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April 14, 2022

Is Autism A Gift Or A Curse? With Ben Levin

Autism is commonly defined as a neurological disorder that affects communication and social interaction. Although people with autism can have difficulties with these basic tasks, many people see autism as a curse rather than a gift. According to some experts, autism can be beneficial in certain ways because it creates an intense focus on detail and a strong interest in complex topics. This unique perspective can lead to successful careers in fields such as engineering or mathematics.



Key Take-Aways From The Episode

  1. Is Autism a gift or a curse?
  2. What was it like growing up with Autism?
  3. About Ben's new books



About The Guest


Ben has always loved to write. "In The Hole" is his first young adult novel released by a publishing house. It focuses on a young boy and his homeless family. While Ben is autistic, he chose to research and write about homelessness.


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