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July 10, 2020

Podcasting Made Simple: Your Guide To Creating A Show That Rocks With Lakisha Mosley

Podcasting Made Simple: Your Guide To Creating A Show That Rocks With Lakisha Mosley

Do you want to start your own podcast but you don't know what it takes? Lakisha Mosley who runs Convo with Kisha talks about what inspired her to start her own podcast and what it takes to make one with a full-time job.
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Podcasting has become an incredibly popular way to consume media. With so many people creating and listening to podcasts, it can be daunting to get started. This guide will walk you through the basics of podcasting, including how to create a show that rocks.


Key Take-Aways From The Episode

  1. How do i start a podcast?
  2. How to setup a podcast?
  3. How to start a podcast and make money?



About The Guest


Born and raised in Alexandria, LA, I am the oldest of three. I am a graduate of Louisiana State University, Northwestern State University and Houston Community College with degrees in Criminal Justice and Human Resource Management. 


I am a mother of two gorgeous adult children, Kaniecia & Kaylon. Kaniecia, my gorgeous princess is currently in school for nursing. Not only do we look alike but she has most of my traits, good and bad. Kaylon is my handsome prince who is the jokester of the family. This kid never turns down. He is always full of energy and playing around. They both certainly keep life entertaining for me.



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Jimmy Clare


Jimmy Clare: Okay, today I got a new podcast, an interview with Lakesha Mosley, who I met. I did a podcast with her. how long ago?

LaKisha Mosley: a few months ago. Right before your anniversary.

Jimmy Clare: Yeah, that's true. Three months ago. Oh, my gosh.

LaKisha Mosley: I know.

Jimmy Clare: And, I think today is going to be in a spot. I'm shooting for an inspiring message today. So let's get started. Welcome to crazy, fitness guys. Healthy living podcast.

LaKisha Mosley: Thank you. I'm so excited to be here.

Jimmy Clare: and, just have to note that I almost forgot what my name on my podcast was after I just rebranded it today. That's when you know when you have too many things going on.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes, same with me.

Jimmy Clare: tell me a little bit about yourself.


LaKisha Mosley: Well, as you said, I am Lakisha Mosley I am a serial entrepreneur as well as a corporate worker. So I have a podcast of my own called The Konvos with Kisha I have an event management company called the LM Experience, and I also run a blog named after myself. But by day, I'm a grocery store manager.


Jimmy Clare: Jeez. And I thought I was busy. I even had a podcast, with a guest interviewer on here who's a New York Times bestselling author. And he coaches, he teaches, he writes, and he takes care of his family.

LaKisha Mosley: Oh, wow.

Jimmy Clare: He puts me ashamed. I just can't win, can I?

LaKisha Mosley: It's perfect to not have all these things to do. Trust me.

Jimmy Clare: so what got you into, having your own podcast?

LaKisha Mosley: Well, I do blog features on my blog, and so I would do them live. So I would actually call the person, or we do Zoom, and they are like, so much fun over, you know, like, live. And so one day I just decided, like, oh, my gosh, like, people really don't get to hear the excitement or the fun that we have with doing these interviews. So a friend suggested, why don't you start a podcast? I was like a podcast. no, that's too much work and I don't have time.


She's like, you got time to do blog interviews, so why not start a podcast? And so I was like, let's get started doing a little research, and then I saw that it really was easy, that it really wasn't as hard as I thought it was. And so I just decided to launch. Actually, it's been a year. I launched on Father's Day last year, last year on Father's Day. And it's just been amazing ever since.

Jimmy Clare: You and me both. I've been enjoying it. And I, even said to my parents, I wish I kind of started a podcast before I started a website.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes.

Jimmy Clare: Because it costs me a lot more money.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes.

Jimmy Clare: so, tell me a little bit about your podcast. What is it about?

LaKisha Mosley: Well, my podcast features, entrepreneurs like yourself, that are really like, doing some great things. Like, they have, businesses that other people in my audience have. So my audience is kind of varied, but they are into fitness, they're into wellness, they're into starting a business, finances.


So I actually highlight and feature, amazing men and women from all over the world, from fitness guys like yourself to money Whispers, like my friend Oga, to people who are just making things happen in social media marketing, like my friend Katie. Just different people. There's a variety of folks that I have on my podcast.

Jimmy Clare: That is really interesting. sounds, like you, 're doing a lot, of work over there. sorry about that. What do you think are your, most struggles as an entrepreneur and a podcaster?

LaKisha Mosley: The main one is really time. And I say that lightly because if we schedule ourselves how we should excuse me? If we schedule time as we should, if we prioritize things, then time really won't be a factor. But time seems to be the biggest struggle that I have, as well as other entrepreneurs who have multiple businesses, as well as who work outside of the home. It's almost like there's never a time or enough time for everything to, get done.


So sometimes, time is a huge, huge, factor for me when it comes to taking, care of my business and getting my podcast, going. I have to interview for a certain number of weeks and just pile up interviews. Like, I just take that time to do that, and then I just release them as they come. Otherwise, I wouldn't have any guests on my podcast.

