This Is Why I Left Amazon Affiliate Program - And You Should Too

Amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program

Are You A Website Owner Or A Blogger?

Are you a website owner or a blogger?  If so then you must read why I left Amazon Affiliate program.  If you want to make money from your website or blog you need to have very specific tools and programs to help you out.  So you are probably wondering why I left Amazon Affiliate program?  One of the top programs out there for bloggers to help generate income.  Well, I found a better program that has over 22,000 programs under one roof.  Continue reading to find out why I left Amazon program.

Amazon Associates Acceptance Approval Is Hard

Amazon doesn't just accept anyone in their affiliate program.  When you first sign-up to their affiliate program you have to fill out this form about what your website is about.  What kind of content do you write about?  Then you have to fill out which category your website will fall under and then you have to fill out why you want to join the program.  After that step, you need to fill in how did you hear about their program.  It's pretty intimidating in my opinion when I first applied.  After once, you fill out all this information your account goes under review which can take some time.  There also a catch once you submit your application, you must get purchases within 180 days or you will have to resubmit everything again.

What Is Consider As A Purchase?

I am not 100% sure on this but when I asked an Amazon affiliate program support agent they told me it must be a physical item purchase, not digital.  However, when I asked a different representative on a different day during the week, they told me digital purchases count just like physical purchases.  So I am not sure who is right or wrong regarding this issue.

How Many Purchases Does It Take To Be Approved

So I remember either it was near the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018 I had quite of few purchases, however still was never accepted to their program.  Two weeks ago I asked another Amazon affiliate support agent how many purchases do I need to qualify?  Some agents told me 3 to 5 or some just say 3.  At least they were consistent this time.

Amazon Affiliate Support (Might Be Spying)

So remember when we reopened the store this summer?  If not here is a little refresher.  Grand Opening By The Numbers. Well anyway, the tool I was using was called Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin.  This tool works with Woocommerce for online stores.  It also allows you to import Amazon affiliate products into your store.  My store was full of those affiliate products.  However, I had to shut my store down because Amazon took away my (API Keys) away.  They changed their policy stating that no one can get access to these keys until fully accepted into the program.

Amazon Affiliate Support (Might Be Spying) Part Two

When I called up Amazon support again and asked them about getting access to those (API Keys) they made feel like they were spying on me.  In what way may you ask?  Well, I told them that I was getting over 1500 people shopping on my website, but these purchases were not counting because I don't have access to those keys.  They asked me if the people that were shopping on my website are people that I know.  They said that would be against the rules.  I told the person even if it was someone that I know I wouldn't have told them to go buy something from me.  They could have just went to my site and bought something that they liked.  Plus I don't break rules.  So, in my opinion, it felt like they were spying and making accusations about me and my website.

Amazon Affiliate Guidelines Are Not Easily Accessible

In my opinion Amazon affiliate guidelines are not easily accessible for people to read.  Perhaps I didn't look closely enough, but I still think their guidelines should have been on top of the account page in a notification bar.  Amazon put their guidelines that is accessible in a link buried in their Operating Agreement.  

Recap Why I left Amazon Affiliate Program

I left Amazon affiliate program because I felt like their support was making accusations about me, guidelines were buried around text under another policy, and their approval process is very difficult in my opinion.  So which program did I find to replace Amazon affiliate program?


The program is called SkimLinks.  I found this company by typing into Google Amazon affiliate program alternatives.  Skimlinks is one big giant affiliate company under one roof.  Meaning that instead of signing up for individual affiliate program one by one, SkimLinks gives you access to over 22,000 affiliate programs.  I kid you not here is a picture for proof that they have over 22,000 programs.


Which Affiliate Programs Does SkimLinks Have?

The best part about SkimLinks is that they have so many affiliate programs.  Here are some of their affiliate programs that I found so far.  Please note I am not going to list all 22,000 affiliate programs because then this post will be never-ending, sorry.

As you can see those affiliate links look just like regular links.

How Does SkimLinks Work?

Well, it's quite simple.  All you have to do is sign up for an account and answer some questions.  The account will then be submitted for review which then takes 24 to 48 hours to be approved.  Once you get approved all you have to do is install a javascript code on your website and then you are all set to go.  What's unique about SkimLinks is that all you have to do add a link to one of your posts that links to one of their partner website and then that little code automatically turns it into an affiliate link.  Pretty easy right?

If You Don't Get Accepted Right Away Don't Worry

If you don't get accepted right away don't give up, try again.  I contacted their friendly support staff via email and told them that this website been up and running for only a year.  I don't have a ton of content and not a lot of traffic, but if they gave me a chance they won't be sorry.  Once I told them that the next day they responded and congratulated me on joining their program.  So I have faith in their customer service.

When Does SkimLinks Pay You?

SkimLinks pays you through PayPal at the end of every month.  They will send payment only when the amount is greater than $10.  So if you only made 5 dollars the whole month don't expect to get it until you reach like 15 dollars.

Interested In SkimLinks Yet?

Are you interested in SkimLinks yet?  If so then you can sign-up by clicking this banner below.  You won't be sorry that you signed up with them.  With over 22,000 affiliate programs you don't have anything to lose, but everything to gain.  At first, I thought Amazon was the way to go, but once I found this affiliate program full of these other programs under one roof, I never looked back.  When I first started this website I wish I knew how to monetize this website right off the bat.  So now that I found this program I wanted to pay it forward to all the bloggers, and website owners so they do not have to go through the hassle that I went through.

Oh Just One More Thing

I forgot to tell you that SkimLinks also allows you to share affiliate links on social media like Facebook and Twitter.  Plus if you have an email list for your website you can even add affiliate links in emails.  Plus they have a chrome extension in the Chrome Web Store.  Check out SkimLinks now!

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