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The History of 80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

The History of 80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

Day 75 Of 80 Day Obsession Done!

Today I have completed day 75 of 80 Day Obsession.  It was 80 Day  Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises.  It was a nice workout.  Let me tell you about what we are going to be discussing today.

What We Will Be Discussing Today

  • Recap of yesterday post

  • The history of 80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

  • How today Cardio Flow was different/how did I improve


If you have missed yesterday post or you are just visiting our website for your first time, then here it is again.  I recommend you read this post first before today's post so you can be caught with everything else.  Finished Phase 3 – 80 Day Obsession.

The History of 80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

So I would like to talk about how in each phase every Cardio Flow has always changed.  Even in the smallest ways yet.  Let's have a recap of each Cardio Flow in each phase, shall we?

Phase One

In phase one the Cardio Flow started with inch-worms then spider pushups.  Then back to the top which would be inch-worms and then spider pushups again.  You probably got the point now right?  there are 9 or 10 total exercises in this workout.  You have to keep circling back to the top until you complete all 9 or 10 exercise.  Then once you have gone through them all you have to go through the whole 9 or 10 exercises two more times.  Oh and I almost forgot each exercise is 4 reps.

Phase Two

In phase two Cardio Flow still has the same exercises as phase one, but it moves from 4 reps to 6 reps per exercise.

Phase Three

In phase three it goes back to 4 reps of each exercise but after the first set of circling back around to the top like in phase one.  You have to do 8 total rounds of Cardio Flow exercises.  At least it's not 8 reps per exercise.

 How Today Cardio Flow Was Different/How Did I Improve

In today's Cardio Flow workout, we had to do as many rounds as possible in 30 mins.  Still with the same exercises and the same old 4 reps per exercises.  However, I made some improvements today.  I wasn't feeling very winded from the jumping around.  Another thing that I improved upon today was when the workout was over, I could of went another two or three rounds.  Not because I was dogging it, but because I was just full of energy lol.  That surprised me because I had a late karate class night and I didn't go to bed until 11 pm, which is late for me.

Before You Go...

Before you go I would like to tell you that I got my second stripe on my blue belt last night!  The best part about it was that I was not expecting to get one.  Those are the best kind of surprises, right?


Come Back Tomorrow

Come back tomorrow to see how I did on my second day of peak week before my 80 Day Obsession is over!

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80 Day Obsession AAA Workout - Peak Week

80 Day Obsession AAA Workout - Peak Week

Finished Phase 3 - 80 Day Obsession

Finished Phase 3 - 80 Day Obsession