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May 7, 2020

The Secret History Of The Problems With Having Autism

The Secret History Of The Problems With Having Autism

Very rarely do I complain about having Autism.  It’s not like I choose to have it but there are some days that I wish I didn’t have it.  Today I am going to talk to you about the problems with having Autism.  Like I said every so often I wish I never had it.


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The Problems With Having Autism

Everyone On The Autism Spectrum Learns Differently

No one learns the same.  Everyone learns differently in their own unique ways.  When I was growing up I have seen so many different ways people learn.  Even on the Autistic Spectrum, we all learn differently.  


That's why it’s important for us to be in Special Education classes with a teacher who can teach us on every different level.  Even in a classroom autism can be difficult for everyone.


Social Situations Can Be Very Difficult For Those On The Autistic Spectrum

Growing up with Autism was hard for me. I didn’t know how to ask for help.  I pointed at stuff, and used bad behavior just to get people’s attention.  Luckily my parents got me involved in summer camps, social groups, during school hours, etc.  


Today I am a very social person who can use my own words to ask for help.  When people get to know me more I tend to show them my sense of humor.  There are some days where I talk a lot to my parents that they probably wish I would shut up.   


During parties in the neighborhood, I only talked to my neighborhood friends when I was growing up.  Now that I am older I walk around the room and talk to everyone who will listen. 


As An Autistic Person, My Social Skills Still Gives Me Trouble Today

I don’t have trouble asking for help anymore but I still have trouble figuring out social cues.  Sometimes I can’t figure out when people are angry with me.  Unless someone tells me that they are angry with me I can’t read minds.

Please don’t ask me can’t you read the expression on my face?  Because the answer would be no I cannot read your facial expression.  I still struggle with social challenges sometimes.


What Is My Personal Learning Style 

My learning style is asking a lot of questions during one on one help.  Sometimes teachers have to rephrase certain things over and over again until I understand something.  However, sometimes my questions can lead me into troubling situations because I want to solve a problem right there and then.  Which then I get fixated on that one problem and then no one wants to help me again.  I will give you a great example of this in just a few minutes.


Autism Comes With A Steep Learning Curve

Autism Comes With A Steep Learning Curve

I have struggled with many things because of my Autism.  When I first started building a website I used WordPress and there were a lot of late nights trying to fix broken things.  I tried making my website super fast on that platform and unfortunately, I couldn’t make it work.  


There are a few things that I bought for WordPress that I can no longer use and I cannot get a refund for.  I did not know any of this until it was too late.  I know that I sound like I am beating myself up but I am not.  There are some days when I wish I could understand things right away.


Have an open mind and learn from other people.


Some People Don’t Understand What Autism Is

There are some people in this world who just don’t understand.  Which is fine to an extent. But let me tell you a true story about this developer.  I am not going to name any names because that’s not what I do.  


My Android app is made from a template that I bought from a 3rd party developer.  When I first bought the product back in 2018 I asked a lot of questions to the developer because I didn’t understand how the template worked.


It came with guides and instructions to configure it but somehow my brain was just not putting the puzzle pieces together.  100 emails later with the developer I finally figured out how to make the app work and I was able to publish it to the Google Play Store.


However, since I sent those 100 emails to the developer and I could have sworn I told the website that hosts this developer template on their website that I learn differently.  The developer will no longer help me with the template.


It’s been two years since the last time I asked for help and the developer still says no.  I never thought I would be rejected from receiving support.   I admit that I probably wore out my welcome in those early years but I have learned a lot since then.



Sometimes having Autism is just a big pain in the butt, especially for those who do not understand what we live with every day.  If I could go back two years ago and stop myself from emailing the developer that many times I think I would.


Just in case the developer reads this post and or the website that I bought the template from reads this post.  They know who I am talking about.  


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