Jimmy Clare: I only do my podcast monthly, because I'm running so many other things and I'm in college. and I definitely know how you feel then. I wish I could buy more time. You have 24 hours in a day.

LaKisha Mosley: Exactly.

Jimmy Clare: I'm not a night owl. I don't do well at night.

LaKisha Mosley: And see, I'm the exact opposite. I am a night owl. and so sometimes that doesn't work for me because I have to get up in the morning, and go to work. So I think my peak productivity time is at night, but it doesn't work with the other job that I have, which is where I work in the daytime. So I need to not be up half the night working on stuff. I need to get myself in bed.


Jimmy Clare: Yeah, I know. If I don't get enough sleep, I'm basically like The Hulk. People should just stay the heck away from me. It's like they woke with a beast inside of me. Hence the name crazy fitness guy. Wink, wink. How did you come up with the name for, your podcast?

LaKisha Mosley: Well, everything else was kind of branded with my name. My blog is my name. My event management company is my initials. And so when I first launched my podcast, I really couldn't, come up with something that was like, cool, I thought. So my first name was, like, Confessions of a CEO. And so the premise behind it was I wanted everyone on there to kind of, like, share something that no one else kind of knew. Well, as you know, Jimmy, folks don't want to sell their business.


So that didn't kind of work out as much. And so I was like, okay, well, that really doesn't fit what I want and what I do. And so when I decided to rebrand, I was like, everything else is named after myself. why not do that? And then I saw my podcast as being a lot different than other podcasts, where I really like conversations, like what we're doing.


It's not just a whole bunch of questions. I like from me and my guest to just have conversations. And so I said, okay, let me just change the name to Convo with Kisha because that's really what we're doing. And of course, it just kind of lines up with the other two brands I have, just being named after myself.


Jimmy Clare: I totally agree with you. I like having conversations right now, basically. all these questions I'm asking you are literally off the top of my head. I have no notes in front of me at all.

LaKisha Mosley: Right. Exactly.

Jimmy Clare: I like it that way. I even said when I created this podcast, I don't think I could do one more thing that I can plan for. Like every blog post I do, I have some bullet points. There was one podcast I did just to bullet points down, but I barely even used it during the podcast episode. I might plan but didn't even read it for Word.

LaKisha Mosley: For word, right? Yeah. You want it to be as natural as possible. I know. For myself, I do have a form that I have my guest fill out.

LaKisha Mosley: But it's really mainly to kind of gauge where they want to go with the conversation because you know more about your brand than I do unless I know you personally. And so I want my audience to hear and tap into those things that you want to share with them.


So that's the only reason why I have a form. But I'm like, I just love for the conversation to flow because it just seems so natural. And people like authenticity. They love just hearing people talk about the things they're passionate about and the things that they love.

Jimmy Clare: if you could change something about your podcast, would you do it?

LaKisha Mosley: Probably have more subscribers, more downloads, honestly, no. I think my podcast, is where it should be, honestly. And I know some people may be like, oh, that's so cliche. No, I honestly think it's where it needs to be right now at this moment. there's not a lot of pressure other than, like I said, time.


but I'm having fun doing it. it's so natural for me. and I was always someone that said, oh, I hate the sound of my voice. I will never, ever do anything where I have to constantly use my voice and look at what I'm doing, like webinars, podcasts, all of these things. So I don't think I would change anything. I think my podcast is right where it needs to be.


Jimmy Clare: Boy, I wish I could say the same thing because I hate the sound of my own, voice every time I go through the recording and everything. I was talking to my friend earlier, and he just loves to, mess with me and everything. And I told him how many, plays, and people listen to my podcast. And he's just like, oh, so you listen, to your voice 200 and something times?


And I was like, I don't think I could do that. I don't think I can listen to myself that long. I was like, each podcast episode was like 30 to 40 minutes. It's like, if I did that 200-something-plus times, and it's like, oh, my goodness.


LaKisha Mosley: Yeah. No way. No way.

Jimmy Clare: Every time I hear myself, it's like, why does everybody else seem louder than me? I sound like a robot.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah, I'm the same way with myself. I'm like, okay, everybody else sounds so good. And I just sound, like, horrible. And I can only listen to myself, like, one time. And that's when I'm editing my podcast. So when my podcast launches, I rarely listen to it.

Jimmy Clare: I just don't I didn't even listen to my own I might play it by accident just to, make sure that I didn't miss anything.

LaKisha Mosley: Right.

Jimmy Clare: Other than that.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah, I'm like, no, I'm not a fan. I'm not a fan.

Jimmy Clare: I don't think I could even do a voiceover for an audiobook.

LaKisha Mosley: I know the people who do those things. I think it's really cool. But I couldn't do it.

Jimmy Clare: I want James Earl Jone's voice.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes.

Jimmy Clare: Morgan.

LaKisha Mosley: freeman.

