The Top 30 Lame Reasons For Not Exercising And Solutions

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I have heard too many excuses from people on why they don’t workout. Some of these excuses are just totally lame, today I am going to talk to you about the top reasons for not exercising. Then I am going to give you some solutions on how to fix that.

The top 30 reasons for not exercising

Last Friday in PA the rain started to downpour outside.   It looked like a hurricane that just blew into town real quick.  I was on my way to get sushi for dinner when it happened.

I got soaked on my way into the restaurant and then I got soaked again on the way out getting in my car.  When I got into my car I was having second thoughts about going to Karate class at 7:15 PM.

I was trying to think of a good enough excuse to not go but then I realized.  I love going to Karate and I feel better after the class. Plus it’s not like I had anything else to do.

If I didn’t go I would of stayed in an empty house with no dog or parents around.  They were at the shore house cleaning it up after the winter. So I went to Karate anyway even in the pouring rain.

The reason why I decided to tell you that story is because I hear way too many excuses of why people can’t workout.  Every time I listen to one of these made up excuses, I just want to play them the world's smallest violin.

I am not trying to be rude or anything I get it that you are busy, but so am I.  Life happens and you will never ever be 100% caught up on stuff. I going to list some of the excuses that I hear a lot. Here are the top exercise excuses.

  1. I don’t have time

  2. There are not enough hours in a day

  3. I got too much to do today

  4. I am trying to get caught up on my paperwork

  5. The gym is too far away

  6. I can’t afford a gym membership

  7. I walked up and down the stairs all day I don’t need to workout

  8. I don’t need to lift weights because I lift up my kids all day long

  9. I am too tired after work to exercise

  10. I feel uncomfortable going to the gym

  11. I don’t what to do when I am at the gym

  12. I need motivation

  13. Exercise is not fun for me

  14. I experience too much pain during exercise

  15. I don’t want to take multiple showers a day

  16. I am not a pro athlete

  17. I need a gym partner

  18. I had too much of an emotional day to workout

  19. I travel for work a lot

  20. I have to take care of my kids first because I am a parent

  21. I tried working out before but never got any results so why should I try again?

  22. I have a headache so I can’t workout today

  23. I am afraid of injuries

  24. All of the exercises are too hard for me

  25. I am thin I don’t need to workout

  26. I don’t how to start working out

  27. Working out takes too much time

  28. The weather is bad so I don’t want to drive to the gym

  29. There is no childcare at the gym

  30. The gym is too crowded

Do you think one of these reasons is why you don’t exercise?

black alarm clock

black alarm clock

How To Workout If You Don’t Have Time?

If you feel like you don’t have time to workout then perhaps you need to check your schedule again.  Schedule in times when you can workout during the week. Wake up an hour earlier to get a workout in before you have to leave for work.

silver alarm clock

silver alarm clock

There Are Not Enough Hours In A Day

We all have 24 hours in a day no matter which timezone you are in.  Perhaps you need to cut back on some of the tasks you have take care of.  Or maybe you just need to prioritize certain tasks that need to get done in order to workout.

paper calendar

paper calendar

You Have Too Much On Your Schedule

I can completely relate to that but I still find time to workout.  I schedule everything I do during the day like biology class, marketing, reading a book, dinner and chores.  I even schedule blocks of time for working out so I know I will get it done.

I Am Trying To Catch Up On Paperwork

One of the excuses that my Mom uses to not workout is I am trying to catch up on paperwork.  She is always going to have paperwork because she writes a lot on paper, not saying that's a bad thing but that excuse is just bad.  

If you find yourself having a lot of paperwork like my Mom then maybe you need to rethink how much paper you use.  Perhaps maybe it’s paper that you no longer need.

long narrow bridge

long narrow bridge

The Gym Is Too Far Away

If the gym is too far away then perhaps you could join a closer gym.  Maybe start doing some body weight exercises at home that include: body weight squats, push ups, setups, and planks.  

If those become too easy for you then you can do split squats, clapping push ups, bicycle twists, and side planks.

one dollar bills

one dollar bills

The Gym Membership Is Too Expensive

I understand that a lot of those gym memberships are expensive.  I probably couldn’t afford a gym membership either. That’s why I workout at home in my basement using Beachbody on Demand.

It’s cheaper than any gym membership, it includes over 100+ workout programs, it comes with nutrition programs.  It only cost $100 per year.

person walking

person walking

I Walk Up And Down The Stairs All Day I Don’t Need The Gym

Walking is still a form of exercise but if you are someone who is struggling to burn calories to lose weight. Walking up and down the stairs all day is not going to help achieve your goals.

I Pickup My Kids Up All Day I Don’t Need To Lift Weights

That’s awesome that you spend quality time with your family and you pick them up all day long.  But think about this what happens when they start getting stronger.

Building muscle will help make sure you can keep lifting them up for years to come until they are too older to be lifted anymore.

tired woemn

tired woemn

I Am Too Tired After Work To Workout

If you are too tired after work then perhaps you should try to squeeze it in before work, so that way when you get home from a busy day.  You can relax with the family.

I Feel Uncomfortable Going To A Gym

If you feel uncomfortable going to a gym then perhaps the Beachbody on Demand membership would be a very good investment for you.  But there nothing to be afraid about going to the gym.

Sure there are a lot of people at the gym who have huge muscles but a lot of them are nice.  They might give you some pointers if you need somewhere to start. But keep in mind they are not personal trainers.

idk boggle blocks

idk boggle blocks

I Don’t Know What To At The Gym

There were times when I didn’t know what to do at the gym either.  I just made it up as I went a long. Eventually I got bored of going to the gym and that’s why I now recommend Beachbody on Demand because it has so many workout programs to choose from.

believe in yourself motivation quote

believe in yourself motivation quote

You Need Motivation

If you need some motivation at the gym bring some music from home.  Listen to an inspirational podcast on the way over to the gym. Maybe even listen to a Ted Talk lecture.

