I mean, it's over 20 plus books.

16:20 Who wants to take that goal?

16:21 Who wants to take the bet with me?

16:22 Come on.

16:23 It's a friendly bet.

16:25 No money is involved.

16:26 Just just a friendly bet.

16:28 We can include a push-up challenge if you want.

16:33 I'm game.

16:34 Come on.

16:35 Let's go do it.

16:36 So yeah, you heard me right.

16:41 Yeah, I'm ready to challenge all of you.

16:47 So yeah, so my new goal for this year is to read 20 books.

16:53 I mean, I'm aiming for 20.

16:56 If I get over 20, that's great.

16:59 And so that's my but.

17:04 But before I tell you the goals of this year, let me go circle back again.

17:09 So that was my personal goal last year that I did it did not make it was it was attainable

17:14 because I was off by two or three.

17:19 Which is not too bad.

17:21 Just like in football, the lowest bias and I feel go.

17:28 It's not too bad.

17:31 Well, depending on if the team was good or not, I mean, etc.

17:40 Because if when you lose a very, very bad, supposedly bad team, it's kind of like you

17:46 guys got cocky on the field.

17:48 Sorry.

17:49 I'm just.

17:54 then my other accomplishments were.


18:05 is one of the accomplishments.

18:11 I have been I've been featured on a hundred and forty-four or told guest appearances on

18:20 podcast, etc.

18:23 And my goal was, you know, my you might laugh at this.

18:29 It was a little bit higher, but that was because I had as I was.

18:37 Looking for guest appearances every single day in the past years, but.

18:46 Now I break it up into different parts of the week.

18:49 But so I was off by.

18:54 I hate to admit this, but I was off by.

18:58 Fifty.

19:01 Four.

19:03 So my goal was two hundred.

19:09 I did not meet that clearly.

19:14 So my new goal for this year is to get on to another 40.

19:25 Which I think is doable because I did that last year or so and I've been looking for

19:36 podcast guest appearance so far all this week.

19:41 Sometimes here to here, Monday, maybe five here the next day, etc.

19:49 So I think it's doable.

19:51 And if I surpass it, great and.

19:56 And I'll take it.

19:57 And I get another hundred.

19:58 That's awesome, even cooler, too.

20:00 So I'll take that.

20:04 And what else did I accomplish last year?

20:11 18 publications.

20:14 I don't have a guest.

20:16 I did not do a very good job.

20:19 I did not have.

20:22 Well, I also completed and created more promos.

20:30 Social media for blog posts, the live streams, I rebranded everything.

20:38 And I recreated some of this stuff because.

20:42 One colleague of mine told me that less is more.

20:50 And there should be space on either side of the elements.

20:54 So that's not all shoved in together, butting heads and people's eyes was that I can't read

21:01 it.

21:02 So that was one of mine.

21:06 Bigger tasks towards the end of the year.

21:12 So I got that done.

21:13 I also.

21:14 I also found a new one.

21:21 Productivity tool, which can help me be more productive, which can help me be more productive.

21:30 And if you don't believe me, go check out sidekick web browser.

21:34 It's a really cool tool.

21:35 And this is no, it's not a promo for them.

21:39 But I was kind of.

21:47 Out of sorts when I did not have another all-in-one tool so I can have all my apps

21:57 in one place or I should say app.

22:00 All my websites I use in one place and by websites, I mean all the tools and functionalities

22:07 and everything else that makes crazy fitness guy crazy business guy, except for the crazy

22:12 part and I wanted something that I can easily get to.

22:18 So I then just, hey, let's go on YouTube and watch cat videos all day.

22:24 In My case, I love dogs.

22:29 And.

22:30 What's the other accomplishment?

22:35 I think I finished a workout program last year.

22:50 It was called six weeks of the work and six weeks of the prep.

22:57 And I finished those two workout programs and.

23:06 I also got my high green belt in karate and I got my first stripe on my high green belt.

23:12 So I'm excited about that.

23:16 Oh, I almost forgot.

23:20 And I also got to be on the oh, can I say it yet?

23:27 Oh, OK.

23:28 Yeah, I'm going to say I was a guest appearance on Avatar, the Last Airbender.

23:36 They have a podcast.

23:38 So and I got to meet Janet Varney, who was the voice of Korra on Legend of Korra.

23:47 And I also met Dante Bosco, who you may know, I mean, as Prince Zuko on Avatar, the Last

23:58 Airbender.

23:59 And I think he also played General Iroh on Legend of Korra.

24:09 So it was cool meeting them, which is how many times get to you?

24:17 How many times do you in life do you get to meet two celebrities in one day?

24:22 Slim, very, very slim to none.

24:27 So it was awesome.

24:31 And I think that was it for my accomplishments last year.

24:42 Yeah, as I said, my goals weren't that practical.

24:51 So this year, I am going in a more practical way, which is to get 10 more newsletter subscribers.

25:14 I would like to get 10 more web app downloads.

25:28 I'm looking to get 100 followers on Medium.

25:32 And you're probably wondering, well, how's that practical?

25:36 Well, lately, I've been marketing.

25:40 I wouldn't say marketing, but I've been using my Medium profile for Crazy Business Guy on

25:48 Medium, which is a writing slash blogging platform.

25:56 And I've been using it to read articles from other writers and other publications.

26:04 So just to see what people are talking, I have people writing on the platform.

26:11 And I have 42 Medium followers.

26:20 And I started with 29 last year.

26:25 And I started at the beginning of 2022 with 29.

26:31 I mean, I started at the end of last year with 29.

26:35 So I have gained quite a bit of follower by 12 followers so far.

26:52 So I have 42.

