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Sept. 23, 2022

1 Percent More Book: An Interview with Leonard DeCarmine



Shed the worry and stress that leaves you feeling undervalued, tired, and overwhelmed.


Welcome to the power of 1 percent More book! The authors in this book have been where you are, and share their stories of transformation. 



Key Take-Aways From The Episode


  • What is the 1% More book about?
  • What does 1% More look like?
  • How did Len Decarmine come up with the name 1% More?



About The Guest


Len DeCarmine is a Coach, Co-Host, and Co-Creator of The Extraordinary Being Movement. He along with his two partners are creating a global movement to empower people in personal growth and achievement. Their weekly podcast show touches the hearts and souls of their listeners while bringing immense value and knowledge from guests all over the world discussing topics on business, life, relationships, spirituality, health and so much more. Their goal is to transform the lives of a million of people around the world.



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Jimmy Clare


Jimmy Clare: And welcome to another episode of Crazy Fitness Guy Healthy Living podcast and  weekly  motivation with Crazyfitness Guy. Yes, it has been two weeks, and I was on vacation. And don't judge. The  reason I've been on vacation for two weeks is because I wear seven different hats, because I'm the only person behind my brand, and I just need • to take a two week break because I'm back to college. Well, before I introduce you to my guest today, he, forgot to, invite me to Disneyland. You would think because he's going to be on my upcoming show today. He would say, hey, I should go invite Jimmy Clare along. And that would be awesome. But, yeah, he decides to ditch me. I appreciate it. yes. Trust me, I was giving him a boat load of crap on the back end. but you know me. I'd like to joke. Or was it a joke? We shall find out. But anyway, let me introduce the guest a little bit. He is, either founder or co founder of Extraordinary Being  Movement. he has a podcast called The Extraordinary Being Movement, and he just came out with his new book, 1% More. Let's, welcome Len Dcarmine out.  

Len Dcarmine: Hey, Jimmy. Good to see you again, my friend. 

Jimmy Clare: Same. It's, only been, like, just a minute and a half. 

Len Dcarmine: I know it has been a minute and a half, but I think it's been about a year now since you've been on my show when we interviewed you. 

Jimmy Clare: Yeah. And you were also on another episode of mine in the works. Hey, I promise I will publish it. It was a zoom interview, before I even got in to  the live streaming. I'm going down the list. Come on. 

Len Dcarmine: I give you forgiveness  because I didn't invite you to Disney. So I'll give you forgiveness, you give me forgiveness. But, Maybe next time. 

Jimmy Clare: I'm just kidding. I'm going to hold you to it, though. 

Len Dcarmine: All right, Jim. Sounds good. So what's going on? What are we going to be diving into today? 

Jimmy Clare: Well, we're going to be discussing your new book. Awesome. so before we get started, I like to ask my guest, can, you tell, the people a little bit about who you are what you do, how you got started, and why did you get started? 

Len Dcarmine: That's a great question to get, right into that. Jimmy my name is once again Len Dcarmine I am a coach. my three friends and I got into, what we call now our movement called the Extraordinary Being Movement. We, started out just doing a podcast show on dating and relationships. And from there we started, how else can we expand what we're doing? And we developed it into a global movement called the Extraordinary Being Movement, where we interview people all over the world to talk to them about their successes, the failures, and for them to offer tips and strategies that they can help people be able to elevate their lives. Because we all believe at, the Extraordinary Being Movement that everybody has a gift, but a lot of people don't know how to really develop their gifts. Some people have forgotten what their gift is. So we want to help you pull that back out of you, so you can share it not only with yourself, but also with the world. And that's how my friends and I got started developing the Extraordinary Being Movement as a podcast. That's where we started first, and then we kind of branched out into developing it into a full service personal development company, where, all three of us are coaches. We specialize in NLP, which is neuro linguistic programming. and we also have other backgrounds. For myself personally. I'm also trained in mindfulness cognitive behavior therapy. I've worked with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and gone through their programs. I've worked with another organization called Landmarks. I'm a very diverse background in my coaching and my skill sets to help people elevate their lives. And currently, I specialize in relationship coaching. I'm a men's coach, helping empowering men to have a better relationship, not only with their partner, but also with themselves. Because it starts with you first, and you need to learn how to grow and develop yourself first, so that you can help other people and serve the world. 