Jimmy Clare: Morgan Freeman. That's true.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes.

Jimmy Clare: that's another one. how about Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs? 

LaKisha Mosley: Yes. Cool voice.

Jimmy Clare: I need to get him to do my podcast. It might sound more interesting. I want to have any more jokes I can come up with today. How much is on a roll today? You know, that's when it's a good day, right?


LaKisha Mosley: Exactly. We got to have fun in this life. I mean, totally have to have fun.

Jimmy Clare: how do you manage to take breaks, when, you run your own business?

LaKisha Mosley: Well, actually, I schedule them. So I come from corporate, which, you know, I'm still there, but leaving soon, actually. But in corporate, they teach us that what gets scheduled gets done. And it's really true. So it's honestly, game-changing when you can schedule most of your day. I mean, you have to make time for those what I call shit moments. Excuse my expression. But you have to make time for those because they happen. Like today.


Me, I was like, okay, I'm going to get off early. I'm going to get home and I can prepare for Jimmy and be ready. Okay. Well, it was torrential rain, so guess what? I didn't get to leave early. I had to wait until the rain slows down. But it was time for me to come home to take a break, relax, and get prepared to talk with you. Well, something came up, and I couldn't do that. So you have to schedule time for yourself. You have to schedule self-care.


Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but it's so rewarding. So if you don't take breaks to refuel and re-energize, you can't serve those people who trust you. You can't serve those people who pay you to take care of things for them. So breaks have their must. You have to take them.
Jimmy Clare: That's true. I know for myself, next, week, I'm actually taking a break myself because I need a break.


LaKisha Mosley: Yeah.

Jimmy Clare: And it's funny. Speaking of which, of corporate, you want to leave corporate, and, somehow a lot of people around me are trying to say, oh, well, maybe you should take a job in corporate. Or get a job and, let the government take care of you. I'm not lazy and I don't really care.


LaKisha Mosley: Right. No, I'm getting out.

Jimmy Clare: But it comes with perks and it's like yeah, an early grave.

LaKisha Mosley: Right. Exactly. Stress.

Jimmy Clare: I've never been in a corporate, but seeing my dad come home every single night for, many years frustrated at his job is like, is that what corporate does? Because I, don't want any part of that world.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes. and I think about it like this, Jimmy. Why would I want to dedicate my life to someone who controls how much money I make? As an entrepreneur, no one controls how much money I make but me. If I get out there and bust my tail and I make it happen, then I'm controlling the dollars that come into my business.


It doesn't matter how hard I work, how much someone may prefer coming to my store than going to another person's store. My salary is going to remain the same. It's not going to change. But as an entrepreneur, I can decide how much m money I want to make. I can decide what my caps or my limits, are. And I'm doing it on my own terms, other, than the laws of the city, the state, and the government. But beyond that, I make my own rules.


I'm my own boss. I work when I want to work. I go to bed when I want to go to bed. I take breaks when I want to take breaks. Like, I'm not governed by any other forces, but my own. I have total autonomy and I have total control of my entire life. No one controls that.

Jimmy Clare: Wait, you're telling me there were a bunch of pawns in the game from the government? Oh, my goodness. This is a news flash to me. Yikes. Oh, boy. that's scary. might as well have the terminator take over the world too long as you do, right?


LaKisha Mosley: They stay out to business. Trust me. They don't bother you too much. Other than when it's tax time to pay them taxes on that business. That's it.

Jimmy Clare: Uncle Sam wants his taxes.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah, that's it. That's all they want. If they tax money, they'll leave you alone.

Jimmy Clare: Yeah. Be nice if they left me alone. They always want more money for me.

LaKisha Mosley: More money. More money. Yes.

Jimmy Clare: I think they should give me more. I think they should give me money.

LaKisha Mosley: I agree.

Jimmy Clare: They should give us all money.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes. Like, give it to us instead of taking it.

Jimmy Clare: It's not like it goes anywhere useful anyway.

LaKisha Mosley: yeah, you know, that's a whole other conversation. That is the truth.

Jimmy Clare: Exactly. out of all the guests that you have on your podcast, who would you say would be your favorite?

LaKisha Mosley: My favorite.

Jimmy Clare: And now you don't have to say me.

LaKisha Mosley: Oh, my God. You are mistaken. I don't think I really have a favorite. And I say that because everybody brings a different experience and a different, set of experiences or, like, livelihood to my show. I look at it like my friend Katie says, everybody that comes on my show, even when Katie came on, I had a money expert Takisha come on.


Of these people, it's like me attending a university, because not only do they give my audience great information, but I'm soaking in all of that information, too. So I get to learn a lot. I get to talk to people from all over the world for free. Like, I get to go to Oxford educated, Harvard, educated, Yale-educated, spellment educated guest for free.


Like, I'm getting all the goods for free. So I don't think I really have a favorite one. Everybody brings a fresh perspective and a fresh experience to my show. And so it would be hard for me to pick someone that would be considered a favorite boy.

