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I came up with a list of other healthy living lifestyle products that I use every day to help me maintain a healthy life. These products include essential oils, diffusers, fitness trackers, protein bars, protein powders, water bottles, workout shoes, workout equipment, workout cloths, and workout jacket and fleeces.

My Favorite Protein Powders

nutrabio whey protein isolate

The reason why Nutrabio is my favorite protein powder is because it doesn’t have a super long list of ingredients with ingredients no one knows how to pronounce. Plus it doesn’t use that annoying word called “natural flavors” which no one really understands what it means.

It is also FDA approved whatever that means. But the reason why I like it so much is because it mixes well in milk, water, yogurt. My favorite flavor is chocolate. It’s just a nice clean protein powder that doesn’t taste like saw dust.

My Favorite Workout Shoes

black and white brooks running shoes for men

I don’t personally own the pair of shoes in the picture, but I still own multiple Brooks workout shoes. The reason why I like Brooks is because they make wide shoes for people with wide feet like mine. I find them comfortable to wear all day long and they have that awesome comfort for my long workouts.

My Favorite Essential Oil Kit

young living essential oil starter kit

I use to be on medication to help me with my emotions. But that medication caused me to gain weight that I didn’t need. After losing all the weight that I gained because of that medication I wanted to find a solution to still help me manage my emotions.

That’s when I was introduced to Essential Oils. They help me reduce stress, helps me stay focus on work, school. I also use them to help fight off the allergies during allergy season. This kit is the most basic kit and it’s reasonable price.

My Other Favorite Essential Oil Kit

young living essential oil feeling kit

If the basic kit doesn’t always workout for you with dealing with feelings. Then I suggest try the feelings kit. I used these oils for a whole month and my mood was more upbeat and positive. Basically I was bouncing off the walls with a good mood I am glad no one was there to take a video of me haha.

But for it to work you use it in order on the different parts of the body. Check out this guide on how to use the feelings kit.

My Kind Of Favorite Essential Oil Diffuser

young living essential oil dew drop diffuser

This diffuser gives me some mixed emotions at times. I like it because it’s easy to use, but I personally don’t thin Young Living really thought of the design all too well. It has two cone shaped covers that simply covers the other. I think the reason why I am not a big fan of it the most is because it continuously runs for 4 hours and then it stops. There is not pause and then continues button automatically.

But overall it’s pretty good but it’s not the best diffuser that I have used.

A Few Of My Favorite Fitness Tracker

black vivomove from garmin

This happens to me my favorite fitness tracker that I currently use. The reason why I like the Garmin Vivomove is because it’s waterproof. It also lasts a full year on a watch battery, it has different kind of bands for it. You can pick leather, sport and I forget the other one.

I currently use the sport one. There are a few things that I wish Garmin added to it the watch. I wish they added a digital display of the steps to the watch interface that tells you the total amount of the steps. Instead it cuts off at 100 and then I have to sync the device with their app.

Probably another feature that would be better is the syncing feature of this device. Sometimes it takes forever to get it paired with another phone or tablet. But perhaps maybe it’s the device Bluetooth? I am not sure I am just guessing. But overall it’s a great styling fitness tracker.