The Philosophy Of What Keeps You Going In Life

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Have you ever wondered what keeps you going in life?  I know that I have on many different occasions.  Sometimes I ask myself what motivates me in life to keep me going.  The answer is sometimes different but it’s always the same goal.

So while you are reading this blog post I want you to think about what keeps you going and chasing after your goals?

what keeps you going in life

What Motivates You To Work out?

Some people want to lose weight or gain muscle.  Others might not need motivation to work out because it just comes second nature to them.  Maybe your friend or a loved one is your motivation to workout.


Perhaps you are motivated to work out because your doctor told you to need to lose weight.  Or maybe you don't like the person who stares at you back in the mirror.


What Motivates Me To Work out Now That I Am Fit?

I was wondering what motivates me to work out even though I am already in shape.  The answer that I came up with is because of all the readers who come to my website.  Plus if I am serious about being a personal trainer I must stay in shape.

workout shoes and dumbbells

workout shoes and dumbbells

I also stay motivated to work out because I enjoy how I look and feel.  The last thing that motivates me is recording my workout videos and uploading them on Instagram so I can help millions of people around the web to get motivated.


Some Great Examples Of Goals To Have

These are some of the best examples of goals that I can give you.  Some are easier said than done.

plastic water bottle

plastic water bottle

How To Be Motivated To Drink More Water Throughout The Day?

Do you struggle to drink water during the day?  Don't worry I am sometimes the same way as well.  I am going to tell you how to drink more water.

  •   Keep a water bottle near you at all times

  • Add some lemon into your water

  •   Put some fruit in your water so make it fruity

  • Track your water with MyFitnessPal app

  •  Set a reminder on your phone or Google Home Mini, Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa

  • Use a Google Chrome extension to remind yourself to drink water

  • Set a goal in Google Calendar to drink more water

vegetable salad in a white ceramic plate

vegetable salad in a white ceramic plate

How To Be Motivated To Eat Healthy Every day?

Trust me when I first started working out eating healthy didn't come easy to me.  I use to think I could eat whatever I wanted because I was working out daily.  However, I was wrong. I am going to give you tips on how I started eating healthy.


  • Get rid of all the sweet stuff in the house to avoid the temptation.

  •      Only allow yourself one cheat meal a week or if you are like me once in a blue moon.

  •      Make sure you meal prep for the week so you know what you are having ahead of time.

  •     Read the portion size on the food label.  It’s there for a reason so you might as well use it

  •     Don't eat out every single meal because it's not healthy for your nutrition plan or your wallet.

  •    Allow someone else to go to the grocery store for you so you don’t get tempted to buy something you don’t need.

person writing their goals down in their to-do list

person writing their goals down in their to-do list

How To Be Motivated To Achieve Your Goals? 

I know it can be very hard to accomplish your goals but it doesn’t have to be.  I am going to tell you some ways on how to get motivated to achieve them.

  1. Listen to music and start plugging away at them. My favorite band to listen to is AC/DC.

  2. Write down everything that you want to be done on a piece of paper or a to-do list app. The new go-to app that I use is called Focus To-Do.

  3. Use the stay focus essential oil roller.

  4. Ask a family or a friend for some extra help when they have time.

  5. Tell yourself that you will get it all done eventually.

  6. Make sure you remind yourself not everything has to be done in one day.

  7. Only focus on two or three tasks for the day.

  8. Take breaks when you are getting stressed out.

 Checkout these other 5 ways to keep going when life feels on hold.

How Not To Be Motivated To Achieve Your Goals?

I highly don’t recommend these steps if you want to achieve your goals.  These are the most annoying distractions that even get in my way.

  •   Do not check social media.

  •   Do not turn on the TV or Netflix.

  •   Do not spend long hours talking on the phone.

  • Do not let distractions get in your way.

  • Do not multitask.

  • Do not be hard on yourself if you don't finish everything.

What Are The Benefits Of Goal Setting?

Goal setting can be very beneficial in many different ways.  Here are some benefits of the benefits of goal setting.


  • They help you stay focused on the bigger picture.

  • Helps to motivate you.

  •  Helps clear your mind.

  • Helps with time management.

  • Helps you with being more productive.


So What Is The Point Of Me Telling You All Of This?

The point of all of this is that when I entered college I had one goal in mind.  My goal was to get a degree in Personal Training.  I thought that there was only one way to do things.  When I had to withdraw from the spring semester class I was devastated.


I was devastated because I worked so hard in that class and I still ended up withdrawing because I had an F.  I lost sight of my goal.  When It was time to pick the class that I wanted and the teacher for the fall semester I hesitated.

My mom noticed and we argued that day.  The argument happened because I was scared that I have picked the wrong path in college and I didn't want to listen to what my mom had to say.

crossroads in a park

crossroads in a park

My Crossroads Of Destiny Moment

The very next day after the argument it was time to make a decision.  I like to call this my crossroad of destiny.  Science and math are not my strong suits and I know I need science for personal training.

However, the kind of science my college setup they wanted me to know the grooves and notches on the bones.  I am like I am not becoming a doctor here.  So I am thinking of getting my degree in creative writing and get my personal training certificate on the side.

The next time when you want to give up ask your self what keeps you going when you want to quit?


Goal setting is very important because then you can plan for the future and track your progress.  If you don’t focus on your goals then you can get off track like I did until I had to find my way again. At the end of the day your goals will keep you going in life so go set your goals!

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