Jimmy Clare: I like that. And that's amazing how many, things you are well, diverse in, because, I think you literally outdone yourself. And, you make me look bad. 

Len Dcarmine: Jimmy I'm an education freak. I like to just call that way. I probably have more trainings and certifications that I even know what to do with. Some I use, some I don't use anymore. I'm, just a person who is always in action. And I believe growth is essential for your personal development. And that's why I constantly love to read books and take courses and do whatever I can to continuing my growth so that I can also serve my clients. Because a lot of people don't have time to do what I do, and that's why they seek out coaching. For somebody who has done the training, done the work, has the experience in order to help them move forward in their lives and give them a path to do it. 

Jimmy Clare: Well, I definitely appreciate what you have gone through. I like to read a lot of books. Speaking of which, I actually just started reading your  book, just a few weeks ago. If no one believes me, I'll take a screenshot right after this. Just to prove  to everyone I've been reading it. I haven't gotten very far yet. I'm near • the first chapter, I have really great impeccable timing, with everything I wanted to start last week, but I was starting to read my other book on facial expressions and that's great. and then I took a look at the calendar. When your interview is coming up coming Friday. 

Jimmy Clare: Crap. 

Jimmy Clare: I got to get this book. That's what happened. 

Len Dcarmine: No problem. Did you get the Kindle version or soft copy? 

Jimmy Clare: I got the Kindle version only because, in my new house, my room is very small. I can't even fit my big bookcase. It's all the way in the guest room next door to me. So basically the only thing that fits in my room is my big L shape desk, my bed. That's it right now. 

Len Dcarmine: Got it. 

Jimmy Clare: All my other books are like in storage at the moment, so I'm still trying to get that back to well, Jimmy, I appreciate you buying. 

Len Dcarmine: A copy, thank you very much. And I'm excited to hear what you have to share about it and what you've been learning through the book to see how you've been applying it to your life. 

Jimmy Clare: Of course. so just, out of curiosity how did you come up with the concept of the 1% More book? And can you give a little bit brief introduction, to what it is for the people who don't know what it is yet? 

Len Dcarmine: Yeah, sure, yeah, I'll do that first. This, book. It's called 1% More the Hidden Force to creating extraordinary results in life and business. It is a collaboration book. So I have 20 plus authors, co authors in the book with me, who are coaches, business owners, and leaders, who are experts in their industry sharing their stories and their strategies. And most of the guests, actually most of the co authors in the book have been guests on the podcast show. they took, a chance with me and said, hey man, let's do this, let's try this out. this is my first published book, so it's been very exciting. I've learned a lot of things along the way, some great things and some things I need to improve for my next book. But it's all been a beautiful journey of learning and growing and I'm very happy that those who participate in the book, have gone along with me in that journey. And the way the book is set up is broken up into four pillars. Four pillars that I teach you, which are awareness, growth, action, and impact. And I write the introduction to all four of these sections, and then I fill it in with the authors. 

Len Dcarmine: So each author that   fits best with each of those sections are placed there to give an expansion upon the concept of awareness, the concept of growth, how to take action, and the impact combining all three of them together, the impact that it makes. And it's about just doing that little extra. There's a quote in my book from Jimmy Johnson, that says that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. So that's kind of how I got the concept of 1% more. It's just that little extra that you do that makes you stand out between somebody else who is not doing that. I like to say ordinary or average, people who are extraordinary or above average are doing the little things, the little extra things that are making a huge impact in their lives. And we hear a lot from other coaches and gurus and stuff like that. And that you need to ten X things. You need to go crazy, you need to do double what you're doing. I don't believe in that concept. I think it's overwhelming, I think it's very challenging, and I think people just give up too quickly. But if you do a little bit every single day, those are simple, easy steps to do. And so throughout the book, I have simple, easy strategies that you can apply each day to make a difference in your life. And not only do I have that, I also set the book up as a workbook. So at the end of each chapter, you have an opportunity to answer questions, to see how your progress is going, or to write down your thoughts, ways for you to move forward in taking action in your life. So that's a little bit about the concept of the book. that's also how I got the name of the book, is based off our company, the Extraordinary Being Movement. And that's how the concept came about and that's how I decided to go with 1% more. 

