Understand How To Get In A Good Mood When Depressed Before You Regret

how to get in a good mood when depressed

Bad Mood Monday

As you know in yesterdays post I was feeling depressed yesterday because nothing ever seems to go right for me on this website.  Always something breaking.  If you are just checking out this site for your first time, then let's share a little trip down memory lane with yesterdays post before we continue on with today's post.  When Bad Day at Work Stories Send You Running for Cover.  I want to talk about how to get in a good mood when depressed.

How To Get In A Good Mood When Depressed?

Being in a depressed mood just drains all the energy out of you, am I right?  At least I know it's that way for me when I am depressed.  So before that happens, how about we try to change that mood before we even get there in the first place.  So yesterday when I was in a bad mood I wish I was able to change my mood around before it turned into an ugly and depressing day.  It was too late at the time because the day got away from me when my whole mood was just upside down.  When I reflected on my day yesterday I was thinking I could have dealt with all of that pain and frustration in a different way.

Steps To How To Get In A Good Mood When Depressed

  • Pet your cat or dog. Studies say petting your dog or cat can be very therapeutic and relaxing. Plus humans should take some tips from dogs. For an example, it doesn't take much for a dog to be happy.

  • Read a book. Reading a good book can help take your mind off of things when life hits you with a curveball.

  • Listen to music. There are a few songs that I like that may help you put yourself in a good mood. The first song is called The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. Another great song to listen to is called Complicated by Avril Lavigne. The next song I like to listen to if the first two songs didn't help yet is Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake.

  • Use Feelings Kit. There is this new product by Young Living Essential Oil company called Feelings Kit. I just ordered my kit on Sunday. Once I get the kit and used it for a bit I will make a detailed review post about it. If you are interested in this feelings kit to check out the pricing on Amazon.

I Hope You Enjoyed How To Get In A Good Mood When Depressed

I hope you enjoyed today's post about how to get in a good mood when depressed.  If you have any helpful tips that are not on this list please feel free to share them in the comments below.  I will be looking forward to seeing your awesome anti-depressant tips.