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Oct. 28, 2022

CrazyFitnessGuy Needs Your Help

CrazyFitnessGuy Needs Your Help

Crazyfitnessguy is dedicated to motivating and educating people about Autism is not a disease and does not need to be cured. In this video, we will share how you can help and support him in his mission. Watch the video to learn more and help support this wonderful cause.



Key Take-Aways From The Episode

  1. How can you support CrazyFitnessGuy
  2. What are some other ways to support Crazy Fitness Guy



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Jimmy Clare


Jimmy Clare: Welcome to another episode of Crazy Fitness Guy's healthy living podcast and weekly motivation with Crazy Fitness Guy. Man, that's a mouthful for a Friday afternoon. Happy Friday everyone. And sorry, I had to reschedule this live stream from last week to this week because I was catching up on college homework, which was a blessing to do.


I'm kidding. It was not a blast to do. But I finally caught up on that. Thank you. And so that's why I had a reschedule. So thank you for just accepting that I'm sorry that happened and I will try not to do that in the future. also if I'm really, really sick or whatever, but that's that. But before we get started, I'm going to give you a little bit of background of what this going to entail because I'm flying solo. I hope I said that earlier, but anyway, if I didn't, I'm flying solo today.


Due to cancellation happens, people had to book the way in advance. and they also have other stuff to go on. So I can appreciate that one. Today topic I'm going to focus on. but I'm just going to give you a little broad outline is how you can help support Crazy Fitness Guy to keep us up and running for years to come. And there are many ways you can help support But before I dive into this episode you will learn what it costs to keep Crazy Fitness up and running.


And I'll even give some examples I'll even tell you to name examples of what goes into making Crazy Fitness Guy. And I hope you're sitting down because your jaw might drop a few times when you hear some of these prices because it made my jaw drop quite a few times. So without further ado, I'm m gonna say all of what creates this whole thing of crazy fitness. Guy, are you ready?


I hope you are sitting down. Because of some of these, prices you might be like holy moly or it might overwhelm you. So just be prepared and I hope you join me on this crazy ride of a podcast live stream going solo. So I'm going to start with the lowest price first, which is my email provider, my business email provider.


Because by law, you cannot use, free email providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Does that still exist? I don't think Yahoo, but I'm just getting throw it out there anyway. And if it does exist, my bad. But still, who is using Yahoo? Anyway, not my plan for this episode, but I get a little bit off-topic. For my email provider, that costs $12.99  a year, affordable. But that's still what I'm paying out of pocket for.


And please don't think that I'm, asking you guys to feel sorry for me. It's business. It's a business expense because it's free for you, but it's not free for someone else. Someone is always paying for something. So keep that in mind. I'm not trying to have anybody feel bad or feel sorry for me.


It is what it is. the next bill I'm going to talk about, is my domain name, $20 a year for a year, cost me $28. I'm not really sure why. but I save money by moving it to a different provider, I guess you call it. Or domain provider, I don't know the terms. Because even I've been in business for five years. I don't know all the mumbo-jumbo language out there. so I'm going to go with the provider. So I say it's $8.


They're more like $9. because they did not include taxes. Maybe it was like $30 in total, whatever. Let's say I save $10 there because I like a nice even number. Then we go into a marketing tool. first marketing tool, you may have heard of them, maybe not, but they're basically my own marketing platform. That gives me, analytics. Analytics for all my social media marketing reports.


That does not support every single platform. That includes Twitch and everything else. it provides my YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, yeah, and some more to come later on, of course. But that cost me $59 a year, which is getting steep because again, everything is, coming out of my pocket. It's not like I have any funding. I'm not backed by a company.


I'm not backed by anyone. It's literally just me. Look, I'm literally live-streaming in my bedroom. I wish I had a company to give me the whole studio and pay me to go do this full-time because that would be fun. and that's what I want to do is to Livestream and go speak around the world and everything else. So that's okay. I am going to get my college degree.


But again, everything is out of my pocket at the moment. The third marketing tool I pay for, you may have heard of this other company is called Hellowoofy Cost me $99 a year per year. I Again am not made of money. but this marketing tool helped me market my live streams, podcasts, my website, new content, and varied content from different publishers that I find stuff interesting for to keep everything interesting on social media for all of you guys, the tools are worth it.


