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Feb. 20, 2020

Cracking The College Success Tips to become an A Student

Cracking The College Success Tips to become an A Student

If you’re determined not to be a drop out, you need to arm yourself with an arsenal of college success tips. 

Going to college is so exciting. It’s your first big life adventure but have you thought of what kind of student  you intend to be. Maybe, you’re paying your way through college on your own or you’ve won a scholarship to get there.


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College Success Tips to become an A Student

How to be a self- motivated college student

This is the key to whether you will join the ranks of college dropouts or not. A college education gives you the tools to become financially independent. So focusing on your WHY is key to getting there.

Know your WHY

Your WHY is your reason for going to college. It’s not merely to get your diploma or degree. Ask yourself what you intend to use your college education for.

Create a WHY statement showing what you want to achieve with your college education. According to Simon  Sinek, your WHY should follow this simple format:

TO ____ SO THAT ____Examples of personal WHY statements:

  • I want to complete my teaching diploma so that I can help transform lives through education.

  • I want to complete my media studies degree so that I can make documentaries to highlight global issues like poverty and food scarcity. 


Many students just go wild enjoying the freedom from parental supervision to party hard. But if you have a strong WHY, you will excel at college. This is because your WHY will determine everything you do from studying to partying. 


Develop a morning routine

Develop a morning routine

One of the best ways to be a successful college student is to create a morning routine and to stick to it.So just what’s so good about a morning routine? It helps you to:

  • Start the day off with intention

  • Inject positivity into your day

  • Heighten your mental faculties

You need about 30 minutes for a life-changing morning routine. Include the following personal development steps:

  • Deep breathing

  • Stretching exercises like yoga

  • Reading from a spiritual or self-help text

  • Journaling your goals and affirmations 

  • Listening to a motivational podcast

A morning routine is like a motivational team talk a coach would give his players at a crucial point in the game. So, you’re actually coaching yourself to have an amazing day.


How to be successful in college

How to be successful in college

You need to be very organized to avoid overwhelm and stress.

Life in college is super busy and it’s easy to forget things so here are a few ways to become an organization ninja.

1. Master Google calendars

You can use them to:

  • Enter your schedule of classes.

  • You can color-code them for easy access

  • Add due dates for tasks

  • Flesh out your tasks with more details

  • Note the birthdays of your loved ones

But the best part of Google calendars is the reminder feature. 

This allows you to be on time for all your classes and to never forget when any task is due. 

Check out this YouTube video by Simpletivity on how to use Google Calendars:


College life can be hectic and Google calendars help you to keep track of everything.
Invest in an academic planner

2. Invest in an academic planner

An academic planner is an essential buy. It will be your constant companion in college so you need to select the best one to serve your needs well:

Find a planner like this one which:

  • Doubles up as a ring binder and notebook

  • Is sturdy enough to see you through the whole year

  • Includes lined pages for notes

  • Allows you to include more pages 

  • Has  NotePocket dividers NoteProtector dividers 


3. Use Trello

Trello is a free simple task management system that shows you a visual of tasks and their progress. It is made up of boards and each board is made up of cards and lists.

Here’s a YouTube video to get to know the basics of Trello:


Trello is an amazing way to boost your productivity at college. The best part about Trello is that you can break your tasks into small sections to work on. 


It’s a great way to deal with procrastination. Instead of being stressed out at having to do a whole task, you just tackle one area at a time.

Here’s a suggestion about how to use Trello:

  • Start a board for each of your classes

  • Create lists for content related to that class - subject categories, tasks, links to references, study groups, and much more

  • Personalize your board to suit your needs

  • Color code your boards for easy access


4. Effective note-taking

Prepare for a class by reading the content in advance. This makes note-taking easier

There are a few simple ways to organize your notes from the start.

  • Date and number every page of notes you take. Make it big and bold and highlight it.

  • Add the topic to the top of each page.

  • Space notes out by leaving lines and using margins. 

  • Insert brightly colored sticky notes for things to follow up on.

  • Be selective about notes you take - note key points, not every word.

  • Take notes the way you like to learn - visual clues help in the recall.

  • Highlight topics and use bullet points, arrows, and drawings to help you remember.



So there you have it. Basic steps to help you ace college life.


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