The Truth About Autism Awareness 2018 Is About To Be Revealed

About Autism Awareness 2018

About Autism Awareness 2018

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism awareness month.  I want to educate some people about Autism in this post because I take Autism Awareness 2018 to heart.  Here are some of the key points we are going to cover in this post for Autism Awareness 2018.

  • A little bit about me/Things I notice about me

  • My Idea

  • What I wish people would stop doing

A Little Bit About Me/Things I Notice About Me

In case you did not know already, I have Autism.  Fortunately, I do not have it as severe as some other people.  However, I am still on the spectrum.  Being Autistic has been really challenging for me.  Somethings takes me longer to learn than other people.  I notice when I am in karate class, I might not get the hang of the routine the first or second night, but I will eventually get it.  Another thing I notice about having Autism is that I don't like making eye contact when I am talking to people.  When I am looking everywhere but your eyes it does not mean I am not listening.  When I look into people eyes I always feel like they are mad or scolding me.

My Idea

I was telling my Mom the other day about my idea.  How about instead of donating money to find a cure for Autism, how about we educate those people who don't understand anything about Autism?  Sure some of us can't talk, drive cars or be independent.  Once people are educated about Autism, then they can start helping the more severe Autistic adults and kids.  Another creative way we can use that money is by inventing a new technology for those who can't speak.  Pretty neat ideas right?

What I Wish People Stop Doing

People need to stop trying to cure Autism.  They are treating it like a cancerous disease.  Like I said in last year Autistic post, Autism Awareness Is Very Important and What Everyone Ought To Know About Autism.  Having Autism doesn't mean we are stupid, it means that we just learn differently.  I still firmly believe this because it took me nine attempts at running a website.  Yes, you read that correctly I went through nine different attempts at running a website, so much for that saying about the third time is a charm.  Another thing I wish people would stop doing is excluding us.  Let me give you an example.  There is this student in my college class, who has not liked me since day one.  How can I tell?  We had to do a group project so he and this other guy started talking to themselves, excluding me from the project altogether.

Hope You Enjoyed This Autism Awareness 2018 Post

I hope that you enjoyed this post and please come back this afternoon for my next 80 Day Obsession post.  I promise you that you won't want to miss these last two days!  Stay tuned for the next post later today!  Cya later everyone and if you like this post please consider sharing it on social media!