And then there are other tools that I paid for but it was a one-time purchase. You might have heard this name, Missinglettr Missinglettr Well they're an auto poster but it's also a curator so it helps me schedule stuff out in bulk. I'm keeping our web presence. I'm not always on to because think about it, I'm one person. And think about it this way big corporations,  companies as Google, Amazon, and Apple, have a whole marketing department. I don't know how big that market department is, but I'm literally working seven different positions.


I'm wearing seven different hats just picture me.  I am like a cat in the hat. Literally. I'm my own marketer, content creator, podcaster podcast editor, and email marketer, I forgot the other two. But again, just picture in your mind me wearing seven different hats, one on top of the other. And you can probably see just picturing in your head that it gets overwhelming.


But I take a break from this because I'm one person that does seven major roles that companies literally pay people to do full-time. And basically what I do is literally full-time, maybe even a little bit more over full-time. And that tool will cost me, I'm going to say m over $200 for a one-time payment. And that's a lot of money to me because I'm still in college and I haven't made a boatload of money off of this website.


It's not making me rich, I can guarantee you that I still love what I do because I'm helping people. I'm motivating you guys. I'm educating you about autism. from my perspective, from an autistic perspective, that's all great. I'm just giving you a reminder Now, the next bill I pay for the website tool I use for my website called Podpage cost me $180 a year.


Every website has a hosting company. Every website pays the owner pays for the domain. Like, For look, if you read any tech articles or any articles online, google, forgot to, make a payment or renew their domain name for I forget which country it was. I'd say Germany, but maybe it wasn't on Germany, but it was some other company. It was some other domain that they owned in a different language and they forgot to renew it.


And somebody else got it for about, I think maybe less than an hour. And then they got the domain back. But if you don't make payments, say goodbye to the domain name. I think that's what happens. every website pays for the hosting. and they also pay for the domain. but then what else do I pay for? My next tool is my podcasting company. I used to use the free provider. And my provider does have a free plan.


But I wanted to take seriously someone who's serious as I am in the field I'm in, or just in business in general. I'm not in the business field, but I'm a serious entrepreneur. I don't want basic analytics. I want my advanced analytics. I want to know what, the best day that people will most likely listen to the podcast episode. Because one, that's kind of cool. Well, I think it's cool.


Anyway, the third reason is that am I going to publish an episode that no one's going to listen to it. But right off the bat, not necessarily if I knew the data. so that cost me $108 a year. And I know I went out of order from small to big-time payments, but I did it that way because that's the order my brain went in. But the reason I tell you this also, just to keep in mind is that it's a lot to keep up and running when I'm not making ends meet.


I'm literally finding ways to get some extra income and continue to support this website. But that's why I'm making this an episode by itself about how you the people can help crazy fitness guy So now let's go dive into how you can, so here's how you got to help support Crazy Fitness Guy. Are you near a pen or paper or have you got a good memory? Please pay attention to this and listen carefully and how you can help support our business. 


Jimmy Clare: So one way you can help support Crazy Fitness Guy is by just sharing the content around you. Share with your friends, family members, people that you know, and people you run into all the time. Share it with everyone you know. Share everything from podcasts to live streams to articles on the website. Share crazy fitness guy Share the app, use the app, download the app, and literally just keep sharing.


And that's one way to help support Crazy Fitness Guy, sharing means more people come in, read more stuff, and help more people learn more about who I am perhaps. Maybe more people will pick up maybe sponsorships to see that kind of stuff and then hook up with me. That didn't sound right. I know. bad choice of words clearly. Bad choice of wording. I'm going to take that back.


Maybe reach out to me to partner with me. That's better wording. I'm going to go with that one. Can I press button number two for that? It's Friday. That's number one. number two, we would be helpful number two, you can also help us subscribe to the YouTube channels and twitch the more subscribers I get on these platforms and follow on Medium, which is to be exact.


If you help me follow me on those three big platforms. I don't how big, or medium is. But if you help me, if you follow • Crazy Fitness Guy, Medium, Twitch, and YouTube, the more followers get. And I'll share this with you. If I reach 1000 YouTube subscribers and 4000 watch total hours actually I'm sorry, that's 40,000 watch total hours I can start monetizing off of YouTube. Again, I don't know how much money I get from all of that. But money is money.


That's what people forget. Money is money. Money literally adds up over time. One of the best business books I've ever read was called Simplebiz 360. And now I'm not getting paid for to say this but even, it was written by, my dad's colleague and friend back in, when they were I think they were working at the same company together, I believe. I forget the exact story, but he, wrote the book, And just a quick, shout out to Jeff  Mason.


