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April 15, 2021

Are You A Perfectionist? Here Are Some Examples to Help You Know! With Dr. Camila Williams

Are You A Perfectionist? Here Are Some Examples to Help You Know! With Dr. Camila Williams

In this interview, I talk with my friend Dr. Camila Williams who talks about the problems with perfectionism and she provides tips on overcoming perfectonism. I also share my own experience with perfectionism and the feeling like I always need to be perf...

Are you a perfectionist? If so, you're not alone. Perfectionism can be a helpful trait when it's applied to activities that are important to us, like academic or professional success. But it can also become a problem when it's used to push ourselves beyond our limits or to make life decisions based on how we think things should always look or feel.


Key Take-Aways From The Episode

  1. How to overcome perfectionism?
  2. How does one become a perfectionist?
  3. What are some examples of perfectionism?

About The Guest

Camila Williams, Ph.D., ABPP, Living Well with Dr. Camila Dr. Camila is an expert life coach and board certified psychologist who has specialized in the field of perfectionism, anxiety and stress management for over 10 years. As a “Perfectionist in Recovery,” and mother-of-three she understands only too well the delicate balance between the strive for excellence and crippling self-doubt. Working with her, high achievers learn how to break the shackles of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and procrastination to truly live into their gifts without always second guessing 

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