Jimmy Clare: actually, and this is going to mix into it, but you know how I was thinking what have I been offering 1% more? And I feel like what I've been doing lately, on the back end because after I came back from my weeks vacation, I'm actually rebranding some of my social media stuff. So I was like a little bit 1% more and I've been focusing on specifically the brand colors, how I can make it m more appealing to everyone on social media. So it's not just the same boring  gold and black and white colors. 

Len Dcarmine: Sure. 

Jimmy Clare: And what I did, I used a gradient that looks half black, half gold. okay. That looks great. I know that's not like 1% I'm actually helping someone more but I was like well maybe it will eventually help someone more because if it stands out, people are like hey, I want to go check this out. 

Len Dcarmine: Sure. No Jimmy,  it sounds like you are working on your logo and taking time to work on that is doing 1% more is those little actions that you need to take to of course improve your business, improve your life. Because the more attention you can get with a great logo that's catchy and colorful, the better off you are to really grab the attention of the customers or the prospects that you're looking for. 

Jimmy Clare: Without going over the stuff that's in the book. But just in general, what are some of the things that people can 1% more improve for them? Just like some actionable tips not the ones in the book because no spoiler alerts. 

Len Dcarmine: Sure. I always tell people you need to really work on your awareness first and that's where you need to start looking to understand how you show up in the world. What patterns are you currently seeing? If you feel that your life is in disarray and things are always negatively happening to you, that's a sign that the universe is telling you, hey, there's something you need to change. You need to wake up and be aware of it. So you need to start looking at patterns in your life and seeing where you show up. if you're constantly in an argument with your partner, is it really you or is it them? And what is your responsibility in it? where do you need to take ownership in that conflict or in that relationship so that you can become a better person, a better partner, a better lover, so you can show up differently? How are you showing up in work? How are you showing up with your kids? And I've noticed that where you show up in one place, you're also showing up in another place at the same time. So if you're having problem in your relationship, chances are you probably having problems somewhere at work and you're probably having somewhere else, maybe even with your children. And the best way to figure out those things is really asking people for feedback and essence and say, hey, what do you really think about me? What do you see as a strong point? What do you think is a weakness to me? And take that stuff, take the constructive criticism, don't get offended by it. And really look at your life and see where these things are showing up. And then start working on it. You know, start going out and buying books on awareness, self, development, self discovery. Hire a coach. Have them work with you so that you can uncover what we call blind spots and figure out where are these things that you're not seeing. And it's something that could just be a habit that you've been doing for years, but it may not be working for you anymore, or a, belief that you have that just really isn't serving you, if I can speak, serving you. That was useful for you maybe when you were a teenager or young child, but not serving you as an adult now. So those are things that I suggest and ways that you can go about. Start to improving your self awareness. And then once you learn how to once you start understanding yourself more, then you can move to the next stage is growth. Learning to grow, expanding your knowledge, reading books, taking courses, things of that nature. 

Jimmy Clare: I like those tips, and I like how you, make it seem very, attainable and make it seem easy to do. Because there's one task that I was literally putting off for many, many months. And, on this live stream in July, I did not show up very well as myself because I had so many mixed emotions. So I took a step back and what I've been focusing, on, and I figured out where my emotions were coming from. I had too many different places where I store stuff and so many different places that, is a disarray. So I had to spend over my two week break. I didn't consider this work because, of just organization. If I was a professional organizer, I'll consider that as a job. I was sprucing up where I'm storing my stuff, where I can find it. And that's where it occurred to me. It's like, I was unhappy in July because I can't find important stuff. And then when I'm late to send something, somebody, my head shot or my social media link, and why not? It wasn't happening. And I was like, this is me. This is where I need to change. And that's where I decided, okay, I'm going to change. But it didn't come until, August. Only because it's starting to come near the end of July. But the changes didn't come until the end of August just because, I needed to get back to work again. And then I had the two weeks vacation since that's coming up. I'm going to use that time to fully get back to where I want to be. And I got to back where I was going to be and I was like, I don't want to go back to July. Sure, in the summertime I do, but not the whole depressed. And I was just like, I hate this. I was like, I like what I do, but I mentally was hating everything I was doing. Because if it's not this task I'm not doing, I'm not doing good. Let's try this task. And I just go from one thing to another thing. I'm doing everything kind of half ass. 

