The Latest Stranger Things 3 Has Finally Been Revealed!

Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things 3 Is Coming Next Year In The Summer

I just found out that Stranger Things season 3 is coming out next year during the Summer!  I am so excited.  Today I am going to share some spoilers from season 2, so if you haven't seen it yet please don't read this post until you have.  I don't want to be that guy who spoils everything for everybody who hasn't seen it.  I am so excited for Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers

I am going to just do a quick run through of what happened in season 2 and give the shorthand version.  In season 2 Dustin finds another one of those monsters from season one.  He then keeps it as a pet because he doesn't know what it is yet.  When he first finds the monster it looks like a little bug.  We also meet Barbs parents who don't that she is dead, and plus we meet Max and her tool bag brother Billy.   Will has these visions of the upsidedown world.  Eventually, the big monster in the upsidedown world that looks like a big giant octopus, in my opinion, merges with Will.  Plus we also get to meet Eleven sister and we also get to meet Eleven mother.  We also learn what Eleven real name is.  During season 2 everyone is trying to save Will from another monster again.

I Might Have Missed Some Stuff

I might have missed some stuff in season 2, but in my opinion that basically sums it up.  If you have anything else to add that I might have missed that was important, please feel free to add them in the comments below.  I might even add them in the article if I left them out.

I Am No Stranger To Stranger Things

Ever since my brother told me about the show, I have been hooked on it ever since.  If you don't believe me here are some of my Stranger Things posts that is proof that I am no stranger to the show.

What Can We Expect From Stranger Things 3

Please Note: this is just a theory that I have and this is probably not going to happen, but it's just a theory.   In season two we left off at the snowball dance at the school.  Mike kisses Eleven.  After the snowball dance, we see the outside of school turning upside down and then we see that big giant octopus monster hovering over the school.  I think in season 3 we will be learning more about that octopus monster and what it really wants with Will.  I also think that old guy who was experimenting on Eleven who calls him "Papa" will be back from where ever he disappeared to.  We might get some more new characters.  It sounds like the whole cast is coming back so that will be fun.

What Are You Hoping To See In Season 3?

I heard a lot of people didn't really like season 2 as much as season 1.  In my opinion, I like both of them, but that's just me.  Are you looking forward to Stranger Things 3 why or why not?  What are you hoping to see in Stranger Things 3?  Please let me know in the comments below.  I am looking forward to reading what you think will happen in season 3.