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How Where Is Your Happy Place Can Help You Improve Your Health

Remember the movie Happy Gilmore and his golf coach said to Happy "think of your very own happy place?"  If not here is a link to that exact quote.  Happy Gilmore Happy Place Scene.  Where is your happy place?  Is it a home, work, school etc.  Today I am going to share with you my happy place and why I consider it a happy place.  Before I tell you about my happy place, first let's discuss what is a happy place?

How To Learn How To Follow Your Dreams With No Support

I have a very opinionated family that loves to share their opinions when I don't really want them.  It's like I don't even get a choice if I don't want to hear them or not.  Opinions are hard to listen to especially when it can be very critical or not supportive of one's dreams.   I found a really amazing YouTube video from this blogger who found a way to politely tell his parents that he wants to pursue his dreams with or without their support.   I am also going to talk about my dream, then I am going to attempt my own version myself.  So how to follow your dreams without support?

What You Should Know About What My Dog Taught Me About Life

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you might have seen that my dog Kasey was put down because she had a cancerous lump on her neck.  There was nothing we could do anything about it.  That's why I did not write a post on Friday because that's when we had to part ways with her and I have been upset since then.  I will always cherish the moment that I had with her.  Today I want to talk to you about what my dog taught me about life.

How To Deal With Curve Balls?

I had to deal with curve balls in my life it's not even funny.  However in this blog post I will give you some great ways on how to deal with curveballs.  If you follow me on social media you probably can tell that life has thrown me more than a few curveballs in my life.  Too many in my opinion.  So I want to talk to you about how to deal with curve balls that life throw at you. Before that let me tell you some of my curveballs that life threw at me today.

Autism Awareness Is Very Important

I would like everybody to teach everyone about Autism Awareness.   My team is busy working on a few things so I decided to share something I learned about myself last night.  Before we begin when I tell you about what I learned please do not judge me because it took me time before I started to notice.  If you are confused about what I am talking about right now, then we should probably move on to the story so you will find out.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Autism

Today I am doing the writing today because I gave my team members the weekend off because they filled in for me quite a bit the last few days.  See I am a nice person after all.  Also, I wanted to share with you a little more about me.  Who else is better to tell you about me other than myself?  The answer to that quest is no one.   Lastly, I wanted to end the week with a more personal story of my past.  Let's go back to the past, shall we?

What I Love About Karate

Here are a few posts about me that you may find interesting.  What Everyone Ought To Know About Autism You may also like this one too.  Getting Treated Differently HurtsI was born with Autism, but I only have it to a slight degree.  When I was in school when I was younger I was treated differently.  I thought being different was a bad thing.  My teachers always treated me like I was different except for my 7th-grade teacher.  Having Autism doesn't mean I am not smart, it means I just learn differently.  I am not sure why people think being different is bad.  Let me tell you about what is great about karate.