Easy Ways You Can Turn Weight Loss Motivation Into Success

weight loss motivation

Weight Loss Motivation Into Success

Do you know someone who is trying to lose weight in your family? If so then they need to check out these easy ways to turn weight loss motivation into success.

Too Many Sob Stories And Not Enough Success

I have heard a lot of sob stories from people that they can’t lose weight even though they are working out. I say enough with those sob stories because there is not enough successful stories.

Turn That Weight Loss Motivation Into Success With These Easy Ways

  1. Measure your food out - even though I don’t need to lose weight, but when I had to I measured my food out and I still do. Those food labels are there for a reason. Use them they are helpful by telling you how much a serving size is.

  2. Drink more water - water is the best thing to drink for our bodies. Juices, soda, Gatorade, just flush down the toilet because they are full of sugar and other chemicals that are not good for the body. Plus they all have extra sodium that we don’t need.

  3. Eat all of the food groups - eating from every food group is important for a balance nutrition, its not rocket science. We need carbs, fats, proteins, dairy, fruits and veggies. We can’t just eat from just one more three of the 6 food groups we need all six.

  4. Track your calories - I have been using MyFitnessPal for a long time now, and I still use it to track my calories. Everyone come on MyFitnessPal made it even easier to track your calories. You can even save your recent foods in a custom meal so you don’t have to scan the same food in the system multiple times.

  5. Eat multiple smaller meals - what I mean by eat multiple smaller meals is instead of eating 3 big meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, eat 6 small meals a day. I learned that in Karate when I was doing their 90 day health challenge, just for fun.

  6. Think of what Jimmy would do - yes I know it’s a little weird I am talking about myself in third person, but I really do mean it think of what I would. Since I am not there to help you out 24/7 think of what I would the next time you are craving a midnight snack.

  7. Stop feeling sorry for yourself - if you want to lose the weight great, if you think you can’t lose the weight because it’s hard then stop feeling sorry for yourself. Make the commitment to lose it.

  8. Don’t think of it as a diet - a diet is usually a once and then done thing. People got to change that mindset, health and fitness is not over when you lose the weight, its a lifestyle. If you think that once you lose the weight it will stay off of you without maintaining it, then sorry to break it to you it doesn’t work that way.

  9. Remove the word can’t - I am going to quote my Karate instructor “ remove the word can’t I don’t know what that word means.” Stop saying you can’t because you mind will start to believe that. Some people think I couldn’t run this website, but I am. I can do anything that I set my mind to.

  10. Build a wall of people that build you up - if people around you in your family or other people you may know saying you can’t lose weight. Build a wall of people that build you up, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram I will be a person in your wall. That’s what I been doing when I joined Karate and blogger groups on Facebook.

Follow These Easy Ways

Follow these easy ways you can turn weight loss motivation into success, try it you will be surprise.

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