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Did Someone Say Ripped Pants?

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What The ….

So today I just read this article about ripped pants.  I kid you not that ripped pants is a new fashion trend.  It’s too stupid that I couldn’t even make up if I tried.  Let’s dive into this ripped pants trend a little deeper, shall we?

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Ripped Butt Jeans Is A Thing

I first discovered the article on, written by Rachel Thompson who is a writer at Mashable.  She wrote about the latest jean trend which is called butt jeans.  One thing that Rachel Thompson and I can both agree on is that this trend is very silly and stupid. The whole idea about the jeans is to show off some skin.  

Quick Question

I thought the whole point of the #metoo movement was because of this whole sexual assault cases that were going on.  Wouldn’t these jeans cause more problems like that?  Just asking here so don’t accuse me of anything.  Plus I would never ever treat any women wrong.  That is just plain discussing and totally wrong in so many ways.

Do We Really Need These Ripped Pants?

Well I know one thing for sure is that we do not need another person ripping his/her pants like Spongebob.  Even though that was one of the more funnier episodes of Spongebob, it just one pants ripper is enough.  Plus I really think that these jeans will cause more sexual assault cases because of these jeans showing skin.

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