Hello. And he wrote in the book now, I want you to imagine you're holding you take a big scoop of sand in your hand and he's and, watch some of the  Even though you close your fist of the hand, the sand, goes through will start pouring through your fingers. Anyway, even though, that the fist is closed around the sand. But the reason I'm saying that it's picturing it is that that's change, all change, the sand is the change of money in your hand.


And watch your money pour away little by little until you have nothing left. The reason I say that to you is that if you didn't like that picture, think of it another way. Let's say you're one of those people who pay for in-app purchases on, phones, and through apps, which technically should be kind of illegal. Only the ones that make you for the game ones anyway, or just to remove ads or whatnot, and get really nothing else out of it would be how about $1.99  or $3? $5, $10?


It all adds up. Sure, maybe you won't see a huge, big bill, Let's say your bill is due the first of each month, but let's say you're starting, I'm m just going to pick it. Let's say your billing cycle started on, October 1. Well, you can make every single purchase in October using that credit card. Well, it all adds up. by the next month, you're shocked, and like, holy crap, I spent all that money adding credit cards is dangerous. But just think about it. Think about it. That money all adds up. Whether you're spending it or saving it little by little adds up.


And it can be depleted literally instantly. I mean, I'm not there yet,  but it hurts every time when I pay a bill because am I not getting consistent money am I making consistent money? No. Am I getting rich? No. Would I like to be rich? I'm going, to be honest, it will help me pay a lot of bills. To be honest. I'm not in debt, but it will help me pay, the bills and keep the crazy fitness guy up and running. I don't put stuff in my back pocket. I literally invest in my business.


I literally just bought another course to continue my learning to get better at, writing and creating content, exactly what I'm doing. So, the third way you can help. So let's recap on the first one, sharing everything I do with everyone you know would be the first 1. The second one is to subscribe to Medium, Twitch, and YouTube channels. And that's easy because I have many ways you can follow a Crazy Fitness Guy on a social media platform.


So it's an easy click of a button. You have to go find where Crazy Fitness Guy is located. I'll literally give it to you. it's even in every single podcast • description. And that's even on YouTube too, as well, I believe. If not, I'll go back in there and add it myself. I think the new ones go has the links the new ones will eventually do that too. I believe I have to look into that more. So I'm going to say I believe for now because So the third one is to subscribe to Twitch, Medium, and YouTube.


So that's number three of supporting. So the fourth way is by subscribing to the CrazyFitnessGuy  Premium podcast. I want you to pay attention to this one. Not because I'm saying it over anything else, but because I'm not a biased person looking slightly biased I like to think I'm a well-rounded person, etc. But I want you to pay attention to this part closely.


I'm going to give you yeah, I'm just going to read off to you, of, the benefits, word for word on each plan. So pay attention. I just literally typed into my website on my computer, if you heard the keyboard, that's what I did. So, this is the first plan. It's called a little crazy. I liked it better than monthly and yearly because it just sounded boring as heck. I don't like boring, so I'm a little crazy.


that entails a 30-day free trial and you can cancel anytime. That's $1.99 a month. So that's 1.0.99 a month. And, I'm only repeating that I'm just to make sure my audio is clear enough that it gets through to everyone here, et cetera. Here's what you get. You get access to the most recent podcast episode, Premium. Of course, I should reward that. Access to the most recent Premium podcast episode. You get ad-free content. There are no ads, no sponsorships, no nothing.


You get early access. And that means early access, ah, to everything. You have access to this episode before it goes out to the free podcast platforms. Basically, you get access to it before everyone else. So if I have the new episode comes out on Monday, you can listen to it before everyone else. and you can listen to it on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I published it on Thursday night. So you'll have it three or four days earlier before everyone else.


So you have it three days early, let's say, before everyone else. It's unedited. I don't even touch it. I didn't even add anything to it. I didn't take anything out. it's there. It's there. You get the mess-ups, you hear the mess-ups. I think one of the episodes that, publish yet, but it's going to be eventually, one of the episodes that weren't published yet. It was one with my author friend Luke Murphy You might recognize the episode, that was published. And he talked about his new book. But he said at one point in the interview, you'll hear his dog barking in the background.