Len Dcarmine: yeah, I've been there where you just spread yourself too thin, you don't have yourself organized correctly, and then you're right, you do everything half ass. And that's not a great way to work, but at least you're aware of it. So then you can start to put a new system in place and maybe a new time management system, or be able to block out time for yourself, to be focused on your studies or on work or getting things organized and completed. Because when you're not having things completed, you feel chaos in your life. You feel upset, you feel aggravated, you feel on edge. And I've been there, I noticed, like but once you get it done and resolve and make time to do it, it's like a huge relief. And you feel such a sense of freedom once you start organizing your life a little bit. I keep a schedule, but I also leave space for flexibility because life is unpredictable. Sometimes things start on time, and other times you have technical difficulties that set you back 15 minutes. So I like to always give myself a little wiggle room, ahead of time and after whenever I do something, so that I can set myself up for those unknowns in life that we all face. But taking advantage and managing your time is essential. A lot of people don't do that. everyone acts like they don't have enough time in the world, but we all have the same amount of 24 hours. And there's a difference between those who are successful and who aren't. Because those who are successful are time managing their lives, and those who aren't successful are just flying by the sea their pants and have no direction or purpose in life. So you want to always make sure that you're managing things that have a purpose. 

Jimmy Clare: Yeah. And speaking of time management, one of the other things, I've actually. 

Jimmy Clare: Also, revamped a little bit. I wouldn't say revamped, but I replaced I was using Google Calendar. I mean, I still use it, but I'm using a third party tool. And you probably wonder like, well, why are you using a third party tool?  Well, I also have this time management, app on my phone that just got that rid of.  The notification went  on and on. Not consistent, but just like, what it's supposed to do at a certain time. It goes off every single time on the same exact day. And so I thought, is there another tool that I could do this with besides Google Calendar and this other tool? And I found this one that just happened to be in my newsletter, reading tool I've been using. And it just came up this new, app called • Daybook. And I was like, I like this thing. And what's supposed to do is supposed to one thing. I like what it said on their homepage. And it said, normal calendars • try to help you fit more stuff into your, today, like in your workday, where this calendar tool is trying to bring your social calendar and your work calendar together. So you know, it's like, okay, here's your free time block coming up. Make sure you take it so you're not feeling like, oh, all I do is work all day until I go somewhere else, and then I come home, cook dinner, blah, blah, blah before this, and then go out somewhere else again and look forward to this thing. So you're just going to be like, all I do is wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and do the same exact thing over and over and over again. And in the schedule, I had to, set times, like trying to read my book. And I like to read a lot on the weekends. So what I decided to do is, okay, during the week, I'm going to make sure I read my book Monday through Friday. And if I read my book on Saturday and Sunday, or if my parents want to watch a movie or go to the movies and have the option of, let's do this. so I call it free time, okay? So I can go, hang out with friends or go to the movies or doing this. So it's just like what you said, have that flexibility. So it's not like, this is my set schedule. I'm like a robot. I'm going to do the same thing. 

Jimmy Clare: And over and over again. 

