The Reason Why Everyone Love Booty Workout With Weights

Booty workout with weights

Booty workout with weights

The Amazing Finish

I want to talk about booty workout with weights today.  Since today was booty for my last workout today with my 80 Day Obsession journey.  I have so much to share with you in my last 80 Day Obsession workout.


In case you have missed my latest 80 Day Obsession post, then let's have a little recap, shall we?  The Miracle Of Total Body Core 80 Day Obsession.  Now let's talk about booty workout with weights.

Today - Booty

Today was booty day, and I enjoyed every second of it.  Why may you ask because for the first 3 sets, since it was a 3 by 10 today, I was using double blue loops.  I was also sticking with my 20 to 25-pound weights.  On one of the exercises called camel, I was using a 30-pound dumbbell.  My forearms were getting tired after a while, but I was so glad that I gave it my all to finish up this wild and crazy 80 Day Obsession journey.  Another thing that I improved upon completing this program is my balance.  I can now do a reverse lunge at a perfect 90-degree angle.  How awesome is that?

What Really Helped Me Through It

What really helped me through my workout this morning what someone said to me last night in karate.  This black belt at karate came over to personally tell me that my ducking looked like a black belt move.  What a nice compliment right?  So that made my night which then continue over into today during my workout.  I needed that little motivational boost to keep me going.

What's Next?

Well since I have to take a summer class this summer, I am not too sure on what I am going to do about my workout schedule.  Perhaps I might just count karate as my workout three days a week until the class is over?  Perhaps you could give me a few choices to pick from?  I am open to some suggestions.  My other suggestion I thought of instead of doing full workout routines for the whole program, maybe I will just bounce around through different programs routines for the six-week summer class.  Like I said I haven't made up my mind yet.


I want to share with you my results.  Please keep in mind, by doing this workout program I was not trying to lose weight I was just trying to tone up my core.  I am glad that I got that off my chest because the pictures that my mom took didn't look very well.  Don't tell her I said that, her picture taking skills needs a little bit of a practice.

After 80 Day Obsession

What Do You Think?

What do you think?  Can you see any change?  I know that my core got tighter and my back is ripped.  I am so happy that I have finished 80 Day Obsession and I am glad that I did it.  Will you be next to do it?  If you are let me know!