So that's kind of interesting. And I think there was even a doorbell that was ringing. He actually had to get up and just answer the door. That's what I mean by unedited. And you get a shout-out on the note. Shout out, to the show, meaning I'll give you thank yous and whatnot. So your support is appreciated. Now I'm going to go to the next plan. Semi crazy. I think I might be semi-crazy. Kidding maybe. That is $3.99  a month. And that gets a 30-day free trial as well.


You get access to the three most recent premium podcast episodes. You get early access to free unedited shout-outs. The next plan up is just crazy. And that's 5.99  a month. This is still $5 a month, but I added a few cents to it. But just to be a little bit more different than the others. But you get access to four recent podcast episodes at free unedited shoutouts and early access. And the last one is extremely crazy. And this is where it includes everything.


You get early access to episodes. Listen to ad-free unedited shoutouts on the show. Suggest the podcast topics for upcoming M episodes. Access to our free discord community because I am leaving off of Facebook groups you also get behind-the-scenes access, meaning you get to know what the next episode is coming before it's even published. And you get the complete episode archives, meaning all the previous episodes, and all the premium podcast episodes. Now you're probably wondering why should I, pay for that.


And that's $20 a year. And if I did the math correctly, that's a 40% savings, 40% discount savings, and $20 a year. I, get inflation is hurting people, it's hurting me. It's hurting my business. It's hurting literally everyone. And I'm not talking down to anyone. I'm not making a boatload of money. So I'm not downgrading anything. Downplaying this is what's happening. So extremely crazy is $20 a year.


The reason why I have a premium podcast is not that I have super duper benefits that no one else has or et cetera. But the main reason is. To have the premium podcast that has reoccurring income to help support the show. And when you support the show, by becoming a subscriber, you're helping to keep Crazy Fitness Guys' lights on, up and running. my existence and Crazy fitness existence online.


Basically think of the internet as a rental space. Literally, somebody's paying just to be online, have a business online, and just post stuff. There's no such thing as free when it comes to that, except if you do it on social media. But then social media is making money off of me as well. Anyway, I also want to include this by his supporting Crazy Fitness Guy, you're supporting the message helps me be able to spread the message.


Autism is not a disease. It does not need to be cured. It also is a different, unique perspective and should be looked at as a gift and not a curse. So by subscribing, your help supports our mission and reaching more and more people and educating people the right way about autism from an autism point of view and not just looking at, all the data because honestly, I could really give you a two-hour conversation about, the data that my parents receive.


oh well, Jimmy's not going to read higher than a second-grade level. Jimmy, won't be able to do this, jimmy won't be able to do that. and that's what I was like for me back then where I wasn't going to be able to do this or not going to be that I've not reached my milestones in a time and manner. I didn't do this, I didn't do that. And I'm not shrugging that off or anything, but it's degrading.


And the point I'm trying to make is that by you supporting Crazy Fitness Guy by subscribing to the Premium podcast and by sharing articles, subscribing to the YouTube channels and Twitch and Medium channels, and subscribing to the Premium podcast, you're helping support the mission to keep the mission alive. If I run out of money for a Crazy fitness guy, there's no more Crazy Fitness Guy left. As I said, I'm somebody you call an indie podcaster meaning I'm just one individual.


And if you like my message to help educate people about autism from an autistic point of view and help people learn that autism is not a disease and does not need to be cured, it'd be very great. And I'm much appreciated and extreme help. And don't think that's the last way you can support it because there are many more ways now we have you can share, let me do a small recap again just to, keep everything on the same page.


So if you want to help support pages in this way, you can share articles, and share our content across the web with everyone you know, second one is to subscribe, ah, to our YouTube channel Twitch and Medium Channel. The third one is to subscribe, to the premium podcast. I did an out-of-order, I believe. Gray awesome. Let me do that. So the first one is to share the articles with everyone you know. 


Jimmy Clare: the second one is by sharing with everyone is sharing with everyone that you like the content. The first and 1-second one is, following up, sharing the stuff on social media, and sharing with everyone. You know it's. The first and 1-second one is to subscribe to the channels. subscribe to the premium podcast. I think this is the fourth one. I'm missing the third one then. Well, anyway, that's what my mind is like today because I had a crappy night's sleep.


Anyway, onto the fifth one. If I can go to the third one, on the fifth one, what would be very helpful? I mean, if you don't feel like you can support Crazy Fitness Guys premium as a recurring payment, there's always a, buy me a coffee. It's just a one-time payment. You can even do that through the premium podcast as well. And there's a way you can even gift the premium podcast as a gift for, the new year. My friend Adam subscribes to the Premium podcast. My friend Corey subscribed to the premium podcast.