Jimmy Clare: I think after you said all of that, I think you might have to give me some of these contacts.

LaKisha Mosley: I, don't mind my friend. They are some awesome people.

Jimmy Clare: I, need more contacts because, oh, my goodness. I feel like I'm running out.

LaKisha Mosley: Know, I don't mind Sharon. sharing is caring

Jimmy Clare: Hey, that's actually one of my, share buttons that say that on my website. Sharing is caring.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes. I don't mind at all.

Jimmy Clare: what do you think is the most, do you find that it's a struggle to learn new things every single day? As an entrepreneur.

LaKisha Mosley: I think it is in the sense of, being able to dedicate the time to it. Because as an entrepreneur, you have the most freedom. You have autonomy, but you are also responsible for every single solitary thing. So you have to learn new things. You have to adapt. Especially now, Jim, think about it. When Kobe came out, we all had to adapt. So, as an entrepreneur, you have to learn.

You have to adapt to, different things, but you also want to make sure you're doing it the right way. So I think it's kind of hard to take in new things every single day. But it is something that we should strive to do because we have to. We have to now because there's a lot going on.

Jimmy Clare: I totally agree. Except maybe, I don't think Apple will like this one, but, except for, Apple's, new, update where they're going to have Safari Block, and Google Analytics for pretty much every single website out there in the whole world, which will mess up everybody's data.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes.

Jimmy Clare: I don't think we should be able to adapt to that.

LaKisha Mosley: Not at all. Because some of us look forward to them. Analytics. Honey, I need to know who going to my site.

Jimmy Clare: Exactly. That's funny. And I know this is off-topic, but I just have to say it anyway, but I don't really care. it's amazing. it's going to hurt Google a little bit, but it's not going to make them go away.
LaKisha Mosley: Right.

Jimmy Clare: And two, pretty much every website that I know of, at least I think everybody that I know out there uses some sort of Google Analytics or some form of analytics tool. And if you're going to block that, you know how much data you're ah, messing up.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah, a lot.

Jimmy Clare: And so even if they think that they're going to hurt Google, they're going to hurt everybody else. It's collateral damage.

LaKisha Mosley: Exactly.

Jimmy Clare: where the lawmakers on that?

LaKisha Mosley: Nowhere. They somewhere probably hiding. Not worried about it.

Jimmy Clare: Yeah, they only worry about it, when it's affecting them.

LaKisha Mosley: Exactly. That's the only time they think about it. But right now it could or could not be affecting them, so I don't care.

Jimmy Clare: Yeah, but, when everybody's data is messed up and everybody's blocked out of, and no one knows if anybody's reading their website from, any Apple users, right? I don't see this going over very well for them.

LaKisha Mosley: Not at all. I don't either. I don't either.

Jimmy Clare: No offense, Tim Cook, if you listen, but I, hope it really backfires. Okay, now back on topic. I'm sorry. That was my rant for the day. Hey, I just heard this news yesterday around my Facebook, group. So I was like, no, that's great. There's like, always one more roadblock. Speaking of roadblocks


LaKisha Mosley: Yes.

Jimmy Clare: how do you manage to get over roadblocks?

LaKisha Mosley: Well, I don't even see roadblocks as roadblocks I see them as opportunities for me to, rethink or do something better. Because there's no one way to do anything. there's really not any right way unless you're breaking the law, but you kind of make your own way.


And so when roadblocks come up, it makes me pause and say, okay, LaKisha what are your processes? Are your processes out of whack? Did you not fully think this out? because I am a personality, I move rather quickly. I move super quickly. Like, you can drop an idea and I'm like, already two steps ahead of you with planning it out and how we're going to execute it.


So sometimes, roadblocks aka opportunities are ways for me to slow myself down and say, look, home girl, you need to rethink this thing. Because if it's this many problems with launching it, or if it is this many problems with making it work, you miss something along the way.


So sometimes it makes me back up and then rethink what I'm doing. And then nine times out of ten, I'll say most of the time, it gives me a better result because I have missed a step in there because I'm moving so fast, or I didn't consider, one piece of information that would make the whole thing work right. So, yeah, I look at them as opportunities. There's a chance for me to slow down and rethink some stuff.


Jimmy Clare: Boy, you're going to have to teach me that one because I need some of that. if only you knew the type of day I had yesterday. don't even get me started. That's another story for another time. A very long story. what do you've to think you find the most, fun about, having a podcast?


LaKisha Mosley: Oh, my gosh, it's meeting so many different people from all over the world. Not just in cities, states, country, but all over the world. I've had guests, from the UK. I've had guests from Nigeria, I mean, all over. And even here locally in the States, I've had guests in Hawaii,  you, name it.


So, for me, it's fun too, to talk to people from different countries, different cultures, and different backgrounds. it's so rewarding to me to happen to people who are so knowledgeable, about their subject matter. And then they live, you know, across the country, or they live, you know, across the world. I think that's the most fun for me.


Jimmy Clare: Just curiosity. where do you live anyway?

