Yes...Technostress Is A Real Thing

Technostress is a real thing

Technostress is a real thing

Yes...Technostress Is A Real Thing

Did you know that Technostress is a real thing?  I didn't know that until today when I was in my college class. Let me tell you,  I suffer from it on a daily basis.  Just in the past 9 months of running this website with my team.  I have always been curious why I been so stressed lately.  Heres my thought process in trying to figure out why I am so stressed out lately.  Perhaps I have too many activities going on like school, bowling, karate and running a website.  Then all of a sudden this class has solved my stress problem.

What Is It?

Technostress is a type of stress that occurs when you use technology on a daily basis.  Makes perfect sense for me because of running my own website with my team, right?

What Are The Symptoms?

Symptoms include:

  • Frustration

  • Irritability

  • Anxiety

  • Poor Job Performance

  • Bad Night Sleep

What Are The Signs?

  • Too much multitasking

  • Feel anxiety not checking your email or voicemail within 12 hours

  • Having a hard time figuring out whether or not your internet research is done or not

  • always feeling like there is always another task to do

  • information overload

How To Get Rid Of It?


In work environments, you should have periodic assessments to see how you are doing.  Train all employees to be able to use all of the technology.  Utilize user-friendly software, maintain training of new and old technologies.  Managers should also hire IT specialists that will be responsive and easy to reach, conduct stress management activities, and encourage a working environment in which coworkers share their technological knowledge with one another.

Personal Life

On a personal level, you can combat technostress by avoiding technology, communicating your knowledge and need for help in regard to technology, and experiment and innovate with computer use. Even further on the personal level, you can practice deep breathing, yoga, and tai chi, exercise, listen to music, take frequent breaks, maintain a sense of humor, stay calm, maintain a healthy and proper diet, and understand technostress is natural. Exercise is extremely important because it allows you to clear your mind and bring back the concentration you need to get your work done.

More Tips...

You can also seek counseling, providing yourself with personal pep talks, counter your negative thoughts with positive ones, and one of the most important, give yourself technology timeouts. Whether it be a full-on long-term vacation or a dinner outing, get into the habit of leaving behind all of your technological devices. Give yourself a break.

My Goal Moving Forward

My goal moving forward with my team and for myself is to be less stress.  I am going to take breaks when stuff starts overwhelming me.  That includes my website, homework and whatever else I am doing.  Usually, I try to just push through.

Time To Start Living Stress-Free

I am going to start living a stress-free life starting today.  How may you ask?  I will start taking breaks when tasks get overwhelming.  Perhaps even seeking people technology advice about certain tools for my website who knows more than me.