They like it. They listen to it on a daily basis. So yeah, just name a few people. there's a way you can just subscribe and send a one-time payment to Crazy Fitness Guy. I was like, hey, thank you for your hard work, or whatnot. No, I'm not making you feel like, oh, hey, again, not trying to make you feel sorry for me or whatever. But that's another way. And also, probably another way. Actually, that's not the last way.


Number six also, I also have some merch, some pretty cool crazy swag if you liked it, from the Crazy swag shop. the few merch that I have t-shirts, and sweatshirts, before, and this time around, I'm going to add it eventually. But if you go on Crazy Fitness Guy's Facebook page and, Jimmy Clare speaker's Facebook page, you'll see all the merch we have.


We have podcast merch. So you have all the podcast logos on it. You even have a Crazy Fitness Guy's logo on the other merch. So we have hoodies, t-shirts. you name it, we have it. and if we don't have it, I'll go see if my platform that has the support that kind of that they have that kind of merch. So if it's a backpack or one of those string, you know the bags with a string on it if you pull it then close drawstring bags I think that's what they called.


I think never get I want to make a full disclaimer here because legally but for legal purposes not for legal purposes or anything but my shop is hosted by a third-party platform. It doesn't cost me money for that to use them. But I'm saying that is because they're in charge of the prices. So if some of the prices look different if you've ever checked out the merch page before on my website or the crazy swag shop on the website the prices may have gone up a little bit. I think they did go up a little bit.


And the reason I'm using a third-party platform is that reseller platform is because they have all of the overhead costs. They have the storage space for it. I do not I can make my own merch myself. Every ah, extra time-consuming. So the only prices I'm in charge of are the premium podcast prices. So if the merch has gone up on your end et cetera. Please note from the bottom of my heart that this is not my doing.


So that is through a third-party platform. Not bashing the third-party platform. I get it. They are taking all the financial costs I totally understand and they have to pay their employees. But right now I'm just saying this is full disclosure. if you see that, please know that that's not me. That's a third-party company. What I have control over is my premium podcast and that's it.


I mean I'm in control of my app too. But my • point is that that's not something I have in charge of. I can increase the price for the overall margins, what I want to make. But it doesn't really decrease of the current price because that third party works with all the other companies. Like I think they have stuff on Nike from Gildon etc. And they're putting my logo on it.


So think about that. But that's another way you can help support me too. Crazy Fitness Guy has got some pretty cool merch. I have the original sweatshirt that I have that I bought. But that's no longer available since that was through a different platform. But I still have it because it's not bad it's nice. I like it. I 


Jimmy Clare: it's at my school and whatnot you can help support buying merch. The last thing. You can also actually no, not the last thing. I think I got two more. And the reason why I say I think is that again, none of these shows are unscripted. So, I'm just going off by my head at the moment and I knew what I wanted to say before but I have so many ideas going on in my head it's ridiculously annoying.


Another way you can help support the show is by leaving a review more Crazy Fitness Guy Guide podcast and leaving reviews on the website. Because more reviews equal more people being able to see the show and help the podcast directories and search engines, etc. I'm not going to go into a whole mumbo jumbo because if people don't know that, I'm not going to bore you to the death of the technical details, but it helps increase the awareness of Crazy Fitness Guy if that makes sense.


Think about it. If you see think about it for 1 second. When you see a website or product that you use. If you don't use it or you're researching for a new product, you don't go to the product that has bad reviews. I mean, I don't have reviews but you go to the ones that have the most positive and great reviews on it, don't you? No. at least I do really. If you want to By leaving me reviews on the website if you go to you can leave a review for the podcast right then and there.


You can leave your review and the podcast directory on Apple, Spotify, Podchaser, or wherever you get your podcast. And leave me a review there too. Everything reviews help to get more word about CrazyFitnessGuy podcast So literally, easy peasy. At least that's what I think. And I'm not trying to sound degrading at all. I'm sorry. But the other thing I also want to mention is the last way you can also help me actually two more lastly ways you can help support crazy Fitness guy is by subscribing to the Crazy Fitness Guys newsletter.


Now I'm not like every company out there that is going to send you a spam update each and every single day. I say spam. I won't clutter up your inbox basically from, the live streams I did. So let's say I did four live streams a month, right? Three or four weeks in a month.   So let's say three. Let's say four. And then we have one monthly and an occasional sale.


