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Fall In Love With Cold Turkey Blocker Review

Fall In Love With Cold Turkey Blocker Review

cold turkey blocker review

cold turkey blocker review

Fall In Love With Cold Turkey Blocker Review

In this Cold Turkey Blocker review you will learn:

  • What is Cold Turkey Blocker

  • What are the features of Cold Turkey Blocker

  • Who is Cold Turkey Blocker mean’t for

  • What are the benefits of Cold Turkey Blocker

  • Pros and cons for Cold Turkey Blocker

  • Cold Turkey Blocker Customer Reviews

  • Cold Turkey Blocker Alternatives

  • How much does Cold Turkey Blocker cost

  • Where to get Cold Turkey Blocker

  • My opinion about Cold Turkey Blocker

I hope you will enjoy this Cold Turkey Blocker review, now lets dive into this review post.

What is Cold Turkey Blocker?

Cold Turkey Blocker is Android, Apple and Desktop software application that helps block distracting websites like Facebook, Instagram, and practically any site on the internet. However, in this Cold Turkey Blocker review we will be focusing on the Desktop version.

cold turkey blocker review

cold turkey blocker review

What are the features of Cold Turkey Blocker?

  • Motivational block pages

When Cold Turkey Blocker blocks a website, you'll see a motivational quote to remind you that you should be working.

The block works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (on macOS), even if you use a VPN. Other unsupported browsers will be blocked completely.

  • Block websites

    Use the included lists, or create your own by adding an unlimited number of websites. You can create up to six different lists that can be used interchangibly between timers and scheduled blocks.

  • Block the Internet with wildcards

    Wildcards can be used to block the entire Internet by adding *.* to the block list. You can also use wildcards to block Google searches of unicorns: google.*/*q=*unicorns*

  • Block specific pages

    If you'd still want to allow Facebook but block a specific page, like a Facebook profile, you can do this by adding: facebook.com/username

  • Exceptions and white listing

    Websites can be added to the exceptions list if you'd like to access to them when they would otherwise be blocked. For example if reddit.com is blocked, but you still want to access a subreddit:

  • Start a timer

Pick when you'd like the block to end, then start the timer by flipping the switch. By default, Cold Turkey Blocker will lock the timer to prevent changes. You can change this behaviour for future timers in the 'Settings' tab.

  • Refreshed dashboard

The new dashboard will keep track of active blocks, how long is left and when the next break is going to be. If you're using daily time limits, the remaining time will counted down here.

  • Schedule blocks

    To help create a routine, you can set a weekly schedule that automatically repeats every week. By default, you won't be able to stop a scheduled block that already started, but this can be changed in the 'Settings' tab. While you're there, you can also lock the schedule until a certain date.

  • Password

Set a password to prevent other users from viewing or changing your settings. You can also have a friend set the password so that they have control over your settings.

  • Block Applications

Not all distractions are online. You can use Cold Turkey Blocker to block anything from games to email clients. You can even block most Windows Store apps as well (for Windows 8 and above).

  • Daily time limits and breaks

Sprints are useful if you'd prefer to alternate the block on and off while you work to allow for breaks at predefined times. If you'd rather have more control over your breaks, daily time limits provide a daily allowance for items in your block list.

  • Two click start

    A timed block can quickly be started with only two clicks from the system menu icon.

  • Frozen Turkey

Frozen Turkey is a feature that helps you schedule time away from your computer. When activated, you'll be locked out and completely unable to use your computer (via Windows lock screen or a fullscreen app in macOS).

Who Is Cold Turkey Blocker Mean’t For?

Cold Turkey Blocker is mean’t for:

  • Procrastinators - until I bought this software for my computer I use to procrastinate on social media, Youtube, and other websites. With this tool I have setup timers for my social media usage.

  • Social Media Addicts - There are a lot of people that I know and other people I know of who spend way too much time on social media. Yes it’s okay to check it through out the day, but spending it every single minute is not healthy. That’s why I set myself a social media timer for 25 minutes per day and that’s it.

cold turkey blocker review

cold turkey blocker review

What Are The Benefits Of Cold Turkey Blocker?

The benefits of Cold Turkey Blocker are:

  1. More time to do other things - You can focus on reading more books, chores around the house, take care of the family, spend more time with family, etc.

  2. More happiness in life - You can be more engaged with live outside of Social Media, connect with more people in person, etc.

  3. Accomplishment - You can start checking off those tasks that been sitting on your to-do list for a long time. I know when I can cross those items off of my to-do list they make me feel accomplished.

cold turkey blocker review

cold turkey blocker review

Pros And Cons Of Cold Turkey Blocker

Like every product on the market there is always pros and cons of each product.


  • Easy to use

  • Well developed application

  • Still maintained

  • Responsive developer and really nice

  • Full of useful features


  • Editing the list - when you try to edit the list in a block period you can’t edit the list. The only way you can edit the list is by uninstalling the application and starting over from scratch.

Cold Turkey Blocker Reviews From Other Customers And Companies

Here are some reviews by customers and companies that use Cold Turkey Blocker like I do.

  • Beat procrastination with free website blocker Cold Turkey - Tech Radar

  • Swear Off Time-Wasting Websites With Cold Turkey Free Edition - PCWorld

  • Cold Turkey Blocks Distracting Websites and Apps on Your Schedule - Lifehacker

Cold Turkey Blocker Alternatives

  1. Stay Focused - Chrome Extension

  2. Forest - Chrome Extension

  3. Block Site - Chrome Extension

  4. Strict Workflow - Chrome Extension

cold turkey blocker review

cold turkey blocker review

How Much Does Cold Turkey Blocker Cost?

There are two versions of Cold Turkey Blocker. One version is free with limited features and the other is a pro version which cost $25, which is a one-time payment

Where Can You Get Cold Turkey Blocker?

Like I said there is an Android and Apple app for Cold Turkey Blocker, but they are totally different than the Desktop version. The developer told me over an email that it was due to the restrictions of the Android and Apple platform policies, which I didn’t hold against him.

You can purchase the official Cold Turkey Blocker through my affiliate link right here. Get Cold Turkey Blocker

Note: by purchasing it through my affiliate link I get a small commission which helps me maintain this website.

My Opinion Of Cold Turkey Blocker

In my own opinion I really found that Cold Turkey Blocker has helped me regain focus in my day by blocking distracting social media site, and gaming sites. Anytime I had to contact the developer he was very nice and pleasant to work with. The developer behind Cold Turkey Blocker his name is Felix. When I had problems setting up a particular setting he emailed me within 24 hours.

Please Keep In Mind

Please keep in mind Felix is not paying me to write this review post about Cold Turkey Blocker. This is my own review from using it for the last three months.

Have You Heard Of Cold Turkey Blocker Before

Before you go I want to ask you if you have heard of Cold Turkey Blocker before, if so what do you think about this application?

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