What I Love About Karate

What I love About Karate

What I love About Karate

A Little Bit About Me

Here are a few posts about me that you may find interesting.  What Everyone Ought To Know About Autism You may also like this one too.  Getting Treated Differently HurtsI was born with Autism, but I only have it to a slight degree.  When I was in school when I was younger I was treated differently.  I thought being different was a bad thing.  My teachers always treated me like I was different except for my 7th-grade teacher.  Having Autism doesn't mean I am not smart, it means I just learn differently.  I am not sure why people think being different is bad.  Let me tell you about what is great about karate.

What I like About Karate

What I like about being in karate is that it's about discipline, self-discipline, and self-defense.  However, the most important thing I like about Karate is that it's about respect too.  No matter where you came from, what religion, race, what kind of car that you drive.  Everyone shows respect to each other.  Even if you are a high white belt or just a white belt or any kind of belt, everyone has respect for one another.

It Means A Lot

It means a lot to me because even though I learn differently and it may take me a whole karate class to figure out the moves, I know that no one will make fun of me being different.  If they did I am 100% positive that my Sensai and Joshu will tell them to leave and never come back.  There is no okay time to be a bully ever.

Feeling More Confident

Ever since I started karate again this year I have felt confident in college.  I showed off what I can do in my weightlifting class by doing 50 push-ups with good form.  I also did 64 sit-ups in a minute.  My Dad asked me if someone counted for me?  I said, "no, I counted myself." If you have a Sensai like mine when he used to make everyone do as many sit-ups as you can in a minute, you don't have the luxury in counting wrong.  He always made sure you count out loud so he can hear what number you are on.

Karate Has Helped Me In Many Ways

Karate has also helped me tell people what I need.  Let me try to explain what I mean.  I use to feel like I need to go to the disability department in my college to get them to help me to tell the professors what I need to be successful.  However, that has changed recently.  I emailed the disability department to renew my accommodations, apparently one has to renew them every semester or you are out of luck.  So I emailed them early on before school even started like a week and a half before college was back in session.  They asked me for my student ID which I gave them it.

Confidence Is Kicking In

However, I never received an email from them with my accommodations.  I believe that this is against the law, by not giving me my accommodations.  However, I am not 100% sure if it's a law or not.  Anyway, I decided to take matters into my own hand because the only way stuff will start getting done on time is by me handling it.  So I went to my teacher's and said that I have a neck issue that I can't do certain exercises because of my neck.  I know that the disability center is not in charge of that kind of stuff but it made me feel better that I had enough confidence to tell my teachers what exactly what I need.


Karate has helped me by relieving stress.  When I was stressed because my bank lost quite a bit of my money, my Dad told me to go to karate and pretend that the pads are the bankers who messed up.  I would never hit anyone in real life unless I was threatened by someone and I was just defending myself.  But it felt so good to relieve that stress, I felt wonderful after the class because I wasn't stressed or angry anymore.  I am still kind of curious about who decided to approve such a transaction without even notifying me.

That's What I love About Karate

Anyway, that's why I love Karate because it's about self-defense, discipline, self-discipline, and respect.  It also helps with building confidence.  If you ever get a chance in your lifetime or if you have a son or a daughter, who want's to do Karate or is being bullied and you want them to learn self-defense, discipline, self-discipline, and respect.  Sign them up for Karate because it will make them feel better in the long run.  Of course, if you do not have the money in your budget to do it then don't do it.Oh and one more thing about what I love about Karate is that you also get a great workout in.  I heard from people that you can burn over 1,000 calories in one hour of training.  How awesome is that?