What Everyone Is Saying About How to Meet Tony Horton

What Everyone Is Saying About How to Meet Tony Horton

What Everyone Is Saying About How to Meet Tony Horton

Tony Horton Seems So Awesome

After doing so many workouts created by Tony Horton he always seems so awesome on camera.  I always wanted to know how to meet Tony Horton?  I am going to tell you why I like Tony Horton and why he is my favorite Beachbody trainer.

Who Is Tony Horton?

Tony Horton is a Beachbody trainer that created P90, P90x, P90x2, P90x3, 22 Minute Hard Corp, Double Time, and 10 Minute Trainer.  As you can see Tony Horton has made many workout programs that work.

Why Do I Like Tony Horton?

When I first started working out I started doing P90X.  I never thought I would have finished P90X after finishing the first week of p90X.  I was so sore, tired and did I mention I was really sore.  But somehow I still manage to click play every day to continue my 30-pound weight loss journey.  In my opinion, Tony Horton helped me push through because he had witty jokes, and he made working out bare able.  My favorite quote from Tony Horton is " do your best and forget the rest."  The reason why I like that quote is that it doesn't matter if you made a mistake during the workout as long as you keep going and forget about it.  Overall he seems to be a very nice person.  Plus during his other workouts he makes you feel like you can do anything that you set your mind to.

Plus Tony Horton impresses me the stuff that he can do now at 60 years old.  I saw on his social media feed that he can do push ups on 4 medicine balls.  How amazing is that?  I would like to be able to do that when I am 60 years old.

I Want To Meet Tony Horton

One of my cousins got to meet Tony Horton during one of his workout groups.  My cousin got Tony Horton autograph for me a few years ago.  I believe it was for my high school graduation.  However, I am hoping I can meet with Tony Horton one day in person.  I just bought my first Beachbody Summit ticket last night.  I had people told me that Tony Horton was there at Summit this year which made me totally jealous.  They got to do yoga with him and then he sat there and talked with everyone for an hour instead of just leaving after yoga.

My Dream

I had this dream over and over while I was sleeping where I met Tony Horton.  I met him on the street and I asked him if I could take an Instagram photo with him for a shout out on social media.  Of course, he said yes and then he gave me an autograph.  After that we did a workout together.  Then I gave him one of my business cards that featured my website logo on it and he then mentioned my brand on social media.  Which then gave me thousands of followers world wide.

To Tony Horton Social Media Manager

Dear Tony Horton Social Media Manger I hope you see this post I am writing about meeting Tony Horton, please show him this post.  I want to meet him so badly!

Have You Ever Met Tony Horton In Person?

Have you ever met Tony Horton in person before?  If so what was he like when you met him?  Was he nice and how did you meet him?  I want to know!

Please Share

I would like to meet Tony Horton one day in my life.  Please share this post to help get his attention on social media by sharing.  Please consider sharing this post and help make my dreams come true.

As You Can See I Am A Fan

As you can tell from these other articles I am a fan of Tony Horton work!

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