LaKisha Mosley: I'm in Houston, Texas.

Jimmy Clare: should stop by there next time.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes.

Jimmy Clare: I need to escape this all. I feel like even though I'm at my shore house, I feel like I'm in a prison. I don't know how's the rest yeah.

LaKisha Mosley: We all kind of feel that a little bit, but I'm okay with it as long as I don't get sick. I'm okay with being in the house.

Jimmy Clare: I'm okay to a certain extent, but I'm getting tired of this whole thing. And I think I'm able to get my hair cut next week, which, I can't wait for. Yeah, people said I should keep my hair this long. I hate it. It's messing up my I don't know. I got these curly cues in my hair now, and I might as well need a hairstylist, too.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah, you probably have somebody else speed dial. They would have come and taken care of you.

Jimmy Clare: Yeah, that'd be nice.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah.

Jimmy Clare: how do you meet these guests, of yours?

LaKisha Mosley: Well, some of them are referrals. so when I first started my podcast, my network is huge because I'm an event planner by trade, so my network is kind of big. But, some of them were referrals. Some of them were people that I knew personally that, I wanted to have on my podcast.


And then, I joined a couple of Facebook groups. So that's another way that, I meet guests and one of them is a particular podcast, a Facebook ah, group. And so you can post in there if you're looking for guests and the type of guest you're looking for.


You can even tell people that you're wanting to be a guest on their show. But most of my, guests have been referrals from someone. So, like, I interview you and you may say, hey, I got three other people that I think would be perfect for your show. They send them over, and we kind of chat, and see if we're a good fit. Bam. We schedule and we get a record.


Jimmy Clare: Jeez. after this episode, we're going to have to have a lot to talk about.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah, it's very beneficial.

Jimmy Clare: what do you think? just out of curiosity, do you make your own, templates, for your podcast?

LaKisha Mosley: Yes, I do. I am the Canva queen. I love canva. And so I just play around in Canva and just kind of come up with something and then I just use the same template because, you know, continuity in your brand is really a good thing. So I make up like, one thing and then I just use it for all of it.


Jimmy Clare: Your work inspires me.

LaKisha Mosley: Oh, thank you.

Jimmy Clare: Ah, I like what you have done. I think it's really, compelling, except i, don't know if you, know, there is an option to remove, the Anchor logo. Really?

LaKisha Mosley: yeah.

Jimmy Clare: like for your podcast art. I know that, but do you use their logo on their podcast?

LaKisha Mosley: I don't on the ones that I post on social unless marketing all of the platforms that I'm on. So of course with Anchor, they put us out to all these different other platforms like Google, Apple, and all of those others ones. So I don't use the Anchor logo a lot, which I don't mind. But I always have my Anchor web address on my, materials.

Jimmy Clare: yeah, that makes sense. What do you think when you're running, your podcast and business, what do you think is done? One of the most annoying things that, annoy you about what other people do? let me give you an example.


I saw this one podcast there. they only had their podcast on, Apple podcast. And to me, right off the bat, it was like a topic that I was interested in and it sounded like they, know a lot about a certain topic. I'm not specifying the topic because I don't need that person to know that I'm saying something.

LaKisha Mosley: right.

Jimmy Clare: But, I really wanted to listen to their podcast. And it was a topic that I really liked, and I want to know more about it. because just reading about articles or books or whatever kind of gets boring, and they sound like they're an authority in that niche.


but what kind of bummed me out, is that it was only on an Apple podcast. And I was like, now, why don't you, publish it on multiple platforms? It's like, it's not like it's going to cost you anything else. You just take your RSS feed and, submit it to the other platforms, and every episode you come out with will go on there automatically.


LaKisha Mosley: Right.

Jimmy Clare: I was like, yeah, it takes some time. I did mine over, like, two to three days, maybe a day and a half, I don't know. But I know it wasn't a week. I know it wasn't, like, four days or five days.


LaKisha Mosley: Right, exactly.


Jimmy Clare: That's true. So what do you think, annoys you about what other people do?

LaKisha Mosley: I hate when they are that way. It's only on one platform. I don't think you, open it up to other guests. Like, you're not considering other people who may be interested in hearing your podcast when you do that. I can't stand guests, who are not on time or people who, want you on that podcast and don't even communicate with you about what's going on, or they have tons of ads.


Jimmy, how many commercials do you need on your podcast? I'm sorry. Like, I know that we some people like, oh, well, you know, your sponsors help keep your show running these things. I get that. Trust me, I do. I get it. But I don't want to listen to a podcast. And they're like, 15 ads on that one podcast. So I'm thinking I'm listening to an hour-long podcast when I'm actually listening to, like, 15 minutes. Do you have 20 ads on your podcast? Like, no.


Jimmy Clare: Okay, what's your limit of ads then? What's your top limit of ads?


