Meet CrazyFitnessGuy

About Jimmy Clare

My name is Jimmy Clare A.K.A CrazyFitnessGuy and I am the founder and CEO of CrazyFitnessGuy. I was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey and I currently live in Pennsylvania. I am currently majoring in media studies at my local community college and once I’ve completed my certificate, I plan on getting my degree in a four year school.

My end goal is to become a motivational speaker to inspire people around the world.

What Makes Me Different From Other Public Speakers?

I am no ordinary public speaker. I was diagnosed with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder also known as Autism and this is what I consider to be my unique advantage. There was a point in my life where I thought being different was a bad thing and I was scared that something was wrong with me but I was younger then and I didn’t quite understand what Autism was. This all changed as I grew older.

an overweight Jimmy Clare without his shirt on

an overweight Jimmy Clare without his shirt on

I Have Experienced A Lot of Uphill Battles In Life...

Growing up I was considered to be a little bigger than other kids my age and it may have been that my diet wasn’t the greatest plus I was on medication that caused weight gain (side-effects). However, it was necessary for me to take the medication to help stabilize my moods and emotions. The weight gain led to bullying and as a result, I was determined to come off my meds and I did, over time. I got bullied so often and it was so bad that I would go home in tears every day. It was a horrible experience and I vowed to change all of that. I lost the weight, stood up to the bullies and put an end to the bullying!

Why Did I Start CrazyFitnessGuy?

I started CrazyFitnessGuy because I wanted to educate people about alternatives methods to becoming happier and healthier; methods that did not require the use of medication. One other reason was to share my health and wellness journey through the eyes of an autistic student.

What Can You Expect From CrazyFitnessGuy?

You will find a wide variety of topics that include:

  • Reviews

  • Fitness

  • Self-Help

  • Nutrition

  • Lifestyle

  • Autism

  • Managing Stress

Who Is CrazyFitnessGuy Meant For?

  • CrazyFitnessGuy is for anyone who: •

  • Wants to lose weight but doesn’t now where to start

  • Needs motivation and inspiration

  • Needs someone they can relate to

  • someone who is on the Autism Spectrum as I am

  • Needs someone who has been through bullying and other challenges in their life

  • Needs someone who will not give up on them

Catch Up With Me On Social Media:

Why not take a look at what I’ve being doing and let’s connect with one another. You can find me on...


Twitter: @jbc_ceo


Some Fun Facts About Me:

I am a low yellow belt in Tiger Shulmann’s Karate, training to get my black belt one day. I workout 6 to 9 times a week because it helps relieve stress.

More Fun Facts:

I have been working out for 10 + years and haven’t stopped. I have completed all of these amazing programs so far.

  • P90X ( 2 times)

  • 80 Day Obsession

  • Liift4 (2 times)

  • Body Beast

  • Transform 20