Understand How To Get Rid Of Acne For Good Before You Regret


Having Acne Is No Fun

How do to get rid of acne?  Having acne is no fun.  It's not easy to get rid of, and sometimes you just can't find the right combination of face medicine and the right diet.  I would know because I struggled with acne for multiple years and some of the acne treatments were horrible.  In this post, we will talk about how to get rid of acne.

How Did I Get Rid Of Acne?

Before I tell you on how I got rid of acne, I want to tell you I still get pimples but not the way I use to.  When I was younger I had a pretty horrible diet.  I drank a lot of soda, ate fried foods and a lot of candy.  Not the healthiest.  Once I started my fitness journey I began to notice that my pimples were fading.  However, they still would not go away.  I tried over 3-5 different face medicines that did not work and plus they were super expensive.  Until one day my tutor who helps me in college told me about this facial scrub by Young Living.  Satin Facial Scrub has helped me cleared up my skin to make me even healthier.

As You Can See

As you can see Satin Facial Scrub is kind of pricey, but you have to keep in mind that you just put a little bit on your ring finger and then rub it around in a circular motion.  This product has last me for 2 to 4 months at a clip.  I kid you not, that this product really works.  Like I said I still get those occasional pimples, but not like I use to.  My pimples use to be pimples piled on pimples.  It just looked like one big rash on the side of my face.  So discussing and gross.  They say you can tell how healthy someone is by looking at their skin.

What Also Helps

Here are a few things that also helps to get rid of pimples.

  • Staying away from fried foods

  • Reducing stress

  • Staying away from soda

  • Working out

What I like About Satin Facial Scrub

What I really like about the Satin Facial Scrub is that it does not have any harmful chemicals in it that will make your face irritated.  It feels nice and cool against your skin.  Only use it three days a week because too much will dry up your face, which is a bad thing.  You might be wondering if it smells girly if you are a guy.  No, it does not smell girly, it smells minty which is not a girly scent at all.  Plus that scent does not stick around with you all day at all.  Once you wash the Satin Facial Scrub off you will be good to go.  I usually scrub it on my face when I am taking a shower so I do not have to add extra time to my morning routine.

If You Have More Questions

If you have more questions before you buy please contact us on our contact form.  We would love to answer any of your questions that you have about this product.