LaKisha Mosley: I think honestly, you should have no more than, like, maybe three, maybe four. I'll say maybe four if you're trying to split it up. But people don't listen to your podcast for your freaking ads. They listen to your podcast to hear you or to hear the guest that you have on. So to have, like, a ton of ads to me is just highly disrespectful. Right. It's just way too much.


Jimmy Clare: For me. And I'm kind of guilty of it. I put, like, mostly for maybe six, depending on, how long it is. But I break it up in, like, maybe every six to ten minutes that, spread out. So you still get a good chunk of time before you hear another ad. And it's like two minutes. And it's not like a TV commercial, right?


LaKisha Mosley: Right. Yeah. I've heard some podcasts where there were so many ads to where I mean, I couldn't even remember what the podcast was about. Jeez, it was that many ads. And so I was just like, so much.


Jimmy Clare: Well, have you ever, listened to my, other four? Is it four? I think it's four episodes. No, I even forget how many episodes I've created.

LaKisha Mosley: Oh, my gosh.

Jimmy Clare: Maybe six. I don't know.

LaKisha Mosley: That's business. I've heard one, of your episodes. And again, this is me on the fly. Because most of the time I don't listen to the radio. I don't listen to music. Like, I have a Spotify, membership. But I use it. to listen to podcasts. So I'm always listening to podcasts. like, either on my way to work or when I'm getting dressed in the morning, those things. so I do listen to other podcasts.


Of course, I was going to listen to yours like you were online. So of course I was going to do that. But I don't think you had, like, a bunch of ads, Jimmy. I think yours was fine. But it's just some of the ones I think it's mainly the famous people. Let me just say that most of the famous people who have podcasts, I know they do it because they're trying to market their products or whatever. But it's so annoying. Like, 15,000 ads in, an hour's time-space. That's a lot.


Jimmy Clare: I think Lewis Howes doesn't do that many ads. He does some in the beginning and then some at the very end, and maybe one in the middle. But it's not like I'm going to throw you 25 million ads.
LaKisha Mosley: Right?


Jimmy Clare: Pretty much. I have so many products that I use, I could bomber to everybody with all the stuff I do, but it doesn't mean I'm going to do it right. Hell, I wouldn't even want to listen to myself afterward.


LaKisha Mosley: Yeah, I think you do a mixture of them. And of course, if you're someone who has a brand, like, you have a brand, you have a business. I have brands and I have businesses. I think that's okay. And even thinking now, I don't even have ads of my own stuff, on my podcast, which is probably kind of crazy, because maybe I should, but I don't really think, people, want to spend their time listening to a lot of other things when the whole reason why they're there or they're tuning in is to hear you.  That's the whole reason why they're tuning in.


Jimmy Clare: Exactly. I get tired of ads, too. I think that's why I really have stopped watching TV a lot.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes.

Jimmy Clare: I think the only thing now I've watched during the summer months now is America's Got Talent because I like Terry Crews. It is funny. He reminds me of Nick Cannon, though.


LaKisha Mosley: Yeah. I haven't watched it in a long, long time. And I don't watch a lot of TV. I'm just always busy. And I hate to say that. I hate when people tell me all the time, oh, I'm busy, busy, busy. Like, oh, shut up, you're not that busy. But honestly, I don't watch a lot of TV.

Jimmy Clare: Normally.

LaKisha Mosley: from my corporate job, I take two days off a week. And one day is probably like a day I go really hard in all my businesses. I prioritize and I plan out with my assistant, things that I'm going to do for that one particular day.


And then probably that second day that I'm off, I may watch some TV, or I may be watching Netflix or Hulu or something like that. But I'm not really into TV. I'm like, I get annoyed with all of the foolishness that's on there.


Jimmy Clare: so basically you're telling me that's not really a day off then.

LaKisha Mosley: Not really. I guess I guess you're right.

Jimmy Clare: I think we need to look at a day off in the dictionary because I've lost what is a day off. I don't know what a day off is.

LaKisha Mosley: Like, when was the last time I had one? You know, like, truly had a day off.

Jimmy Clare: I think the last time I had a day off was, I don't know.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes, you definitely need a day off.

Jimmy Clare: Yeah, actually, I think the one day off I had well, it was a four-day weekend, was a Memorial Day weekend and that was it.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah. And so because I'm in retail, there's really no days off.

Jimmy Clare: I think they might have to, rethink that after this. 24/7 stores let's close at eight. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to the grocery store at 11:00 at night.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah. And you know, I never understood why, even as a retail manager, we're open that late. I think we give people and I know people may disagree with this, but I think we give people way too many options. there should be no need for stores to be open that late. Like, getting what you need to get within a certain time and letting people go home to their families.


And I do understand that there are people who do work, like overnight shifts and stuff like that. So I'm definitely not trying to say, like, it's not important for them to be able to get stuff. But I mean, really, truly, what do you need to get at 11:00 at night? At twelve? o'clock at night, what do you need to get?


Jimmy Clare: I need a midnight snack.

LaKisha Mosley: You need to get that while they are open. Figure it out.