26:54 My goal is to get to 100 so I can go back into the Medium Partner Program, which will

27:03 help to support Crazy Business Guys productions, et cetera, because everything costs money

27:13 these days.

27:14 I'm sure you've probably experienced the high costs of every goshdarn little nook and cranny.

27:21 I've been feeling a lot lately, too, especially because it feels like every company is a nickel

27:28 and diming everyone.

27:31 One of them hasn't...

27:32 I'm not going to name any names.

27:35 Sorry, I sneezed.

27:42 And so my next goal, my other goal for this year is to increase my website visitors by

27:57 50.

27:58 And the reason I'm saying 50 is that since I don't have any control over traffic, I mean,

28:07 it could be up to the algorithms, content, and 400 plus other SEO stuff.

28:18 It could spike up at any minute.

28:21 It can go plummet at any second.

28:23 So I felt like 50 is not the weirdest number to pick.

28:31 If I chose 5,000, I might be asking for a little too much.

28:40 Now if I hit the over my 2,000 mark by the end of the year, that'd be really cool.

28:46 But I'm going to go with 50 because, as I said in last year's article, my website

28:55 took a plummeting drop.

28:58 I am not the best in SEO.

29:00 I'm always learning.

29:02 I am not an expert in search engine optimization.

29:06 There are three scary...

29:09 The three words of scary.

29:15 Search engine optimization.

29:17 Hate it.

29:19 one of my other ones is thinking to increase the stores' sales, which I've also created

29:34 promos for social media, which I will be starting to do very soon.

29:42 Maybe today or maybe tomorrow.

29:45 Just keep looking out.

29:46 Keep following me on Crazy Fitness on social media because you'll be seeing the new templates.

29:56 And the reason I haven't...

30:02 And I also want to increase my membership sales, et cetera.

30:11 So for a premium podcast, The Trip of Crazy, there are a few new things coming.

30:20 Let's just say there's going to be new music on the live stream intro and outro and in

30:36 the podcast and in both podcasts.

30:42 So be on the lookout for that.

30:46 And keep checking back in Crazy Fitness Guy because there's more new stuff coming.

30:54 And just to wrap up for today, I just have to do this because just so people believe

31:05 me and don't think...

31:07 A lot of people believe me and don't think what I shared the other day about my being

31:16 co-authored in a published book.

31:23 And if you don't believe me that the book is real, think again.

31:28 Because I got it right here.

31:31 We're going to do this right on camera.

31:33 Are you ready?

31:34 I'm ready.

31:35 It just came today.

31:36 Supposed to come tomorrow, but thank you Amazon for being here early.

31:41 And there, right on camera.

31:57 Book arrives.

31:58 The Art of Connection.

32:02 I wonder where my...

32:05 Let's see.

32:06 Where is...

32:07 Oh wow.

32:08 There are over 300 pages in here.

32:13 And it's not going out in alphabetical order.

32:15 Or does it?

32:16 No, it does not.

32:17 Hmm.

32:18 I don't know.

32:19 Let's see.

32:20 Do you want to see if I can find it real quick?

32:24 Let's see if I can find it real quick.

32:29 Hmm.

32:34 Not on the...

32:35 Okay.

32:36 I'm not in the first 60 pages.

32:41 Not as far as I can tell.

32:47 Wow.

32:48 This is a big book.

32:53 Hmm.

32:58 I know I'm in here somewhere.

33:01 But where?

33:04 Oh, here it is.

33:11 Page 310.

33:12 I'm not kidding.

33:13 See?

33:14 Here's my name, right in the book.

33:23 And let's see.

33:29 I'm just going to go to this 310 that I'm not going to burn it for anymore.

33:38 And I'll drop this in the link.

33:50 Yep.

34:00 And let's just share that.

34:06 There it is.

34:11 Let's look at the picture.

34:18 And that is the start of the new year.

34:22 And if you're looking to be motivated with motivational quotes if you're an entrepreneur,

34:27 if you're a business owner, or if you just need some inspiration to start the new year,

34:37 then you should definitely go get this book of motivational...

34:40 Oh, transformational quotes, motivational, et cetera.

34:45 And it's called The Art of Connection, 365 Days of Transformational Quotes by Entrepreneurs,

34:53 Business Owners, and Influencers.

34:56 So go check it out.

34:57 It's on Amazon.

34:59 And yeah, it just launched on Wednesday.

35:02 And I'm definitely excited to be finally published.

35:06 Well, the co-author published.

35:09 It's the accounts.

35:11 So yeah, I'm glad I shared this with you.

35:15 And I hope you enjoyed this episode.

35:20 And trust me, there's still more to come for the rest of the year.

35:25 So definitely stay tuned, subscribe, and I'll see you back here next week for another brand

35:33 new episode of Crazy Fitness Guy Healthy Living Podcast slash Weekly Motivation with Crazy

35:37 Fitness Guy.

35:38 In the meantime, peace.

35:42 Oh, one more quick, no question, one more quick sneak peek preview.

35:49 Next week's guest, she's a lawyer, but she's...

35:53 No, I just say she's badass and she's all over the place on social media.

36:03 Yeah, but and she's not telling me to say that because she's a lawyer.

36:10 No, she's a...

36:14 She does a lot of stuff with clients and everything, but she's going to be on the show next week.

36:20 So stay tuned.

36:23 And yeah, you don't want to miss a good show.

36:29 And I enjoy having every guest on the show.

36:34 So in the meantime, I'll see you back here for another episode of Crazy Fitness Guy Healthy

36:39 Living Podcast slash Weekly Motivation with Crazy Fitness Guy.

36:44 That's a mouthful I forget, but I'm keeping it.

36:48 Anyway, in the meantime, see you back later.

36:52 Peace.