Why 80 Day Obsession Bands Rolling is the 51st Shade of Grey

80 Day Obsession Bands Rolling

80 Day Obsession Bands Rolling

Before We Begin...

Before we begin we would like to apologize for our founder absence on this 80 Day Obsession post.  He has been busy doing stuff for school so we are going to write it for him so he can get done his school work.   In case you missed his last post about his 80 Day Obsession journey here is a recap.  Finished Another 80 Day Obsession Leg Day.  Today we would like to talk about Why 80 Day Obsession Bands Rolling is the 51st Shade of Grey.


Sunday - Cardio Flow

As you know our founder does not like cardio flow because it just burns his lungs out.  However, this time around doing Cardio Flow he found it to be a little more easily this time around.

Monday - Leg Day

Jimmy kicked some serious butt on leg day.  He was doubling up on some of the exercises that required those bands.  Our founder does not like how those pesky bands keep rolling on him though.  He considers 80 Day Obsession bands rolling the 51st Shade of Grey.  That's how much Jimmy does not like those bands.

Tuesday - AAA

Jimmy and his mother did AAA.  Jimmy considers AAA to be the second hardest workout in the 80 Day Obsession workout program because you have to control the weights down for a 3 count and up on the one.  After a while, your muscles burn like a mother.  Jimmy was quite pleased with himself for lifting heavy for this workout.

Wednesday - Cardio Core

Jimmy has been telling us that his core has been getting stronger which has been helping with his adult swimming lessons.  How is it helping him?  Well having a strong core is helping him balance in the water better which helps him stay afloat.  Especially when Jimmy is trying to get a breath while swimming.

Thursday - Booty

Our founder keeps saying he is bringing booty back we don't know how to respond to that comment, Lol.  Jimmy used the blue bands for all of the band exercises in this workout.  In case you didn't know the blue band is the hardest band.

Today - Legs

Instead of doing total body core, Jimmy decided to make it another leg day to have one more favorite workout before he goes into phase three tomorrow.  Ruh-roh, Jimmy is going to be feeling it.  Wait until he tells you about it on Monday!  Jimmy was doing the two by 15 leg day workout today.  Just to keep it light until tomorrow.  For the last hoorah.

Tips On Stoping Those 80 Day Obsession Bands Rolling

  • Wear yoga pants or sweatpants

  • Double up the bands if you are feeling like the bands are too loose.

  • Make sure the bands stay in the middle of the thighs so it doesn't rise up to make a nice belt.

Why Does Jimmy Consider 80 Day Obsession Bands Rolling is the 51st Shade of Grey?

Jimmy considers 80 Day Obsession bands rolling is the 51st Shade of Grey because when the bands roll they rub against your skin the wrong way.  They also feel very uncomfortable.  Also, they make the workout a lot harder because the bands keep rolling up.  After a while, the bands start to get annoying rolling up, but somehow Jimmy keeps pushing through.

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