Jimmy Clare: Maybe they went sleepwalking and they walked into the store. I need something to eat or something.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah. And now it's so bad. Where to me? I feel like people are just coming in the store. They want to get out of the house. It's hard to be in a house. But the grocery store is not the place to be. That's not.

LaKisha Mosley: Some place where you should be coming to hang out?

Jimmy Clare: Yeah, maybe go hang out in a park. social, distance. Yes, your friend's house. If they don't have any symptoms, then just hang out. I don't know.

LaKisha Mosley: Right, exactly. Find something else to do. But the grocery store is not the spot to hang out.
Jimmy Clare: Not even a mall either.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah, no, way too many people.

Jimmy Clare: I feel like being a zombie apocalypse.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes, that is exactly what it feels like. That's exactly what it feels like.

Jimmy Clare: when you plan your, ah, days off and you're self-care, do you find that it's helpful, that you take it, and do you find that, it benefits you and your business?

LaKisha Mosley: Yes, it is very rare, I say out of a month where I may schedule ten off days, ten self-care days, maybe eight or nine are actually taken. It's very rare that I'm going to miss those opportunities, to relax.


Because again, I can't do this business if I'm not at my best. And so in order for me to be at my best, that means that I have to take time off and I have to relax and I have to rejuvenate and I have to just sometimes get still have to go away.


So self-care and days off are super important to me. Even my staff members, I'm the same way with them. I will not call them on their days off. they deserve those days off. They work very hard. And when you work hard serving other people, as in retail grocery stores or even malls or whatever, you need that time to just focus on yourself and just get time to relax because it's a lot that's going on, especially now. but yeah, I always take my self-care on my off days. Always.


Jimmy Clare: Boy, I wish my dad's work when I was growing up. I wish his work left him alone. But since everybody got cell phones and computers, hey, I'm going to email this person at 9:00 and I expect this.


LaKisha Mosley: Yup, yup. I think it's so inhumane. I think it's disrespectful to people, time, and even companies that require, that. I think it's awful that if you like, giving somebody something and taking it back, if you give me two days off, darn it, let me take my two days off. Leave me alone. I don't want to be bothered.

Jimmy Clare: It's like, you work 24/7, you're going to put me in an early grave.

LaKisha Mosley: Right. And I tell people all the time, like, take your darn days off. This is why if something happens to you, if you stroke out if you have a heart attack, if you die, guess what? They're going to send your family a flower, maybe a love gift, but they're going to replace you.

Jimmy Clare: Exactly.

LaKisha Mosley: It's a business. They're going to move on.

Jimmy Clare: Exactly. And that's why, when I see people overworking themselves, I'm like, you know what? You're doing this. You need to make a living. Yeah, everything. But there's a right way to do it. And I feel like there are companies who do that and kind of they should have, like, the slogan that we prepare you for an open grave and an open casket.


LaKisha Mosley: Right, exactly. And you're working for someone else for profit, that you may never see. Yeah, you probably get paid a really good salary or whatever. There may be some benefits or some perks, but you're working for someone else that's going to benefit them.


And so that's my whole mindset around, of course, I'm going to do my job. I'm always going to do my job. But I refuse to wear myself out for someone else's profit and gain because they're only giving me a small fraction of what they're actually making.


Jimmy Clare: what do you see for yourself, and your business in maybe, let's say five or ten years?


LaKisha Mosley: I Expect, for my brands to be huge. I think very big. I want to be able to employ other people, but I also want to be able to help other people start their own businesses their own enterprises, and just branch out and grow. I want my podcast to be huge. Maybe even a talk show. I don't know. Talk shows may be obsolete by then. Who knows?


But, yeah, they might not even be around anymore, who knows? Even with podcasts. But ah, yeah, I definitely want my event management, firm to be huge. I want to be able to do all types of events all over the world. I want to employ other event planners and managers, to be able to bring their skills to the table and help my agency grow. And my blog.


I definitely want to reach a lot I reach a lot of people now, but I want to reach even more people, maybe adding some digital products and courses, to that. I just want to impact the world in a good way. I just want, to be able to leave a good mark on my businesses.


Jimmy Clare: I know that feeling. I know this, shows all, as your spotlight, but I have to put, some input on there as well. I know what you mean that you want to kind of leave a good mark. I think maybe a week or two, maybe three weeks ago. All my days blended. sorry. Then by leaving a mark with your brand, because, last few weeks, I jumped on different platforms when I switched up stuff.


Like I relaunched my crazy swag shop. Now I can ship internationally, which I have never been able to do before. I also have a premium, podcast, you can't hide what's inside. I got that close on SpongeBob. Sorry. basically, I know what you mean by you want to leave a good mark on the world and you want your brim to be well known. my brand would be we have two different niches, but we have big. I would say whatever you say. Goals or dreams? I don't know. Either one I could think maybe works.


LaKisha Mosley: Right.

Jimmy Clare: but I think all of us, entrepreneurs are trying to be inspiring to others because we don't want the norm. especially with this career becoming a new one.

