The Story Of Beachbody Liift4 Has Just Gone Viral!

The Story Of Beachbody Liift4 Has Just Gone Viral!

The Story Of Beachbody Liift4 Has Just Gone Viral!

Liift4 Is Coming Soon To Beachbody On Demand

For of you who do not know what Beachbody on Demand is then let me tell you.  Beachbody on Demand is a home to over 100+ workouts that you can download for offline use on Android and Apple devices.  You can also stream on wifi via a smart tv, Roku player, and other streaming devices.  Well, I am excited that Beachbody is launching a new program called Liift4.  I am so excited for Beachbody Liift4 because I haven't had much time to lift weights and oh boy this program is full of weightlifting sounds right up my alley.

What Is Liift4?

Liift4 is a workout program that was made by Joel Freeman.  He is a Beachbody Trainer who co-created Core De Force.  Well, Joel Freeman is coming out with another program called Liift4.  Liift4 is a workout program that is full weightlifting exercises.  Lift four times a week and three days off.  That should be hard for me because I don't like taking three days off in a row, but I will try to manage lol.  Each exercise routine should be about 30 min long each.  I could be wrong about that so don't go quoting me.  I have just been going by what I have heard around social media.

When Will Liift4 Be Available On Beachbody On Demand?

Liift4 will be available to the rest of the public on Beachbody on Demand on October 1st.  Which is 8 days before my Birthday.

Will I Be Doing Liift4?

Hell, yeah I will be doing Liift4.  During the spring I was doing 80 Day Obsession which I found fun.  80 Day Obsession was created by Autumn Calabrese.  So yea I will be doing Liift4 as my next workout challenge.  I will be starting it on the first and maybe I might have my Dad do it with me.  What do you think?

Are You Read For Beachbody Liift4?

Now before I go and start working on my time management skills I want to ask you something.  Are you ready to be in great shape without a magic pill or some fast method that doesn't exist?  Are you ready for Beachbody Liift4?  If so then subscribe to it via this link Liift4 and wait until its finally out on Beachbody on Demand.

What Will You Get When Subscribe To Beachbody Liift4?

When you subscribe to Beachbody Liift4 you will get me as your coach.  I am here to help you stay motivated and stay on top of your goals.  and if you don't want to do Liift4 like I do you can always subscribe to Beachbody on Demand.  It's only 100 dollars a year which is cheaper than any gym membership.  In fact, it's cheaper than Retro Fitness, Planet Fitness, Orange Theory,  YMCA, and Lifetime Fitness.  Plus you can workout in your own home without having to drive 10 to 20 mins away from your house.  Some of the programs you can even do with your kids.  Have some bonding time with them while you workout.

One Last Quest...Will You Join Me For Liift4?

Will you be joining me for Liift4?  Get ready for this program because time is moving quickly and it will be here before we know it.  Be prepared because that's all I can say.  Get your Beachboy on Demand membership now.  Beachbody on Demand

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