What Everyone Is Saying About Leg Day 80 Day Obsessions

leg day 80 day obsessions

leg day 80 day obsessions

My Last 80 Day Obsession Post

If you have missed my last 80 Day Obsession Post then here is a little reminder.  Why 80 Day Obsession Bands Rolling is the 51st Shade of Grey.  I want to talk about leg day today.   The reason why I want to talk about leg day today is that it just got way harder than phase two leg day.  I will also share with about the other two days that I did in week one of phase three.

What Everyone Is Saying About Leg Day 80 Day Obsessions

Today was leg day and I finally experienced a new kind of hell today.  Why do I consider leg day in phase three a new kind of hell?  The reason why I consider it hell is because it has a lot of moves on the sliders.  So did phase two, however today we used weights while we were on the sliders.  Like I said a new kind of hell.  Another difference that I notice in today's workout is that we don't use any bands, which I don't mind.  If you have survived so far and made it phase three you would agree with me that phase three is a new kind of hell.  One of the leg exercises that I found super difficult is figure four.  First, you cross your leg over to your other leg just above the knee and then you squat down with weights in your hands and pulse back up. Ouch.

How Did I Get Through Today?

I kept the weight range between 10 -0 15 pounds.  So when next week comes around I have some wriggle room to improve.  When I stumble out of a workout because of I fell out of it I just went right back into it and reminded myself that I will improve over time.

Saturday - AAA

Saturday's workout was AAA.  I had to skip two exercises because of my neck issue which you can read about here.  What Makes Me Different From All Of The Other Personal Trainers Around The World.

Sunday - Cardio Flow

I can't believe I am going to be saying this, but I actually found this Cardio Flow fun.  How come I changed my opinion about Cardio Flow?  Well, I changed my opinion about Cardio Flow because this time around it was 4 reps but there's a twist.  The first round of Cardio Flow was the same.  First, we did inchworms and then we do spider pushups and then back to the top to inchworms again.  There is a total of 9 exercises in Cardio Flow.  What's the difference in the is one?  Well, the difference is that we did 8 total rounds of all 9 exercises.   However, Autumn still allowed us to do 4 reps each though, which made it a little easier but not by much.

Now You Know...

Now you know what everyone is saying about leg day 80 Day Obsessions and why phase three is a new kind of hell.


Now I am going to do some foam rolling before karate because I am in pain and I can barely move.  How lovely right?