The Story Of Runescape Has Just Gone Viral!

the story of runescape

I Went Back To Runescape After Getting Over My Video Game Addiction

I finally got over video game addiction, but I went back to Runescape which is my favorite online game. Here’s why.

I Said I Was Never Going Back To Runescape, But…

I said I was never going back to playing Runescape after my video game addiction. However, I went back to playing the game because I wanted to leave on my own terms. But there is a catch to it. I didn’t just go back to Runescape I went back to Old School Runescape.

Why Did I Go Back To Old School Runescape?

Let’s be honest here, Runescape 3 as we know is going down hill, they had 3 double xp weekends in a year. You might as well just give me the 120 skillcapes. I went back to Old School because I wanted a challenge again. I was great to be back with my friends on the game.

How Did I Get Over My Video Game Addiction?

I was playing Runescape for many years, around 50 to 60 hours a week on the game. I even planned our when I was going to go on after school. It was totally unhealthy so I gave up Runescape for 7 months to get my life organized and under control. Then I came back and cut my hours way down.

How Did I Cut My Hours Down?

I knew the only way I could come back to this awesome game was to have supporting friends. I told them if I come back I am only going to play at 5 pm to 9:45 pm on Saturday and Sunday. They had my back, so then the other way I cut my hours down was by using Cold Turkey Blocker.

With Cold Turkey Blocker I Can Block The Runescape Client

With the Cold Turkey Blocker I can block the Runescape client during the week and on the weekends. Instead of getting sucked into the game for multiples hours every single day I went from 60 something hours down to 8 hours a week. Not bad, am I right?

The Game Is Fun Again

The game is fun again because I get everything down during the week on my website, and a little work on the weekend. Then once it’s 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday I can actually play and have fun because I earned the time.

Do You Feel Addicted To Video Games?

Do you feel addicted to video games? If so then I highly recommend taking some time off and then come back to it when you actually feel you accomplished important tasks. I know it has helped me appreciate the game more when I don’t have access to it every single day.

Welcome Back Old School Runescape

Welcome back Old School Runescape how I missed a fun challenging game in my life before Runescape 3. I actually appreciate you more than ever because I have to earn the time before I can play. Now I feel like it’s okay to play video games as long as it’s in moderation.