The Miracle Of Total Body Core 80 Day Obsession

total body core 80 day obsession

total body core 80 day obsession

Finished Total Body Core

With only one more day to go, I finished Total Body Core today.  I have to be honest with you about Total Body Core 80 Day Obsession.  I really did not feel like doing it today.  Continue reading to find out why...

Before You Continue

Before you continue reading today's update on my 80 Day Obsession progress, let's have a recap of yesterday's post, shall we? Master Leg Workouts At Home In Just A Few Hours!.  Now you can continue reading today's post, enjoy.

How Did I Do Today?

I pushed myself to the limits.  I had to push through because I was feeling very sore.  My back is hurting me quite a bit today, don't ask what I did to it because I will just say I have no clue.   One of the exercises called ped crawl I used my blue loops. It was a two by 15 today which was lovely.  We went through all of the exercises twice.  However, when we were nearly done on the second set I was like can we just be done with peak week.  But no I still have one more day.  Tomorrow is my last day of 80 Day Obsession!  I also had to use the sliders.

Why Didn't I Feel Like Doing It?

The reason why I didn't feel like doing Total Body Core 80 Day Obsession because my back is hurting and my butt hurts.  Yes, I know TMI, but I am just telling you about how I was feeling this morning.  Oh and I forgot to mention that my quads were sore too, so yea it was a very hard workout today, but I am glad that I pushed through.

Tomorrow - Booty - Last Day

My 80 Day Obsession journey ends with Booty day.  Please don't give me that Kim Kardashian butt, I don't mind having a firm butt, just not a big booty like Kim Kardashian.  I hope tomorrow I will do even better on the last day of peak week!


Remember tomorrow is the last day of my 80 Day Obsession journey so make sure you come back and check out my next post.  Again, trust me you don't want to miss it.  I will be posting new before and after pictures in tomorrow post so don't miss out!

Sneak Peek

On Wednesday I will be posting my review about 80 Day Obsession program and if I recommend doing it.  So stay tuned for that on Wednesday.

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If you like this post, please consider sharing it with everyone you know.  I hope this post has inspired you to keep pushing through with your hard workouts.  Cya back here tomorrow for the last day of my 80 Day Obsession journey!