Why Your Back and Biceps Circuit Never Works Out the Way You Plan

back and biceps circuit

back and biceps circuit

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Finished Day 2 Week 3 Of Liift4 - Back And Biceps Circuit

Today I finished day 2 week 3 of Liift4 - back and biceps circuit. My arms are shaking while I am writing this post right now, fair warning if I misspell something I will come back later to correct it. Now let me tell you how I did during this brutal workout.

During This Brutal Back And Biceps Circuit

I have to admit that I struggled increasing my weights today. I went up 5 pounds on only two of the exercises, while I stuck the same on the other exercises. I guess my arms are telling me that yesterday I pushed it too much. Oh well, I guess that what I get when I decide to do these workouts.

During This Brutal Back And Biceps Circuit (Part Two)

Later on in the workout I had to drop down to a 12 pound dumbbell because I felt the weights slipping in my grip. Better safe than sorry. There was a burnout round I just stayed at my 12 pound dumbbells because those were hard enough for me after all the other rounds of weightlifting.

During This Brutal Back And Biceps Circuit (Part Three)

During the core round of this brutal back and biceps circuit I just wanted to be done. But I stuck with it until the very end. I think the reason why I felt like just being done is because I didn’t sleep well last night because I had a lot on my mind.

After This Brutal Back And Biceps Circuit

After today’s brutal back and biceps circuit is a rest a day. Thank goodness for that because I need one. Then on Thursday I have to do shoulders which I hope I can redeem myself from this brutal back and biceps circuit workout.

Back And Biceps Circuit Never Works Out The Way You Plan Or Just About Any Type Of Workout

The thing I learned during this workout is that even though I came off a motivated workout yesterday feeling pumped. Planning to do well in the next workout the next day never workout out the way you plan. Some days our bodies just don’t want to do what we tell them to do. They just do the complete opposite.


This back and biceps circuit has kicked my butt and I want redemption. Planning to do well in your next workout is just a waste of time because your body will fight back. It never goes as plan so just take it one step at a time.

Big News

Before you go I have some big news to tell you about. Perhaps you may have already saw on my social media profile that we just launched our app this past Saturday. I am truly excited about this launch. It took my team and I 5 months to complete it. Go check it out on the google play store right now. For all the Apple users the Apple version is coming soon, I do not have a ETA on that.

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