And let's say four live streams, one monthly newsletter for all the content and one occasional sale, a blog post, notification of new blog posts, and a podcast. 8 emails a month. Maybe even less than that. Yeah, we'll see. If I may, I literally subscribed to this other newsletter. And I literally got I was just a fan, but my inbox was literally cluttered with this one publication. I'm not going to name names because I don't need anybody suing my butt. 


So think about it. If you only receive eight emails from me, even less than that, and I even guaranteed all eight, come on, I bet you can subscribe to a lot of different services out there. And every single email out there is not to match. And you wonder, when does it stop? This is crap. This is annoying. It's spam central in my inbox. That's what I felt like until I found this new provider, which, I'm not going to say names at the moment because I'm just going to go on a big rant about that.


But subscribing to the newsletter, is also beneficial because it gives me ways to help connect with you as part of my, readers helped me. which content is engaging you more and more. And also you also get access to the Crazy Fitness Guys Crazy Tribe Community, which is still on Facebook at the moment. But it's going to go to Discord. Just think about it. It's one email.


It's only eight in total a month. If everything gets sent out perfectly in a month. So think about it. Versus all the other publications. I don't think that's not that bad. I really got an email from this publication. I know I chose to subscribe to it, but if I got an email once a day, actually, I think maybe at least twice a day, every single week. That's like literally 60-plus emails a month.


Compare my eight. That doesn't sound too bad, does it? I'm not a math major or math genius, but I'll take my chances on those and keep an open mind. That's the point I'm getting to. and the last way you can help Crazy Fitness Guy before we wrap up is if you find what I do help if you know anyone, and I didn't mean that how it came up. But if you know anyone who is looking for speakers for events and podcasts or live streams, or any kind of event, send them my way.


I would really appreciate it. Word of mouth is great advertising great networking for me and helps me get more opportunities to help spread more of my message and give people a great event. So if you find what I do beneficial, if you like what I do, please send them my way and say, hey, you should consider Crazy Fitness Guy. I mean, consider Jimmy Clare for your speaking event or have him on your podcast. Have me at your event, even if it's a work event, work area, or whatever.


Send them my way, see if I'm eligible, and see if they want to connect with me. Everything would be very helpful. Please. I'm not begging. I'm just saying everything helps. And the more places I get opportunities, the more ways I can help support and help you help educate everyone on autism and help motivate and educate and everything else that goes along with Crazy Business Guy. So that's basically what I have in store for you today.


And I hope you all enjoy today's episode and trust me, and I hope that you guys enjoyed today's episode and next week, I, promise. I have a guest lined up already. I think you will like to guess because I like the guest, I'm being biased again, a little bit biased, but I enjoy every guest on this podcast. I enjoy doing this. I enjoy live streaming, I enjoy everything I do.


the technical stuff and the analytics stuff get very frustrating over time when you see that you do something for X amount of years, five in case total for me so far, where your traffic just goes, up, and down, up and down. It's one hell of a roller coaster. And analytics does not always be nice to me, especially in my opinion. And here's an example of what you know that I like to do. Before I came on the show before I saw this live stream today, I got home, I've been feeling down and kind of ticked off about this bad news that I received.


I'm not going to go over the bad news because that's just, a whole nother topic for another time. But how you can tell I like what I do and not even like I love what I do is even though I was in a very, very I'm going to use the word pissed off mood and sorry for my language, I don't really think pissed off is the worst word I could ever use. But because I was in a very, very pissed off mood, I didn't feel like, I felt like only chapter keeping the show only 30 minutes. We are currently at an hour and nine minutes and 22 seconds and towards the end but I went from going to keep this thing for 30 minutes. So m, I don't yammer on. I don't think I'm yammer on now. But it all has a point.


You can tell the way you can tell that I really like the shows unless my guest really, really has to go, like they have to have something else coming up. I like the hour and something and a half show a little bit over an hour because I can fit the continent.


Not without rushing, but because I was in such a crappy mood, I wanted to think I'll just keep it for 30 minutes and cut it out. But here we are. And thank you for listening to me. It's hard for that long and I really appreciate it and I hope you found, this helps to learn about the ways that you can help Crazy Fitness Guy to move forward and help the autism community and help educate people who don't know exactly, what doesn't, just want to learn about or know about the data.


They want to know from someone else's experience who's on the spectrum. and I want to bring hope to those people. I'll bring hope to everyone.