Why Is Power Of Imagination So Famous?

power of imagination

I Have The Power Of Imagination

When I was growing up I had the power of imagination, I still like to think I have that power today as an adult. Learn more about my story of imagination.

The Power Of Imagination Was Strong With Me

The power of imagination was strong with me when I was growing up. I use to build with Legos when I was growing up. I never followed those directions that came with those boxes of legos. I used the power of imagination, no wonder why I don’t listen to directions very well haha.

I First Started Off Small

I first started off with building small Lego items like cars, boats, and whatever else I could come up with. Then from there it grew into something you may not believe.

With The Power Of Imagination Came A Big Lego City

Over the next few years building small I built a big Lego city, it was so big that my mom wanted me to put my legos on a wooden board so I don’t lose anything. I still wished I had a picture of it, but I don’t. After this big city came a bigger one.

My Imagination Didn’t Stop At One Big City It Continued On And On

Picture this after a few more Lego structures my mom finally told me I had to use this room off the basement to put my Legos. When I say my Legos were everywhere it’s an understatement because they were all over the Place.

Picture This Lego City

This room I was in had shelves and a wooden table that was from Thomas the Tank Engine. I put that wooden board that held my Lego city and used the table for it. My next few Lego buildings expanded cross this whole room.

Picture This Lego City (Part Two)

I had Legos on the shelves I pretended boxes were mines filled full of gold. It didn’t just stopped at Legos I got out the Play mobile and had castles, circuses, ships, and army soldiers. Out of all of my friends and family members I was the only one who could navigate that messy room.

That Room Was Basically My Safe Haven

Every time I got home from school, even at the end of a really emotional day because of the bullies. I came home and played in my big Lego world where only my rules applied. I was the only one who knew how to navigate that room, it was like a secret code. Can’t walk in the room can’t come in.

I Voiced Every Character

You know how movie actors and TV actors voice multiple actors well I did the same thing. I had a unique voice for every play mobile, Lego, and army solider.

My City Was Wrecked Before My Eyes

A few years later I got really busy on other stuff that I took interest in over my Lego city. One day it was wrecked before my eyes. I am not going to name any names, but that day devastated me, my hard worked ruined in just 5 seconds.

The Power Of My Imagination Was Still There

Even though my Lego master piece city was ruined in 5 seconds I still wanted to use my imagination. For the next few years I tried blogging on multiple platforms. I went through 8 different blogs in the last few years and months.

Then CrazyFitnessGuy Was Born

On April 12th 2017 I started CrazyFitnessGuy, after 8 trial and errors I finally got something working in my favor. I was destine to build something meaningful that would help people, and use my imagination at the same time.

What Really Intrigues Me About Running A Website

There are some many steps in running a website like maintenance, promoting blog posts, building connections, creating trust with readers, etc. It sort of reminds me like my Lego city it took multiple things to put it all together. Like one big giant puzzle.

One Wrong Move It Breaks

One wrong move on my website I could instantly make it go offline, which is a bad thing. Just like my Lego room one wrong step I could knock multiple pieces down like dominoes.

The Importance Of Imagination

In my opinion the importance of imagination is that it makes me think outside the box and see the bigger picture than others. Plus I still use my imagination today running CrazyFitnessGuy because its fun and it helps me think of new blog posts in my head.

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