Len Dcarmine: Sure. Yeah. And nobody wants to be a robot. We do get in those habits and those patterns that we just go on autopilot and our brain is just like, all right, this is our routine and this is what we do every day. And sometimes you have to break it up a little bit just to get the brain to start thinking differently. So you can start seeing things differently. Because once you get into autopilot, you get blinders on and you don't see other things around you. You're not aware of other things happening, around you, to you and so forth. And you want to just keep expanding and growing and like I said, always be in action for myself. What I try to do now, so that I don't have that mundaneness is that I schedule a new experience for myself every month. So whatever that experience new experiences, like going to travel or going to a concert, exploring a new restaurant, going on a random road trip somewhere for the day, and just exploring and seeing what I can find. I add those in so I have a more fulfilling, life for myself. More culture, more educated, so I'm not in that mundane way all the time. So I can expand my life and be more educated, experience more things and talk to new people. So I create monthly experiences for myself. And they don't have to be expensive, they don't have to be big. It's just something that's out of your normal routine and that has been working well for me and I've been enjoying it. 

Jimmy Clare: so who would this book be beneficial for? Like, would it be benefit entrepreneurs or dads or moms or brothers and sisters? 

Len Dcarmine: That's a great question. Yeah, this book is just laying the foundation, of personal development. This book is suitable for, really, anybody, for a teenager on up for them to start, for anyone to start learning how to be more socially aware of themselves, start developing, developing their awareness. And I walk you through, along with the co authors. I have over 20 different co authors in this book and each of them are sharing a different way and a different perspective. I have people that have suffered from depression and got themselves out. I've had people in the book who have been overweight. I've been able to lose that weight and now live a healthier lifestyle. I have people that talk about, what else do we have in that book about leadership, how to become a better leader, how to step up and live your life in integrity and leadership. So this book is very, very diverse and it gives enough for anybody who could pick it up something to inspire them by, something that they can easily follow and have strategies and systems that they can implement today. So I put a lot of work into this book to make sure that it is simple and easy to use. I don't add a lot of big flop. I have some personal stories about myself in the book and growing up and my family, but nothing that overshadows the true essence of the book. And that strategies and systems that you can implement today. Because I wanted to give everybody the opportunity to find their gifts, to become successful, to do the things necessary so they can rise above and do that 1% more to set them apart from everybody else who are choosing not to, who want to just stay home and play video games who don't want to pick up that book to learn something new. We all have our own passions, and we all have our own purpose in life. And this book is going to help you find that, figure out what your purpose is so you can start developing it, so you can become a higher level human being, somebody that you can have other people be inspired by you in life. So that's what the book is about. 

Jimmy Clare: I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of this book because, I'm always looking ways to better myself. But, I think in my opinion, and I said this to one of my friends and maybe my parents, that I think I'm always still going to always play video games in my life, but only, if I'm not doing anything on the weekend, particularly like if I have a plan  event or whatnot. Because it's just kind of an escape for me. Not like I'm escaping from real life, but just like, OK, it's either that or I'm working on something and I need to take a break. And that's one of my breaks I like to do, because it's fun for me still. 

Len Dcarmine: Yeah. Jimmy I have no problem with anybody taking a break to go play video games or binge watching Netflix or something. I need that break. Two at times, it's just when that's all your life is about, unless you're making money with it, unless it's a business, you're making money with it. Hey, more power to you. But if you're just consuming your life with just escaping all the time, that's not always very healthy to do. You need to be driven. Like, you need to have a passion and a purpose. Because there's much more to life. And some people, again, get those blinders on and they'll explore what's outside their house, outside their bedroom, and to see what's out there in the world. The world is beautiful, and there's so much out there that it has to offer and give. And I'm just the type of person that likes a new adventure and likes to know more what else is out there. How else can I improve my life? How else can I do more? How else can I serve the world? And that's what my passion and my purposes in life is to serve others. 

Jimmy Clare: I think my passion is, educating people, continue educating people about autism awareness. Because from an autism point of view, not just, so called experts who think that they know the nook and cranny. Not bashing any experts or anything, sure. 

Len Dcarmine: But an expert is a living in your shoes. Yeah, where you're dealing with autism every single day. And you're the one who has to understand how to cope in a world with it. Whether or not so coming from you, you are an expert in your way. 

Jimmy Clare: Yeah. So, what are some other steps that people could apply, for being 1% better? 