LaKisha Mosley: Exactly.

Jimmy Clare: Messages go away.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah.

Jimmy Clare: Out the window. Yeah. where can people find you, to connect? And where can they listen to your podcast?

LaKisha Mosley: Well, they can listen to me. I'm on anchor as well. My show's name is Convo with Kisha  I also have a website, it's  So if they go on there, they can see all of my latest episodes, they can see past episodes, and if they want to be a guest, they can also, complete a form to be a guest on my show.

Jimmy Clare: where can I follow you on social media?

LaKisha Mosley: Oh, I am all over social media. So, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it is Convo with Kisha for my podcast. If they want to connect with me personally, it is Lakisha Mosley. That's on Facebook, on Instagram, and Twitter as well as LinkedIn is Lakisha Mosley.

Jimmy Clare: I'm not even going to tell you how many social media profiles I'm on. You don't want to know. Okay, I might have to say it anyway. I think in Total Crazy Fitness guy Yeah, m. I spread them out too far. I think maybe 15, 16, maybe 18.

LaKisha Mosley: Oh, that's a lot no, I'm not there.

Jimmy Clare: I can tell you so many tools after.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah. I am blessed to have an amazing social media manager. Her name is Brianna. Brianna is awesome. So she takes care of all of my social, for me. we sit down and we plan out what I want to say for that particular week or two weeks in advance.


And she makes sure all my stuff gets posted for me, as well as, helps me research and do all those things. So without a team, I couldn't do half of what I'm doing. Then I have a fabulous admin. Her name is Claudia. So she keeps me in line. Like, she's like, don't forget you got that podcast tonight with Jimmy. Don't forget. Blah, blah, blah. So, yeah, I couldn't do it without the team. I have an awesome team.

Jimmy Clare: that's nice. I wish I had a team. It's just me.

LaKisha Mosley: Yeah, I need a team. I couldn't do any of this without them. So you'll get there.

Jimmy Clare: Why can't one of those big companies out there like Google or, Apple comes out with a cloning machine so I can clone myself?

LaKisha Mosley: I, know they think they're doing everything else.

Jimmy Clare: Yeah. Why can't I have a cloning machine? So I can make a clone? I can clone myself to, do my podcast. I can clone myself too and I don't mean like that, Jimmy Neutron episode. Yeah, I'm old school. where he made a bunch of clones. But they all have a certain degree of different phases. One is a smart one. He's the original smart one.


Then he has another smart one. But then there's the same exact across the board. Yes. I want, like, three Jimmy Clare's, all in maybe 6,10, maybe 40, just so I can just manage. And the original one will be off on an island somewhere after the virus, and I can just relax.


LaKisha Mosley: Yes.

Jimmy Clare: I wouldn't even call it a dream or a goal, but I would like extra help. But of course, I don't have that.

LaKisha Mosley: Right. Yes.

Jimmy Clare: And I won't pay those clones. They just exist. Well, they're just clones. They're just exact replicas.

LaKisha Mosley: Right. True.

Jimmy Clare: I'm the original. I should get paid. They're just extras.
LaKisha Mosley: Exactly.

Jimmy Clare: I mean, if it was other people, of course, I would pay them, but just myself. Me. Me. And me.
LaKisha Mosley: Right.

Jimmy Clare: well, this has been fun, with you.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes, this is very fun. Of course. It's always fun talking to you, Jimmy.

Jimmy Clare: Stay in touch. It was hard to get you on here because you're such a popular person.

LaKisha Mosley: I know. I have to make sure I do better about that.

Jimmy Clare: send me a friend request on, Facebook, too. so, we can stay in touch easier, because I know sometimes, Facebook pages and nothing work half of the time. I know.

LaKisha Mosley: It's so annoying, too. Yes, that's so true.

Jimmy Clare: Send me a friend request. I have my personal page, somewhere up there.

LaKisha Mosley: Okay, I will do that.

Jimmy Clare: I'm not a stranger, even though you don't exactly know who I am. But I'm a friendly person.

LaKisha Mosley: Of course you are.

Jimmy Clare: Okay, well, that's, with Lakisha Mosley And, I'm so glad we actually got this podcast, to work after, two outages of my lovely Internet provider. Here's an advertisement for you, Comcast. We can't even make a podcast work on our own network. There's one for the books for you. You can have that as a testimonial from me. You can have it 100% free.

LaKisha Mosley: Right.

Jimmy Clare: So glad that you can make it, Lakisha and I, hope we can do this again, before the end of the year.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes, I'd love to. Thank you for having me.

Jimmy Clare: And let's keep in touch, like always.

LaKisha Mosley: Yes, we definitely will.
Jimmy Clare: have a good rest of you. is it a night there, or is it even there?

LaKisha Mosley: It's night here. actually, let's see. It's 828. Yeah. So it's night.

Jimmy Clare: yeah, I'm an hour ahead. well, have a good rest of your night, and, it was great having you on.

LaKisha Mosley: thank you. I appreciate it.