Why Phone Addiction is Real Will Make You Question Everything

Phone addiction is real

Phone Addiction Is Real...Put Down The Phones

There are too many people in the world who have their heads buried in their phones 24/7.  It's one thing to whip out your phone to show someone something on it but then put it away.  Plus its very rude when someone is trying to have a conversation with you when you have your head buried in your phone.


Congratulations on reading this article about phone addiction.  Perhaps you or someone that you know that is close to you is addicted to their phones.  I am congratulating you on reading this post today because you are taking the time out of your busy day to learn about phone addiction when others may or may not read about it.    You are doing something about it and I am proud of you.  You are now one step closer to learn how to beat phone addiction.  Before We Begin we will first have to talk about what is phone addiction.  But once again congratulations on reading this post that no one really wants to hear about or talk about.

What Is Phone Addiction

Phone addiction is where you or someone that you know can't put down their phone because they got a text.  By looking at their phones a lot they do not get work done for school or for work.  Phones can also cause other health problems like bad posture by looking down at your phone too much.  Another health problem that phones can cause sleep problems.  How may you ask?  That blue light from the phone can disrupt melatonin production, therefore, our sleep.

Signs Of Phone Addiction

  • Conscious use of phones in dangerous situations or in prohibited contexts (e.g while driving)

  • Excessive phone use that causes social and family conflicts and confrontations, as well as loss of interest in other shared activities

  • Continuing the behavior despite the negative effects and/or personal malaise it causes

  • Excessive phone use causing noticeable physical, mental, social, work, or family disturbances (e.g eye strain, symptoms of withdrawal, stress, and anxiety)

  • Chronic impulsiveness to check your device

  • Frequent and constant checking of the phone for very brief periods of time causing insomnia and sleep disturbances

  • Increase in use to achieve satisfaction or relaxation or to counteract a dysphoric mood

  • Excessive use, urgency, need to be connected

  • Need to respond immediately to messages, preferring the cell phone to personal contact

  • Abstinence, dependence, craving

  • Anxiety, irritability if a cell phone is not accessible, feelings of unease when unable to use it

Symptoms Of Phone Addiction

  • Insomnia

  • Inability to Focus / Complete a Task

  • Stress and Restlessness

  • Relationship Stress

  • Eye Strain

  • Neck Pain

  • Social Anxiety

  • Escapist Behavior

  • Dependence on Digital Validation

Steps To Eliminate Phone Addiction

After reading all these signs and symptoms about phone addiction is probably making you feel very anxious at the moment, am I right?  Well, don't be because like any addiction there are always steps to overcome the addiction.  Now let's talk about some of these steps.

Research That Phone Addiction Is Real

33% of teens and 50% of parents try to reduce how much they use their phones.  But most fail to change.  Lake Research Partners (2017)

Young adults ages 15 to 24 check their phones on average 150 times per day.  Or every six minutes and they send an average of 110 texts per day.  New York Times (2017)

50% of surveyed teens felt that they had a phone addiction.  Lake Research Partners  (2017)

Are You Addicted To Your Phone?

Are you or someone that you know is addicted to their phones?  If so tell them about this amazing article and share them the research studies.  They need help but they don't want to admit that they are addicted to their phones.  If you have experienced any of those symptoms listed above then you might be addicted to your phone.

Congratulations Again

I just wanted to congratulate you again because you have finally got through a tough article to read.  It's not easy to admit that you have an addiction to your phone.  You showed up today to learn about phone addiction and you are taking control once and for all to overcome this phone addiction.  Not many people will be able to say that today, but you can.  If you enjoyed this article please share it with everyone that you know.  I hope you or someone that you know can overcome their phone addiction.