Len Dcarmine: Yeah. No, that's great. We've kind of touched on a few things right now in our conversation. Definitely set the time schedule for yourself. Start learning how to time block so that you can really see how much you're getting done in your life and how else you can make some improvements. Because you'd be surprised. All of a sudden you're on Instagram or watching Real. The next thing you know, an hour has gone by. You're like, oh, what the heck is happening? So you want to be able to either time block that. I'm like, all right, I'm going to spend five minutes on social media. Ten minutes of social media, that's it. Turn it off, go back to doing your work, take a break, turn it back on, and move forward again. You also want to be able to create a, goal. Create a goal, plan a system in your life. What type of goals do you want to create? And really start looking at that. Where do you want to be in a year from now, two years from now, 5,10, 20 years? And start planning out that far. And you'll be surprised what you really accomplished once you have these goals written out and say, hey, this is what I want to do by this particular time frame, and these are the steps I need to take to get there. You'll start working on it and you might get there. You might have a four or five year plan. You might be able to achieve it in two to three years. You never know unless you start taking and being in action. And that's something I try to do every day, is learning something new or putting myself out there, coming onto a podcast show, or finding other shows to go on, or, what's my next book I'm going to write? Who can I team up with? How can I collaborate? So I like to constantly be an action to meet new people, and that has helped me accelerate my growth and help me reach my goals a lot faster. So that's what you want to do, and with that aspect of it, set your goals. So you want to do time management. You want to set your goals. We talked about blind spots, how to uncover blind spots in your life where you ask for feedback, take the rest and say, hey, what do you like and don't like about me? What do you see that I constantly do wrong? What do you like about me? And figure out ways, of improving what already is your strength and how you can provide that more to people. something else I like to do is talk to people about what's working and what's not working in their life. For example, if your health isn't working, why isn't working? And write out all the things that with your health that's not working right, and that will open up more awareness to your life. So you can take action on making improvements to those and be in action and making living a healthier lifestyle, going to the gym, figuring out what you need to do to get yourself into a better state of mind in a better state of healthy condition. 

Jimmy Clare: Well, that's what I also been focusing on as well. I've been, writing down, kind of like taking note of what my feelings are. Journal, I've been even making a vision board for myself, a virtual one. Because, if I make a big mess in my new  house, I'm toast. 

Len Dcarmine: Yeah, those virtual vision boards are great as long as you have them up on your computer and you're looking at it daily, even running affirmations and so forth about who you are, who you want to become, and what you want to do in life, but make them specific, make them detailed, things of that nature. you're on the right track. And something else I was going to add in there because you were talking about vision boards that came to my mind is living your life with intention. We all have good intentions to go do things. I have the good intentions to our business, or audition for this part in a play, or get on stage, those are good intentions. But when you start looking intentionally and say, I am, going to get on stage to be a TEDx speaker, or I am going to develop my podcast show by next month. That's you now living in intention, that's you putting it out there in the universe to hold your stuff accountable and responsible and taking ownership and making it happen. So you want to live life intentionally. That's the only way you can really make your life successful is having that intent and moving forward on taking action. 

Jimmy Clare: I like that. I like living my life intentionally, especially because, for a long time I was wondering if I was good enough writer to actually submit an article to Forbes. And I, finally got the courage enough to submit it. And I use this PR kind of tool to be featured in companies like that. so I submitted a piece. Of course, there's a tracking kind of feature to see where you it just being reviewed and whatnot. And it's like I might think when if I see it says published and I'd be like, holy crap. 

Len Dcarmine: Yeah, that would be an awesome experience and opportunity. There's a lot of opportunities out there. You just have to start looking for even starting off in a local publication or your school publication and getting started there because they might have more flexibility to allow you to submit an article just to give you the start. And then when you submit something to Inc or Forbes or Men's Health or something like that. You can say, hey, I've also been featured on these podcast shows. I've also been featured in these other articles and other magazines, newspapers and so forth. They may not be big ones yet, but hey, at least you start building up that track record to say, hey, this guy is serious about writing. He is serious about what he wants to be doing in his life. And that does weigh a lot to these. This helps you out a great deal. 