Exercise Is Not Fun

If exercise is not fun for you then I suggest try making it fun.  Try new exercises, try a different piece of equipment at the gym. Play golf, go swimming, go surfing, play a sport.  Working out doesn’t have to be a chore.

I Experience Too Much Pain During A Workout

If you feel too much pain during a workout then maybe you are doing an exercise with the wrong form.  Or you are not properly warming up your muscles to prevent injury.

I Don’t Want To Take Duplicate Showers

You don’t have to take multiple showers if you don’t want.  You can just go to bed with dried sweat I do it all the time.  It doesn’t bother me but your husband or your wife may not like it.  Fair warning this is not for everyone.

women stretching

women stretching

I Am Not A Pro Athlete

You don’t need to be a pro athlete to workout.  I am not a pro athlete either but I still workout like one.  “Just do your best and forget the rest” Tony Horton.

men jogging

men jogging

You Need A Gym Partner

Go with one of your family members to the gym.  Maybe one of your co workers that you work with everyday wants to go with you?  Some gyms allow you to bring a guest to try out their gym.

I Have Too Much Emotions To Workout

That’s a perfect time to go to the gym.  I go through a lot of emotions during the middle of my day.  My Karate classes help me release all those emotions that are built up inside of me.  

Let the workout help you relieve those emotions rather than sitting around the house and letting them stay inside your body all day.

white airplane

white airplane

I Travel A Lot For Work So I can’t Go To The Gym

Did you know that there are a lot of hotels now that have their own gyms.  They might only be big enough for one or two people, but it’s better than nothing.  Even when I am on a trip on vacation I make it a habit to go to the gym.

hands holding hands in circle

hands holding hands in circle

You Have To Take Care Of Your Family First

I get it family comes first, but it’s also important to take care of yourself as well.  If you need help taking care of your family ask your husband or wife to watch the kids while you workout.  If that’s not an option hire a babysitter for an hour or however long you want your workout to be.

I Tried Working Out But I Didn’t Get The Results

This Excuse is used too much.  People look at working out like it’s a sprint, well it’s not.  It’s a long marathon and it’s a lifestyle. Perhaps the reason why you didn’t see the results is because of a poor diet or not drinking enough water throughout the day.

Hello, World!

My Headache Is Preventing Me From Working Out

There are some days when I have a headache before I get up to Karate but when I am in class it always seems to go away.  I don’t always know what causes the headache but I know working out helps make them go away.

Perhaps the next time when you have a headache try working out to see if it will go away.  

wounded knee

wounded knee

I Am Afraid Of Getting Injured

This excuse is so old because you basically can get injured from anything.  Anyone can get injured by a car accident, getting hit by a car or any moving vehicle, you can also get injured by walking up the stairs.  

So don’t even bother trying to use this excuse because it’s just a terrible excuse.

The Exercises Are Too Hard For Me

If the exercises you are starting with are too hard for you, then start with beginner exercises.  Do push ups on your knees, instead of sit ups do crunches. Modifying an exercise doesn’t mean it will make it easier.

I have to modify full burpees in Karate class at night.  Instead of jumping into a plank I step my legs back one at a time into a plank position.  

I Am Thin I Don’t Need To Workout

Being thin will show you a lot of definition in your body, but being thin doesn’t look healthy for anyone.  Work on building lean muscle that’s what I focus on.

I don’t really want huge big muscles like the Rock.  I am perfectly happy with how I look.

starting line

starting line

I Don’t Know Where To Start

Trust me I didn’t know where to start either when I first started.  One night while my Dad and I were watching TV together we saw a P90X commercial.  We tried so many exercises on our own but nothing worked. So we gave it a shot and after 90 days I lost 30 pounds.

It’s okay to not know where to start, but find what works best for you.  Just remember to show up everyday and give 110% of yourself and nothing less.  

Working Out Takes Too Long

You don’t need to spend hours in a gym if you don’t want to.  Not trying to sound like an infomercial, but Beachbody on Demand has a variety of programs that are no longer than 10 to 60 mins a day.  

Trust me I don’t have all the time in the world to workout all hours of the day either.  I am the only person that runs this website. I wear multiple different hats every single day.

The Weather Is Bad Outside

Depending where you live you might get bad weather a lot.  As long as the gym is not closed because it’s not snowing try to get there.  But if you are still concern about the weather, then that’s another benefit of using Beachbody on Demand.

I can workout inside my own house without having to worry what the weather is doing outside.  

The Gym Doesn’t Offer Childcare

If the gym doesn’t offer childcare then perhaps you can leave your kids at a neighbors house?  If that is not an option for you ask your husband if he can watch the kids or hire a babysitter for an hour.  

The Gym Is Too Crowded

Lucky for me I don’t have to worry about this anymore.  But if it’s crowded either ask people if you can work in with them.  That way you both can share the exercise equipment or come back at another time.

I completely understand that life gets in the way of things.  But it’s important to make time for ourselves because no one will do it for you.  Excuses are easy to make, but at the end of the day you have to look at yourself in the mirror.  

You may not like what you see staring back at you.   Excuses are for the people who don’t want it bad enough.  So the next time you have an excuse that pops in your head, remember why you started working out in the first place.


I could make so many excuses to not go to Karate at night.  But I choose not to. Working out is scared to me because it’s a time where no one can bother me or interrupt me.

We all have things to do for work, school, and chores around the house.  But it’s important to not make excuses to not workout.

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