Jimmy Clare: I still have my, Times Square in New York City. billboard photo. I also have my Autism Parenting magazine. I mean, not the specific issue because I got that free issue and that would be mean for me to share that publicly because they want you to pay for it, for people to pay for it. So I was like, I'm not going to do that. But still I have it. I've been there. I even linked, to the digital online copy of it   • my name's on the list of authors listed in the magazine. 

Len Dcarmine: Yeah. And that's fantastic. And that's what you want to keep doing is just keep showing your authority in what you do and your position. So all that adds up over time. 

Jimmy Clare: what should people take away from your book when they're finished reading? it. 

Len Dcarmine: I appreciate the questions, Jimmy. I, want people to take away is that you have the power to make a difference in your life. And it doesn't have to be hard, it's simple. You just have to be in action. You have to learn more about yourself. You have to spend a little time reading, growing and developing yourself. And because when you go through those stages of awareness, growth in action, it causes an impact. And that impact is one, you're making a huge impact on yourself. You're going to develop and change and people are going to see you quite differently in time. Then the impact is also going to affect people around you because you're going to be a catalyst to help other people, either intentionally and non intentionally, to start developing themselves. And then that starts a ripple effect that can affect the world. So you as one person can make a big change by just doing little things that 1% more every single day in your life. That can cause a ripple effect of success, not only for you, but for everybody else around you as well, because they're going to see how well you're doing. And this book lays a foundation for you to start that and you can develop from there. 

Jimmy Clare: So where can people read, your book, find your book, purchase your book? And is the book in any of libraries around the world? 

Len Dcarmine: Yes, my book currently is on Amazon. you can get it on Amazon. You can get Barnes and Nobles and Walmart online, and Goodreads,  so you can get it at those locations. A lot of people pick it up at Amazon, which is great. I do have the Kindle version and I do have it as a soft cover book and I'll be excited if you get a copy. I would appreciate it. I don't believe I have it in libraries yet. I know, that's something I'm working on, getting it more distributed out there, but that is on the list to do as well. And, I have no problem if a library will a copy of it. Sending them a copy as well to have it hosted, have it there. but yeah, check out on Amazon, go there on Amazon and pick, up a copy today. 

Jimmy Clare: Awesome. And where can people find you, follow you, and learn more about who you are, what you do and. 

Len Dcarmine: Whatnot yeah, they can go over to my website. It's called the And there they can start seeing more information about what the company is about, what we do, some, of the guests that have been on our show, some of our podcast shows, your podcast show, and also be able to get some more information about the book as well. So, again, it's called The Extraordinary Being Movement and they can go there and learn a little bit more about me and my coaching and what my partners and I are up to. 

Jimmy Clare: And there's the exact website. 

Len Dcarmine: There you go. 

Jimmy Clare: I'm multitasking. 

Len Dcarmine: There you go. Yeah, you're multitasking. Doing a great job. So I appreciate it. So, yeah, so that's the website. You can go there and click, or you can go to that link as well. That takes you right to Amazon. Or you can go to the website and click there and that will take you to, the opportunity to order the book as well. 

Jimmy Clare: Awesome. And I'll keep you posted when this episode goes live. I'm going to make sure it goes live, by the end of this month. And, by the way, if you come, into Pennsylvania, you and me got to get meet up. 

Len Dcarmine: Yeah, no problem. We would definitely meet up. Jimmy like I said, I used to live in Pennsylvania State College, Pennsylvania, for a long time until I moved out to Arizona. so, yeah, I would definitely look you up when I'm back out back. 

Jimmy Clare: In the area, definitely. And thank, you for joining us and I, appreciate your time and you're always welcome on the show. 

Len Dcarmine: Great, Jimmy. Same to you. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. 


Len DeCarmine

Coach, Co-Host, and Co-Creator of The Extraordinary Being Movement.

Len DeCarmine is a Coach, Co-Host, and Co-Creator of The Extraordinary Being Movement. He along with his two partners are creating a global movement to empower people in personal growth and achievement. Their weekly podcast show touches the hearts and souls of their listeners while bringing immense value and knowledge from guests all over the world discussing topics on business, life, relationships, spirituality, health and so much more. Their goal is to transform the lives of a million of people around the world.